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  1. The real story here isn't Johnson, it's Hendrickson. If he can get this guy signed, he can get anyone signed.
  2. Don't give me that crap. You aren't arguing because I just showed you how pointless your whole position has been. 2 drives. I said he should play for a half, you said a little more than a qrt. which is a drive or 2 difference.
  3. i am advocating for probably 2 more offensive drives than you are in game 1. This is really what you have been arguing about. The argument for a backup trying to lite up Zack is a valid one but you didn't make it until your last two posts. First it was we need to get the backup ready. We need to get a guy that hopefully never steps on the field all season ready in the preseason. Do you know how absurd that sounds. Then you wrote Wilson's arm could fall off. Seriously? Also I am not talking about Sanchezing him. The #1 O should be out there with him. As far as Saleh's comment that no star
  4. I am talking about on this forum. Why do you take every comment and blow it out of proportion. Also, every other QB you mentioned played a 4 game preseason. It has no bearing at all on this season. Some don't agree but I think the starters don't play game 3
  5. Morgan and White will play a qrt each the first game which is plenty considering they won't play extended time unless Wilson gets hurt. Wilson needs the reps more to get ready for the season. He is going to have one more qrt on the schedule I posted over what you did and the backup will get one less. Nobody except you has taken this position that we will over work Wilson or under prepare the second team guys
  6. If his arm is going to fall off from playing 2 qrts. Then how is he going to start the season?
  7. Ugh, not more than Wilson If we have to play Morgan or White, we are picking in the top 3 again
  8. Why? Why would you give two guys (one who will be cut) more playing time than our rookie QB. I would expect all the rookies to play longer.
  9. I'm hoping he plays a full half. I really don't see the point in giving Morgan and White extended playing time
  10. I'm not exactly thrilled about Austin picking off Wilson. Austin is known as a hitter, not a ball hawk. I know @KRL said it wasn't a bad throw by Wilson but that still seems concerning. Hopefully Zack corrects this before preseason games start
  11. I think this means he has not improved since last season. So much for the nn OTA and no camp excuse
  12. Year Team YDS TD INT Rating 2020 HOU 4,823 33
  13. I just can't seem to figure some people here out. Watson just had a season for the ages. You put him on the Jets and we are an instant playoff contender, something we are hoping Wilson turns us into. If you are offered this and JD turns it down, JD should be fired. Watson is going to be playing in this league, he may as well olay for the Jets.
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