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  1. I don't agree with assessment and it's too early to make any kind of judgement on Q. What has he played, 2 compete games?
  2. I don't think we did anything exactly creative in the second half. Maybe a reverse, a flea flicker, a QB option. Everything looked pretty much out of the pocket. Even if it doesn't work its something to throw a curve.
  3. We could have put them away with just one more TD. Granted Sam made a horrible pass that was picked on what looked like a great drive but I want to see the Jets step on a teams throat.
  4. I said this in the other Gase thread. Gase apparently called a great first half, so did Williams for that matter, the second half we saw Dallas score on nearly every drive while we scored 3 points.
  5. I read this is probably at least a 2 week hammy
  6. Every time they show the games highlights, he keeps bringing g up the offensive PI called on Dallas that wiped out a TD. He just said they should have won if not for the bad PI call and they were showing Dak rush for a TD, it was actually a cowboy highlight. Honestly, I have seen far worse calls. What about the 3 PI calls on the Jets the last drive you moron.
  7. Why is it that unless a player we take in the first round isn't God like as soon as he steps on the field, we should have drafted someone else?
  8. Honestly, this was an improvement of course but it would be nice to score more than 3 points in the second half. In any case, very happy with just about everything about todays game except the refs on that last Dallas drive
  9. Lol, ok dude. Go cry into your pillow that Mahomes is o. KC. I'm perfectly fine having Adams and Sam. Things worked out for us for once. Hey, we could have had Mayfield. I heard someone say he threw another 3 picks against Seattle.
  10. You are really being dense here. Adams made a great play to close out the game. He made a huge play. He deserves credit for that. We all know how bad the Jets are without Sam or do you think we all just came out of hibernation today
  11. We get it, you like Sam and you hate Adams but Adams played outstanding and was possessed on that last blitz. He looked like he was shot out of a canon on that play. This is not the day for this thread. If Witten makes that catch, we lose in OT with or without Sam. And since you brought it up, Sam has to learn to close out games. We needed a TD on that last drive. He played great today, no argument but he needs to learn to step on a teams throat and choke the life out of them. 3 points in the second half is not going to cut it next week.

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