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  1. 12 minutes ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

    No one is jumping off the ledge, but certain facets of this team should be yielding more dividends considering what’s been invested by this regime. 

    and history has shown recently that the Jets have a high rate of injury, so I have ABSOLUTELY NO FAITH in the medical staff of the NY Jets to correctly diagnose or treat an injured player. 

    I’ll call it now, Becton will have a setback and play less than 1/2 the season ( starts & plays >8 games) Not happy about it, but won’t be surprised if it occurs. 

    I'm sure we will be investing another pick in the LT/RT Position this upcoming draft. I had no expectations for this team this year and i'm sure i speak for many not all when i say lower the expectations and just enjoy the ride brother !!!

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  2. 1 minute ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

    Jets have a horrible medical staff.

    Becton is injury prone and can’t be relied upon to play in every game. 

    Our OLine sucks and is the first real glaring weak spot of JD’s tenure considering all the talk and resources invested thus far.

    Mims is too stupid to move up the depth chart, but makes noticeable plays when he gets PT.

    All our draft picks have been overhyped by our own fanbase and the reality is this team needs time to grow and gel; both the players and the CS.

    There’s some promise, but we’re a ways from realizing it. We’ll be 0-2 a week from now :-( 

    I know we aren't world beaters out there but after one game i would not jump off the ledge. I'm realistic and the OL does suck that is a truth we have to acknowledge.  We are rebuilding there are no corners to cut to get to where we want to be and it's going to be painful and suck the majority of the time we watch this crap but it has to be done. Think about it i have been a fan almost 40 years i think i can be patient a few more years.

  3. 57 minutes ago, Albaniajet said:

    Ivory was pretty good for us until Todd Bowles decided to bench him for no reason week 17 of 2015

    That is true but i always thought he was not a true RB1 . Jones and Martin were truly good RB's. 

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  4. 46 minutes ago, nickfoshizal said:

    I did go 30/30 for 650 yards and 11 tds with Zach in madden last night, it was a playoff game too! Wake me up when Zach puts up those kinda numbers in real life am I right?!

    And this is why a lot of people stopped buying that garbage game . Madden has not been a good game in 10 plus years. I think a Sim Football game would be fantastic though kind of like OOP Baseball.  

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  5. 20 hours ago, joewilly12 said:


    Stitched jerseys real or fake you remove the threads holding the name plate on and replace it with a  new name plate you can purchase on-line. 


    That is true i have done that in the past for my hockey sweaters.

  6. 17 hours ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

    BTW, love your handle: @ToonforPrez


    Just get a M&N ‘85 Toon 


    a Coslett-era black-trim Toon



    17 hours ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

    BTW, love your handle: @ToonforPrez


    Just get a M&N ‘85 Toon 


    a Coslett-era black-trim Toon


    Thanks Pal was my favorite player during the 80's . Those Coslett Era Jerseys were beautiful  i wish they would go back to them.

  7. My advice would be to hold off for 2-3 years and then if they warrant it, get you a Wilson/Moore/Q. Williams jersey.
    Take it from the dipsh*t who got suckered into buying Pennington, Ty Law and Darnold jerseys.
    Never again
    If you’re going to get a jersey, then buy a nice Mitchell & Ness throwback like Namath, Maynard or Klecko that you never have to worry about burning money on. Or a late 90’s throwback like Chrebet or Martin if it tickles your fancy.
    Otherwise, you’ll probably end up using it as a rag to wash your car within 3 years.

    I have a Namath old Starter jersey and a Chrebet. I have so many jerseys!! I might wait like you said and see if these kids blossom into hopefully good to great starters. I do not have a Martin or klecko though haha

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  8. Hello Everyone just wanted to know where I can purchase a Vapor Elite jersey? I have been looking on the Jets site since I saw them a few weeks ago and now they are gone as all I see now is the game screen printed versions. If this topic belongs in another section please forgive me guys & Gals.  

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