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  1. You just need to feed her some sort of chocolate cake. She works out like a maniac so she can eat thst stuff.
  2. Really? All this time I thought it was a Mediterranean fish. Thanks @slats and @Kleckineau
  3. I have a really bad keyboard on my phone. Need to find a new one
  4. With all the restaurants just having takeout, I have been experimenting in the kitchen with different kinds of seafood and cuts of meat. I have actually gotten much better at making fish and I think tuna steaks are going to be a permanent addition to any grilling activities I do. I use to just make flounder and salmon but have added cod, tuna, swordfish, and tilapia. Also got better with meat. Tenderizing a steak is like magic. Anyone else up there cooking game?
  5. Well Ried is an offensive genius and EB comes from that part of the tree unlike the piece of garbage we hired before. That alone makes me feel better.
  6. Personally, I don't think CK was associating the flag with police brutality, I don't think he ever made that connection, I think it was just a way to get everyones attention.

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