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  1. I know that is a small sample but I am surprised how willing they are to move on.
  2. Which is why Dee Ford would be a great acquisition
  3. I agree with that last part, I don't see Douglas making that offer. I think he highly values high draft picks and you have to be offering something he doesn't think he can fill with them and he can fill a QB role with them this season. I think a trade for say Wilson or Fields would be more likely straight up but a f again, I think Watson can veto a trade but I don't think he can force one.
  4. No trade clauses work if the team is committed to trading the player. I don't think that is the case. The Texans would probably be happy to say, well ok, we won't take that deal, so I guess your staying.
  5. Sure he can. So what happens if the Texans say if you don't allow us to accept this deal, we won't negotiate with any other team? What is his recourse at that point. I don't think the Texans really want to trade him in the first place. No trade clauses work when the team wants to trade you, not when the player is wanting to be traded.
  6. I am. His recourse is going to court. I doubt Goodell let's that happen. I also think he loses unless there is specific language that says Watson can demand a trade and pick the team. Have you seen the clause?
  7. What is Watson recourse? Is he going to sue the Texans and be tied up in court for months? I doubt there is anything that says the Texans can't slow walk this.
  8. I mentioned this in another post. Watson no trade clause has no teeth. If the Texans get the best offer from say Minnesota just a sa hypothetical, and he says I am not playing there, it's too cold and the Texans say we are taking this offer, trade clause or not. What alternatives does Watson have? My contract has a no trade clause so you have to listen to me? I'd he going to hold out and cost himself a massive amount of money if they don't send him where he is asking? I would say about the only party this benefits would be the Jets if he wants to cone here. All the Jets have to do is offer fair compensation which could be Seattle's picks and not ours but I don't think that will fly.
  9. Watson is going to go where he is traded. If he wants to come to the Jets, he has no excuse not to go to any other team.
  10. Not quite the same thing. Bledsoe's career was practically over and the Pats knew it.
  11. Not under these terms. The Texans have to be pissed off and just want the best deal and they would have no problem playing him this season.

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