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  1. Are you trying to endear yourself to the Becton haters?
  2. I don't think you can learn anything from OTA's except have the players been working out on their own and do they have conditioning.
  3. For me to admit something would mean I said something contrary to it which I have not.
  4. This leads into what I have been saying. That team that lost to Miami was not a rebuilding team, the goal was not to get to the playoffs and then whatever, it was to go deep into them, to get to an AFCC game. That was a vet team. The fact that you feel well at least we would have gone to the playoffs some how would have made that season better just shows how much the attitude of fans needs to change. I know the goals this season is not the playoffs, it is to get Zach's feet under him from the start and the develop of all the rookies and 2nd year players, but that season with Favre, I was hoping for better than just getting to the playoffs.
  5. Because I remember how bad Pennington was on the Jets. It was maddening to watch him getting baited into picks trying to make passes he couldn't. He had to go. The problem was Farve was not a good choice but only because he was injured at the end and he pretty much didn't care.
  6. I don't think Penny guaranteed a playoff spot in any way but Favre's play down the stretch was pretty poor.
  7. Still, if we don't get a new and improve Matt Jones, I think that will weigh on the team like an anchor.
  8. I don't think it's a given the Jets finish last. Their is no guarantee the Pats improve and they will be installing a new O most likely. There is also a year of film for Jones. I would say just about as much that has to fall into place Jets, equally need to for the Pats. The thing is the Pats had a good season until they got to the playoffs so it's easy for SAS to make this prediction
  9. The way to fix this is to start winning games.
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