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  1. Click reps? With are click reps? You mean up and down votes? Who cares about them. They are lazy responses
  2. Tell you what. Make a case for keeping Zach if he plays poorly again.
  3. Thanks for the insight. What have you seen from Zach that makes you think he isn't bad? To tell the truth, yes, I think Zach has shown nothing but I hope he somehow gets his act together so we can get off the QB carousel. I really don't expect it but who knows. The thing is, if Zach plays like he did last season, are you going to further invest with two very good prospects coming out this year? Do you want to be the Giants stuck with Jones and passing on Herbert.
  4. Those scopes were probably to remove bone fragments. This is a tear. It has to heal. Also there was someone on this forum that knew a coworker who was injured for months with the same injury.
  5. Today Zach will be scoped and I personally think there is no way he plays before week 4. I know they said 2 to 4 week recovery but that really sounds overly optimistic. He probably misses the first month or close to it. That said, Zach is missing important reps and is going to start against real NFL defenses off the bat. I think there will be a period where Zach struggles to acclimate, so how long can this period go on, and if it goes on for say 8 games and the Jets are looking at another high pick, are we spending it on Young or Stoud? This would be historic for a franchise to pick in the top 3 three times on QB's 2 or 3 years apart for each, but can we stick with Zach if he doesn't show up? If he wasn't injured, I wouldn't be thinking of this but I think the lack of preparation is really going to effect him.
  6. That is where I have Max Mitchell (bottom third). I know a lot of people are high on him but I think that was just people not liking Becton and he was an hier apparent. I really don't see him contributing at all this season.
  7. I think we will be signing a few players who become cap casualties or older guys who are replaced by younger ones and a bunch of these bubble players are let go
  8. The funny thing is had he run out oof bounds, he probably picks up an extra yard and doesn't get injured
  9. What I am saying is he should be only saying this to the team. There was no need to say this publicly. What is he trying yo do, say it's ok to have fights at practice?
  10. I don't really recall Mitchell playing . What I do remember is Zach running for his life. Not sure who was responsible.
  11. Yeah, that is what he is saying but he should be saying it to the team, not the media. Saleh has a lot to learn about when it comes to things he says to the press
  12. I'm stopping right here. The conversation is Garrett Wilson was asked what the difference is between catching passes from Zach and catching passes from Joe. I so many words, he said Joe throws a more reciever friendly ball because he uses touch on the short ones and brings the heat when needed like on an out. So since he says this is the difference, you can draw from that that Zach doesn't do this. The post you responded to was me saying OF COURSE I HAVEN'T SEEN ENOUGH OF ZACH THIS YEAR BUT WILSON SAYING THIS WOULD INDICATE ZACH HASN'T CORRECTED THIS. SO STOP JUDGING ME ALREADY.
  13. I know you want to look like the guy that knows more than anyone one that says something negative but if you bothered to read or listen to Garrett, he was comparing Zach to Flacco. The comparison of 2021 and 2022 Zach was made by me. Feel stupid now? Edit Actually I didn't even make a year to year comparison nor did anyone else. What I said is if Wilson is saying what he is, it indicates this is still an issue.
  14. If Jones could cut down the turnovers, he wins this in a laugher. For now it's Flacco.
  15. Last season before he was injured it was an issue, after he came back it looked like he worked on his touch a bit. Haven't seen enough this season of course to know if he corrected it but Wilson pointing it out is an indication he hasn't worked that out yet.
  16. Your last paragraph would be great. That isn't suck
  17. Hopefully he doesn't get the runs the green chili salsa
  18. I won't. I think one game he can have some rust but if he continues to suck, writing is on the wall at that point.
  19. I haven't lost hope but I am concerned with the rate Zach is getting injured
  20. So is he trying to say Xach has no touch on his passes? I was hoping he would say something like with Flacco, the ball comes out on time more consistently.
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