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  1. Wjat does any of that have to do with bringing in two guys that had no business olayibg in the NFL?
  2. Ok, here we go. The pro bowler argument. You are just repeating the same idioctic defense all the other JD apologists have been vomiting around here. We don't need a Pro Bowl anything on this team, we need competent players. This Pro Bowl argument is the biggest crock of 💩 anyone has ever uttered around here. If you have a freaking intelligent defense for the trash he brought in, then say it but saying he had no choice but to bring in incompetent players because there were no pro bowl C or K to get is pure stupidity.
  3. What is wrong with you. Kalil was a disaster, so was Vedvick. He signed a bunch of nobodies and you are ready to bend over for him. He could have signed better players than he did becaise the ines he did didn't deserve to be NFL players
  4. You know what, i didn't even read this post, all I know is you are blaming the OL for the screen failing. The LB was standing right next to Bell and Sam was under a heavy rush from 2 or 3 Ravens. The pass was rushed and Bell never had a chance not because the OL didn't block, because he was covered. It was either play design, play execution, or something gave it away but you could have had the Cowboys OL on that play and it would still fail. As for your post, i am sick of posters like you stating the obvious after a bad loss. Nobody expected to win, all we hoped for was a good showing and as usual, the Jets played a decent first half and then totally fell apart in the second. This show has been running all season and second hallf collapses are game plan failures. It is on the entire team including Gase. Also, I am tired of reading how JD is going to save this franchise. So far from what i have seen, JD is very capable of screwing up. Look at some of the moves he made already. I want to see him draft before I start to gush over him. There is no way this team is going to contend next season, but they can stop being an embarrassment. If he can do that, ill be happy but JD contributed to this seasons embarrassing performace by signing a guy that got our QB's killed and lost a game against the Bills by signing a kicker that can't kick and then replaced him with just about the most unreliable kicker i have ever seen on this team. This guy is worse than Nugent. Show me.
  5. This could mean Gase is on the hot seat. Suprising that this happened inna game there was nothing to play for and so over matched
  6. He will be a RFA at the end of the season. He can't be happy backing up Chubb. With all the talk of Bell getting traded, if it actually happens, i think Hunt would be a better fit for Gase's O since his running style is to hit the hole fast and hard.
  7. Come on, seriously. Adams is not rushing the passer every play, it's situational. He does rush more than others but SS typically are not in coverage that much because they primarily cover RB's and TE's. There is no reason we can't use him the way we are.
  8. That won't be the case when Mosley returns. In his only game healthy he got a pick 6 for us.
  9. Pass rusher is a premium position. We can't seriously expect to get one in the 3rd round. Alao, why is it not sustainable? It all depends on the skill sets of the LB and S. If LB can cover, there is no problem rushing from the S position. Also, Adams is really good at rushing the passer, why would you not use him like that?
  10. It depends how you bring him. S doesn't have a player they are assigned to, they read the O and make a decision to play run, drop, or rush. Adams has made the right choice more so than the wrong one so i really don't think the pass coverage is suffering because he is rushing. Also my point is the closest thing we have to a pass rusher is Jenkins and that is pretty sad. We can't give up on the best pass rusher we have. You create a new hole to fill another.
  11. I think the best thing the Jets have going for them right now is JD hasn't drafted anyone so there are no bad picks to point out as you can point to in some FA acquisitions. We are talking about getting a third round pick for a proven player. It isn't frequent you get third round picks with Bell's talent level. What has been pointed out in thos article is Bell isn't the problem, it's Gase's inability to properly use him. That is more a reason to change plays to ones that suit Bell, not get rid of him. Bell didn't put on a Jets uniform and forgot how to run a football. AAMOF, we have seen the same brillance on some plays that Bell had in Pit. There is no need to trade Bell or Adams. Bell helps Sam, Adams helos the pass rush. We can't do without either.
  12. Yeah, im sure they will want to beat the crap out of this Jeff person
  13. What is wrong with you? Are you lonely and felt a need for attention or something. What does anyhting the Yankees do have any effect on what the Jets do.
  14. Probably wouldn't matter whobtheir QB was. Sam is going to be running for his life all game and Gase isn't going to change his play calling to help him avoid the rush.
  15. My God. Why would you post this. Rex hasn't got the slightest clue about QB development or how to be a HC so why would anyone care about his opnion on these subjects?

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