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  1. Oh for crying out loud. You have never seen a Jets QB throw a deep accurate pass. Really? Are you 10 years old or something?
  2. Would be nice if the Jets just show they learned something from the first game against them. I'm pretty sure BB didn't empty the book on us.
  3. I think the Browns opted for that run heavy O so Baker wouldn't be throwing 2 or 3 picks a game.
  4. If he is found guilty, there is no way je will play again. I mean talk about PR nightmares
  5. It's really going to be sweet when he gets a lifetime ban from the NFL.
  6. If you are interested in getting quality sound, I would look at the all in one kits from Polk or Klipsh. Those are audiophile brands but they are not that expensive. You should be able to get fronts, center, and rears, and a powered sub for a 300 or 400. You would just need the amp and you can get a really good one for between 250 and 300 or a budget one for 100. If you want to get the whole system in a box (hone theater in a box) check out Onkyo. Not the best speakers but a very good receiver comes with their budget systems. They run about 400 and up. You also want to get a bluetooth transmit
  7. The way you turn down the center channel is through the receiver so you need a 5.1 home theater receiver and a sound bar that has inputs for the center, fronts and rears. If the Sonos Arc has this, then you can get this effect. I have a real 5.1 system and I believe this would work by muting the center speaker. Btw, sound bars are for people that just want something that sounds better than the TV speakers. I would invest in a home theater in a box and get a bluetooth transmitter for the rear speakers so you don't need to run wires all over the place. You will get a much better effect f
  8. Oh for Gods sake. You dug up this thread about this? I thought JD signed Hackenberg. I was just about to start a go fund me for those billboards across from the stadium.
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