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  1. Why is this even a question. There is no chance he will be fired.
  2. Hey, Williams was just going along with what so many here have been posting and tried to lose the game. You guys should be happy about this.
  3. It depends who we pickup before the draft. If we get a solid WR and an OL, I would be OK with a d player at one. If we don't get anyone, we should trade down for a second round pick only. depending how far down we move, I might trade down twice until one OL and one WR I had rated in round one was left and take one of them.
  4. Powell and Mclendon likely retire. Crowell and Long get released
  5. More Cowbell

    Let’s finish strong!

    I've wanted Sam to win every game he played in. It would be great if we run the table with him as a starter. Would help attract FA and a HC.
  6. Ok, but is this really bad? I mean should was not care about the other 88.8%?
  7. More Cowbell

    The one week we should’ve lost

    And you can't build teams through FA. It doesn't work. How many teams have tried it. If you get one player that has an impact you are lucky. It is rare a team is stupid enough to trade away Mack or Cooks. FA brings your bottom up to your middle. It is not where you find franchise players.
  8. More Cowbell

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    This season is different. We don't have a place keeper QB anymore I still want Bowles fired
  9. More Cowbell

    The one week we should’ve lost

    I'm sorry, saying something like this makes no sense and has very little thought behind it. Our O has no play makers. And all of you that want Bosa are not seeing the big picture. This team can't score points and scoring is what wins games. We can sack the QB 10 times a game but if all we freaking do is kick FG's, we won't win. We need a RB that can score TD's in the red zone, we need a reciever that can convert third and long and is a red zone target. We need an entire OL to give San time so throwingnTD passes like the one he threw to Anderson yesterday don't become the Norm. We don't need another defensive player in the first round. We need OL and skill players.
  10. More Cowbell

    The one week we should’ve lost

    I've never understood this thinking when we have a QB in place. When you need a QB, you need the high picks but if you have one, you want to see them develop. I want to see Sam win games, not lose. I want to know he is a winner. All of you who want to see him lose want to see his confidence destroyed.
  11. More Cowbell

    Redskins-Eagles Monday Night Football

    Mark opened up the box
  12. More Cowbell

    Redskins-Eagles Monday Night Football

    Well he can handoff
  13. More Cowbell

    Redskins-Eagles Monday Night Football

    Rooting for Samchez to do well.
  14. Focus on the Knicks. Porzingus will be back next season and the young guys on the team show a lot of promise.

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