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  1. I haven't been this excited about Darnold since i went a nude beach in Greece all those years ago!!!!
  2. i think JA gets too much hate i honestly do. Was he worthy of a 1st round pick probably not but i have a good feeling JA is going to surprise this year!!.
  3. I think Rawls gets waived today no need for him taking up a spot at this point IMO.
  4. So sorry man that truly sucks!!! Jetsie will be in my prayers tonight for sure.
  5. I tell you guys i can feel it down in my plums that Darnold is going to get the week 1 start.
  6. At this point he should tell his Agent NOW!! nobody is benefiting in the debacle and sideshow Sexton is creating.
  7. Good Lord that is Large fat body!!! someone get that man a #GODDAMN SNACK
  8. Awesome hopefully mine is on it's way as well live on the island!!!!.
  9. My god the Jets could F**k up a wet dream and i'm not 100% surprised at this point.
  10. Still have not gotten any email or correspondence letting me know about my tickets.
  11. I always like these type of scenario's played on the field but without a shadow of a doubt we are Head & Shoulders better then last year.
  12. I honestly do not understand contracts but i would think that Sam + their agent have no Leverage correct? I mean just sign and be done with it.
  13. I'm not sweating this but my god why cant the Jets just get things done easily
  14. the Excitement is building #CAN'T WAIT!!!
  15. I always find Rich Cimini's Journalism to be regurgitated crap. He wrote the same piece last week just added to it that Thursday is the cutoff due to the Veterans showing up !!.
  16. I always Felt Curtis Martin was the greatest Jet of all-Time. Revis was amazing but Curtis always had this appeal to him that made him a True Jet.
  17. HAHA i'm in Section 322 First row i honestly do not know if that is the sunny or shady side lol.
  18. Thanks SAR much appreciated all the help.
  19. Hey there just signed up have been a fan for over 30 painful years!! Hope to be a contributor to this forum in a great way. I don't know everything about Football but i hope i can learn from all of you.
  20. Good Afternoon Everyone long time lurker and excited to be apart of this group. Just a quick question as i just purchased ST for the first time this year!! when are the reward cards sent to us in the mail? And what other things are sent to us in the package. Any answers would be great.
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