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  1. I'm not so sure hebwould be starting at FS even of we put him there.
  2. Can we just say, this isn't happening. It os nice that Rodgers is trying to get his friends jobs but do we even know if his knee is healthy?
  3. I think we would all agree that Jimmy Johnson was a good HC. What made him a good HC was he let his coordinators do what they are hired to do, run the D and O. HC is supposed to oversee them, not design and call plays. It's why we have had so many bad HCs like Rex who was so wrapped up in the D, he had no clue what the rest of the team was doing.
  4. Ok, that was a totally serious assessment. I mean there was no intent of humor at all
  5. One day, there will be a day when players like Coles won't be on the team anymore. Oh, wait....
  6. He had over 800 yards , 12 TDs and a 3.8 yard avg. For a #2 back, that would work for me.
  7. He would be a good insurance policy for Breece for a season at minimum
  8. I agree but this is why negotiations are stalled. I think both sides know a deal will be struck but GB isn't in a hurry so they will ask for the moon right now
  9. From what I heard, they are looking for Stafford type compensation.
  10. I think he would miss some OTA's which would not be a great thing considering he needs practice with our players
  11. It's Zach. I can't see them trading for someone else until Rodgers gets hurt.
  12. After Darnold and Wilson, the Jets have an undisputed starting QB
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