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  1. Are you seriously saying Mayfield projects to be the best QB to ever play the game, because that is what Brady is. Didn't Brady take the Pat's to a SB his first season. I think Baker fell a bit short of that. Maybe this season he proves me wrong but nothing I saw last season even suggests he will be the next Brady
  2. I didn't get the buy into your role or get out. I felt It was more you are either with us or you are not and if you are not then get out. I don't blame Duke for wanting to leave. He has talent and a lot of teams would love to sign him and feature him as a third down back. That said due to Kareem getting a long suspension, he most likely will retain that role but the writing is on the wall. Johnson will be the odd man out in the rotation once Hunt starts playing.
  3. I don't think so. This could turn into a pretty messy situation. I think Johnson is going to be there for the season and Baker should be smart enough to realize this and stand behind his teammate.
  4. If you signed a contract that would pay you millions for 6 years, wouldn't you be happy?
  5. Now that I'm thinking about this in context of his other selections, if he could spend a second on Hack, he certainly could have taken either Watson or Mahomes with the 6th overall. True nobody knew they would be as good as they are (not really convinced Watson is legit yet) but they were true QB prospects, a lot more true than Hack. It actually shows how dysfunctionally the draft was handled.
  6. Yeah, like I really care. If this is how a mod treats me, I really could care less what happens here.
  7. May as well get this in. I was commenting on a fictional character in a TV show. You out of nowhere made this about Mac. You are the one starting 💩. In case you haven't noticed, you're the only one talking about Mac.even the Midget comparison was about Woody.
  8. Hey idiot, you brought this on. You came after me, not the other way around. Go ban yourself. The only joke in this thread is you. It's amazing how they taught 💩 to type
  9. That's because people from Suffolk county aren't allowed to cross the Smithtown border.
  10. Wow, I would have never realized that. Thanks for the heads up. It's still a poor choice
  11. Do any of you watch the show? Tyrion was possibly the smartest character.
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