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  1. There were a few times Darnold made a good pass to a WR where other QB's would have thrown the ball away so I think his vision is already above average. If Brady has super human vision, well then you are right but I also see Brady as above average here. I also see Darnold move, slide, whatever you want to call or to avoid pressure. I don't even compare it to Brady, he looks Rogersesque doing that.
  2. Brady is mobile in the sense that he knows how to take a step to the left or right or step up to avoid pressure. Dam is also very good at this.
  3. I think Darnold is already pretty close on the vision and pocket awareness of Brady (needs to work on the cheating I guess) The real question is will Brown accept a reasonable contract, is he an upgrade over Shell, and can he help us improve. If I get 2 of the 3, I would be happy
  4. If you think Brady has bad pocket presence as Eli does, you haven't been paying attention
  5. Solder is a bad example in comparison to a player coming here. Eli is a statue. He is about the most immobile QB in the NFL. Darnold is very skilled at moving in the pocket and escaping when needed, sort of like another QB in the AFCE. If Solder was on the Jets, he would look a lot better
  6. Was there a reason they didn't resign Chandler Jones? The Pat's make about as many personnel mistakes as the Jets do.
  7. I don't think OBJ will be that bad. On the Jets he would be the focus of the O and his biggest complaint on the Giants is Eli. Things would be different here Also I think Gase could handle either one of them.
  8. Why not. He can be the next Drew Brees. Stranger things have happened, like a wife stabbing her husband with a squirrel
  9. More Cowbell

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    I would bring him into camp on a one year deal and if he doesn't make the team, move on with minimal damage. He's a big red zone target.
  10. More Cowbell

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    You're (that was for you btw) really something. I have to applaud the way you just can't let something as stupid as my last post go. You're (see that, two times in a row) about the most sensitive thing on this board. When you can't refute the substance, look for spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  11. More Cowbell

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    I'm not sure if he was a FA or trade but Kris Jenkins was a monster his first season here. Unfortunately he got injured after that but I would say he was one of the best additions. The worst is on the team right now. Johnson. Just from the point of the ridiculous amount of money he is being paid and how he played.
  12. More Cowbell

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    Your welcome and I don't
  13. More Cowbell

    Macc's biggest flub

    Well a lot of people are killing him over that on this board. Many said he should be fired for taking Adams and not one of these two QB's.
  14. More Cowbell

    Macc's biggest flub

    You could say that but my point is there were no clues he would be this good. Everyone thought Winston and Mariota were can't miss. Mahomes was in a draft where others were thought to be better as was Watson. What, you don't think the Browns would have taken Mahomes over Garrett, or the Niners over Thomas or Jacksonville over Fournette. They all needed QB's
  15. More Cowbell

    Macc's biggest flub

    Again, nobody thought Mahomes would be this. He is going to retire as the best the game ever saw. he is going to surpass Brady in everything if they keep him healthy and keep talent around him. He almost engineered a come from behind playoff win against a BB defense and the only reason they didn't win is they lost the coin toss. There is a reason he wasn't the number one overall pick that he should have been and it was more than the O he played in.

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