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  1. Agreed the Jets if they ever win would be on another Level it wouldn't be close to any other team. The Sox where there but i have seen 4 now and i'm content haha
  2. I'm a Redsox fan and when they won in 04 I cried like a baby it was all the rants and cursing finally coming full circle and a quiet peacefulness. If the Jets ever win a SB i will honestly go Binge drinking for an entire week and sleep on the streets near the canyon of Heroes.
  3. I think we should all just take a step back and wait for 04.29 and enjoy the ride. I do believe Sam is gone whether it be this upcoming offseason or next but he is not the long-term answer .
  4. It's so refreshing to read things like this as we have not have had any competent FO personnel in a very long time. I know a lot of people want the winner now but JD is doing this right and as the old saying goes Patience is a virtue it means a bit more now more than ever.
  5. He got the last word in so in his eyes now he can move on !!
  6. Gruden is smoking the Devil's lettuce that's what @Paradis
  7. If Davis plays well and exceeds expectations this is a steal especially with the cap going up hopefully after this year.
  8. Post of the last decade thank you !!! for saying what a lot of Jet fans should be saying the owners and the Org deserves no faith or a tempered approach they are ridiculous at this point
  9. Honestly seeing every signing and not seeing the Jets involved i have resorted to delirious giggling lol is that a bad thing?
  10. HAHA we are Jet fans what is a 3rd Pro-Bowler at the edge position?
  11. Anyone with a heartbeat at this point @Mogglez I'm not a picky human being but as a jet fan warm-blooded is a good start!
  12. sh*t i started early last night to get a head start on the impending failure that is coming.
  13. If we can stay in this pocket for OL financially doubt it though we should be able to plug some nice holes if this is going to be the market for OL
  14. Now that is the content i want to see for the upcoming week @joewilly12
  15. HAHA they are freaking out now buddy where have you been!!
  16. What's the old saying keep doing stupid sh*t over & over and hoping to get a different result that's the Darnold lovers and they should know better especially with Sanchez and other USC QB's that have come through the league.
  17. I will be right behind you @The Crusher
  18. Oh believe me if this comes to Fruition i will have nothing but LUVVVV for Jamal haha
  19. Care to elaborate on Average? Seems to me and a lot of rankings he is a debatable top 5 Safety.
  20. Tom it doesn't fit the Media's narrative we all know the Jets are Sh*t and every other team are head and shoulders above them every year. The fact that Wilson went to Flores HS is a reason to trade for him is a joke and the Media always ballwashes the Fins.
  21. Any man that kisses there son the way he did should shut his mouth about anyone or anything i hate Tom Brady with a passion only rivaled by the Yankees haha.
  22. Usually when guys speak this way they are compensating for some other things that are lacking on the crotchal region just saying.
  23. That is true they can say whatever they want but that comes with a price and that will usually be from those pathetic fans that supported or even bought his jersey. We can say what we want but those actions have consequences and being a Millionaire does not blanket him from fans or heat it's going to bring on him especially from us Jet fans. I did not watch the video and i don't care but he is making a fool of himself and it's pathetic at this point especially when we all have moved on.
  24. this man needs to get the Jets out of his mouth he is embarrassing himself now really bad it's pathetic.
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