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  1. More Cowbell

    Live vs TV

    If I want to watch a game it is better on TV.. You just can't beat the view you get from the camera. Going to the game is all about atmosphere. Sometimes it's good and sometimes not so good.the Overtime win against the Pat's was amazing. The time the drunk fan behind past out and poured his beer down my back, not so much.
  2. More Cowbell

    Herndon is going to have a monster year

    Herndon was Sam's best redzone target. It should only get better with more weapons on the field
  3. More Cowbell

    What is the Jets biggest need in this Draft?

    Ok, I'll play. We need to acquire a second round pick so we can get a WR that has a shot at sticking on the team. I mean we really needed this poll because we have never made a solitary thread on this subject for the last 3 months
  4. Oh please. Trist me, BB as well as all of the Pats talk plenty about the Jets, they just don't do it to the media. When they play is, the week of practice is called Jet week. BB can't even say the name of the team in public and he cold shouldered Nart Scott about the can't wait line during a recent playoff game. Does any of that sound line a guy that doesn't have this team on his mind?
  5. Dude, I get your point but at the same time I'm rolling my eyes with every shut up and win proclamation. We get it that you have this opinon and you are entitled to it as much as anyone else is entitled to disagree but at the same time you are bitching about people feeling good about what the player said , i see you as just spouting off the same lame phrase over and over. This is actually a nothing burger. It's freaking April.
  6. In wouldn't say there is no history. Gase knows what he is up against and he has beaten the pats a fair amount of times with less talent than the Jets currently have. I also believe Brady is now declining. No reason to think this will be the year ThebJets win the AFCE but we are getting close, closer than Miami and the Bills
  7. Probably needed to gain weight so he can tackle the guys who pick him off.
  8. That was beyond rude. To just pretend the guy isn't standing there is way outside of normal. Any decent persone would have just at least given a head nod.
  9. More Cowbell

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    I think you need to watch film of him. The guy is a beast who overpowers OT's at the point of attack and drives them 5 and 7 yards into the backfield. He actually grabbed one QB and threw him to the ground like a ragdoll with one hand on a play I saw. This guy has as much potential as any player in this draft.
  10. More Cowbell

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    You do realize I said depth as in #4 or #5. For that matter, who is our 4 or 5. Is that guy from USC who played with Darnold still on the team?
  11. More Cowbell

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    D. Thomas signs with the Pat's Link This would have been really good depth at WR.
  12. More Cowbell

    Bosa scares me

    I wouldn't be unhappy if we took Bosa but I prefer Allen or William's. I hate using thos term bit those are the two can't miss guys in this draft.
  13. More Cowbell


    Only the really strong TE kill us now. The days of getting toasted by the likes of Tyler Higbee which happened all the time seem to be behind us
  14. More Cowbell


    Tai is good. I like her a lot. Very nice fluid player.
  15. More Cowbell


    Love Percy. Big Brand X fan but never considered him in the league of these others we are talking about

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