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  1. @Dunnie Agreed the guy was so consistent at 1,000 yard seasons it was bananas.
  2. I know two things in my 45 years of life i do not know the X's & O's of Football and why the Fu** should i bother the Jets have been dogsh*t for my whole life except 98-99 & 2009-2010 respectively. I do know when a Football team is bad though and all the Analytics and extra fluff is not warranted. My first game was Jets Colts at Giants Stadium and Eric Dickerson shredded the Jets!. It was then and there i knew this sh*tshow of a team had my heart.
  3. Well that answers the happy ending portion of the Questionnaire lol
  4. Hang in there @T0mShane Kick back relax get a massage i mean a handy i mean enjoy the show!
  5. Better pump out a girl and boy pal i have friends that have pumped out girl after girl and the wife saying yep i'm done lol
  6. Yea i have a 12 year old girl and a 4 year old Boy i'm done haha. I have the best of both world's and happy.
  7. Went through the Suez Canal in 96 to get to UAE i was the helmsman on that bad boy what this captain did was negligent and he should never be able to run another Vessel again .
  8. Good god 29 days until the Draft and we have more to debate now then we did 3 hours ago.
  9. I think both could be better then TL to be honest , I know the media like to spin the height and weight comparison between Wilson & Trevor but Trevor iand Wilson aren't that far apart in that category. Even Field's to me is a stronger heavier Russell Wilson.
  10. I think they look at Wilson and see the upside but i truly believe Field's has just as much i guess we shall see 04.29
  11. Is it possible if Fields has a great day today it makes JD honestly rethink the Wilson is a lock theory and look more at Fields? I like Fields i think he has a lot of talent and i wouldn't be upset at all if they took him as well.
  12. I'm good at my two children i cannot fathom having an additional Five that's why my father advised me all those years ago either pullout or wear a rubber Robert said **** that and keep going.
  13. Darius just wanted to make stuff up at that particular time it seems . Everyone and their mother knew Wheeler was already arrested but Darius lol.
  14. This guy is a POS wow i truly feel bad for this woman who could be anyone's wife or GF . I'm glad she is speaking up and putting this MF on blast he doesn't deserve to play forever if all of these claims are true. Women are not pieces of meat if it was my wife or kid i would have beat his ass.
  15. Thanks @JetPotato will do appreciate the new stuff to try.
  16. Thanks for the kind words @BROOKLYN JET
  17. Good Evening Guys and Gals just started my journey into the CBD world any use them for pain or Anxiety? I know since I got out of the military I have been looking for something that could help with some issues. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. All Sam Costs is more money and with a rookie QB we can reset the Cap. Sam is not the Answer and with a less than stellar QB Draft next season in 22 i think we need to think more forward thinking .
  19. Jordan Palmer Protege' I see this guy is a QB killer it seems outside of Josh Allen.
  20. ANNNNNND MAC drafted this shibrick go figure.
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