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  1. HAHA No that's what Tannenbaum would have done this has no legs this is hypothetical.
  2. @HawkeyeJet Thanks for the info buddy appreciate it. From what i can surmise Sam is gone sad but true as we need to reset the Cap at QB and have Saleh and staff build with a new QB. I do believe Watson will not be the route they take just an opinion though as it seems outside of what JD would do.
  3. I'm not really in tune with Breer is he or does he have the pulse of what is going on within the league? Or is he just another throw sh*t at the wall and see what sticks? or do we just stick with @Mogglez & @football guy haha.
  4. I agree with you @SAR I if JD flounders this offseason he should be in the crosshairs of the fans. What I'm saying is that after 32 games and with a pandemic and having only one draft burning him at the stake is not the answer right now!. Not saying that cannot change but we cannot get the SOJF Syndrome at this point.
  5. I think JD getting only getting one draft and you crucifying him is the sad thing. Gase was sh*t in Miami and was sh*t here if you cannot see that Sar I honestly do not know what to tell you. Even when JD has had all these disadvantages with COVID. Gase was sh*t before the pandemic but to say JD has been given a free pass which he should have been given due to the situation that was provided to him is ridiculous. JD is now on the clock he wasn't for these 2 years.
  6. Hiring Meyer was the worst thing the Jags could have done especially with a FQB coming in that everyone is stating is the next coming of Jesus. The hire made no sense from a football standpoint it was all about backpage dominance and they got it and not in a good way to start off the Meyer campaign.
  7. @32EBoozer Your advisement will be taken into consideration thank you sir.
  8. If we get Watson i'm going streaking around my neighborhood so if you watch News12 in a few weeks and see an Overweight Irishman on the TV yep that's me.
  9. And from what i can say with certainty is that they will not be paying him $20M AAV a year. This man is a narcissist and everytime he opens his mouth it becomes more prevalent. #JAMALWEDON'TGIVE A ****!!
  10. Excuse me Sir but Avocado Toast might be one of the most delicious things on the planet, Also Pauly Shore is a legend that is all.
  11. Don't forget the Legend David Putney who can forget.
  12. I would rather have a deep conversation about life and the pursuit if happiness with a south Bronx Hooker instead of taking anything that Carton says as truth.
  13. Furthermore I don't think they will either, Especially for a Safety that cant cover and can only rush the QB and he doesn't do that particular great either. The media hype on Adams is ridiculous praising him like he is an Ed Reed haha.
  14. I would not take anything Kay or Cimini say they are trying to grab clicks and listens that is all. Rich is not in the loop as much as the other Jets guys and Kay likes to Ballwash the Yanks even when they aren't even playing . I wouldn't put too much stock into what those assclowns have to say.
  15. I can tell you that Mort and Schefter were not on ESPN this morning and no such thing was said. Whoever this bozo is making these claims his profile pic absolutely fits him to a tee.
  16. Sure he can come back once he gains about 15 pounds of muscle and about another 4 inches in height and learns to tackle like a man .
  17. Jordan needs to put the meth down that's for damn sure!! 3 firsts take it or leave it or 2 firsts and a second
  18. The resemblance is uncanny!!
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