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  1. Appreciate the effort. At least it wasn't a thread about what happens if Morgan beats out Wilson in camp.
  2. So you think Wilson and Brady were happy not getting picked early?
  3. So he didn't make a statement about the Jets. Thanks
  4. Did he make a statement about the Jets or just more PC BS
  5. No way am I taking this team to the grave with me.
  6. Based on what? Unless this guy has a Schefter type record in breaking stories, there is no point in doing anything other than reading this and laughing. Where JD is questionable is when it comes to drafting but he has been pretty spot on when it comes to decisions on his own players. I think if the 9ers offered first round pick for Sam, JD would move the earth to lock that up. Head not have been sure about Zach but he was sure he was going to draft a QB. Zach was far from the only option.
  7. The Jets have done a lot of shocking picks. I remember the Jeff Lagaman pick thinking wtf. At least he played a long time.
  8. Sorry, didn't read the whole post but in the Raiders game, Williams sent the house on that last play and left his corners on an island and got burned. With that little amount of time left, 2 S and 2 DB should have been standing on the GL and he should have subbed all the LB's for DB's and rushed 3 with everyone else dropping into coverage IOW's, prevent D. He did the exact opposite.
  9. When he starts getting 10 sacks a season on the Jets, I will agree. I've seen this movie before.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure he stays up at night thinking about that. The blade cuts to ways. If your D allows every team to score 30+, that pressure to score all the time on a rookie is about as bad as not taking an OL. As long as JD is taking OL in the top 100, that should be a guy that cam start. Not every OL need to be a day 1 pick.
  11. Let me see, do we have an edge rusher? No. Do we have a #1 DB? No. Did we take OL at 66 and 107? Yes. Works for me.
  12. The guy actually listed Taj Boyd and Greg McElroy as QB's the Jets failed with. I'm not even mentioning the obvious like Geno and Hackenberg. At one point I was thinking this was a satire.
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