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  1. Now Now even Dickhole's deserve more respect then Gase
  2. WOW how the mighty have fallen !!! LOL
  3. But can she do the Limbo? These are the hard hitting questions that need to be answered!! Makeup application is a 4/10 though not impressed in the slightest.
  4. Well when i saw the thread i quickly glanced at your name and yes this Stupid Thread made me get the bubble guts.
  5. Great Listen for sure you can see the confidence come out in Saleh it's refreshing and in my opinion is going to pay dividends come September and for the years to come.
  6. With Kamala all it would take is a six-pack of BUD lime AND A BLUNT
  7. HAHA Avenue Q is fantastic!!!
  8. Do any of the Moderator's know you are pushing this Hot EROTICA on the forum there pal ?
  9. NFL Red Zone but that is on regular cable i believe ? I do know Smart TV's especially mine can pick up the Red zone App so it might be worth a try.
  10. I do agree with you on the Anti-jets Media as it has turned for the better it seems since Saleh has come in. Wilson does concern me to some degree but i think on a talent level he is neck and neck with Fields with Lance and Jones rounding out the bottom QB's. I always believe everyone should have an opinion and of course respect your's my friend . I do think we can all agree though as Jet Fans we are praying for a miracle that this kid is the one or at least a Pennington or Vinny replica we would even take haha.
  11. I feel Zach had to play the schedule that HE did not make or had any control over. Skip's narrative since and before he was drafted is silly as the talent and skillset is what you look at not the competition. Why is the Media drooling over Trey Lance when he has played in 6 college games in his career? His competition was far worse then Zach's but Skip & Shannon want to kiss the kid's ass because he went to the Niners.
  12. The only person i have heard not agree with the Zach Pick was Skip Bayless and the only reason was well you know he didn't play top competition which is a silly narrative but other then that i think the National Media as a whole has been Quite Favorable of the Zach pick and the future of this team.
  13. That man could make my EX-GF's Moist his music had that effect .
  14. YOU SIR have won the Forum for the day My god i almost spit out my Lucky Fu**ing Charms HAHA.
  15. Well in all fairness the Moth wouldn't shut up and had to be dealt with.
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