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  1. Yeah, brain fog is a long Covid symptom. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Tested positive for Covid today. Running a 101 fever. Feel like total
  3. Cortland Finnigan has to make this list. Anyone his size that gets into a fight with Andre Johnson and rips his helmet off is a total psycho
  4. When he was extended, he clearly was not a QB that was going to be anything special.
  5. This really is funny coming from a guy that had a slightly above average career as a TE talking about a guy that led his team to a SB.
  6. Then you aren't actively reading this forum where there have been a number of glowing predictions from talking heads posted here. I know there are a number of bad ones as well but to my point, what you focus on is up to you. There are always going to be 2 sides of the coin shown
  7. Actually nobody is sleeping on them. As a matter of fact, the Jets have gotten respect from the media this off-season. All of this that you are saying is predicated on two things. Hall, Sauce, and G. Wilson hit the ground running and Zach corrects the myriad of problems he had last season and It wasn't all just throwing passes into the dirt. The only thing I really want to see from Zach is that he stops running backwards and taking these ridiculously deep drops and bailing on the pocket at the first sign of pressure. I want to see him advance the ball. I want to see him stepping up to avoid pressure. QB's have been stepping up to side stepping rushers since the 70's. If he does this, I will feel much better because then we have a QB playing under control.
  8. Yes, it will certainly be appealed and the league will lower the amount but they are saying the 1 year will be the minimum which means they are likely looking at more than 17 games.
  9. Well as a Jets fan, we have no dog in the fight. I think the Browns fans are in for a really bad result. This could destroy that team and players will want to jump ship.
  10. I think Watson has been settling most of the cases which IMO says to any women that had sex with him, he is open for business and time to get yours. I am almost certain there will be more women coming forward.
  11. I'm not sure what will happen but this likely will not end well for either party.
  12. If the Jets ever win it all and I put something like this on my head, someone please shoot me.
  13. Nobody actually knows what will happen because nobody knows what rules there will be. Also none of that changes the mentality that bitcoin is a product to be traded, not accumulated.
  14. Barry, it won't happen. You are in the minority when it comes to Bitcoin. 99% of the people who own it are in it to make a profit. One day there might be a digital currency as a standard, but I doubt it will be bitcoin. China is already regulating it. The US is not far behind. Once that happens, bitcoin will most likely be outlawed.
  15. Because you can't run a business on bitcoin. I can't have someone pay me for goods that I sell and have that payment be worth 5, 10 or 30 percent less in a week. I need that money to buy more. The gamble is in what I am buying, not what I use to buy it with.
  16. So what would you use measure the value of bitcoin in without state controlled currency like the dollar?
  17. Bitcoin actually is being used as currency. I work in real-estate and there are bitcoin mortgages. As for gold, It has value for it's scarcity and there is a whole industry called jewelry that it is the basis of. Same as silver. Copper is also a valuable metal for infrastructure.
  18. What you did with DOGE was fine imo. You bought, made a profit and took it. What I think is a bit nuts is if you are say watching bitcoin and buying on dips and selling when it goes up. The reason I think it's nuts is bitcoin has no support level. I thought for a while it was 29000 but it pretty much crashed through that. I think 10k or lower is a real possibility with inflation the way it is. Bitcoin ot crypto in general has proven it is not an inflation hedge.
  19. I have zero invested in crypto. I just don't understand the metrics about it. As you said, no revenue or earnings, it doesn't make anything, but there is a market, small but it's there. Right now it an alternative currency in countries that have screwed over there own so badly, they are like , ues, why not allow crypto to be nationally accepted. But I do more or less agree with your assessment. I think people who got burned on this are not coming back
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