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  1. The Mitchell experiment needs to end. The guy was a speed bump against the Steelers.
  2. Yes, you are very clear on that point. I hope I was equally as clear on chat
  3. I don't agree. I think there are more negatives for chat than the message board. To each his own. Also, why would I care about clicks for this site. The site does a good job and is free. No begging for money
  4. Playing these bottom feeder QBs is certainly a positive for us. Maybe the Jets can hire Jeff Gillooly before the GB game to pay Rogers a visit.
  5. Personally I hate live chats, especially ones that have as many people participating as the game thread. They scroll way faster than you can read and a lot of times you aren't sure what people are speaking about. Tapping my screen to refresh takes a whole second to do. Also the thread this week I believe was 99 pages which is the largest we had this season so far. Was there actually a 520 page thread you recall?
  6. I agree with this. I think we are getting Miami at the right time. This is a winnable game.
  7. He hasn’t earned a spot on the OL. Maybe ST but not OL. I don't thinknwe need him and McDermott also ranked highest of all OL Sunday including AVT.
  8. Really a shame. The guy was looking like the light went on and this happens.
  9. IMO, there is a contingent of fans that make a knee jerk assessment of the team, often saying the team, the QB, the CS is bad and it is important for them to be right. This is probably the negativity you see. Now I personally started out as a negative fan this season but I am seeing signs of a pulse lately. There is still a lot to fix but there is a way forward now so I am rooting for the team to continue to win, not that I ever wanted them to lose, I just didn't care either way because they were such a joke. Pieces are now falling into place and as this continues, you will see more fans being positive. Zach needs to keep playing better every week. If he does that, you will wonder why you ever made this post
  10. I never really felt Adams was a liability in coverage on the Jets. Nobody is going to confuse him with Ed Reed but he wasn't constantly blowing coverage, probably because he played around the LOS so much, but boy, did that change in Seattle.
  11. It is the most redic thing they serve wings, which is the most fatty part of a chicken, with blue cheese and they put celery on the side.
  12. Let me first say Adams was a horrible person and teammate, and has been a horrible S on Seattle for the most part. That said, while he was on the Jets, he made 2 pro bowls and was a first team All Pro. The guy played well here. He was the only player that consistently got sacks. This is why Seattle wanted him. Thankfully we parted ways before he really began to suck.
  13. I really didn't want to comment but if we are really to believe this, it just shows how bad we have been.
  14. Wasn't McCaffery out for like 14 games last season?
  15. This is really hilarious. Only Jets fans talk like this
  16. I don't think Allen was rated behind Rosen. Just on arm talent and athleticism he had to be rated higher. I liked Allen a lot better than Rosen even with the accuracy knock on him but figured the Jets had Rosen rated higher
  17. Personally I never liked Baker and would never had traded Darnold for him when Darnold was on the Jets. Never understood all the hype around him. The Browns actually are a decision to win, they needed him to throw less.
  18. Ok, here is a change for me Zach dating to last seasons last 3 games is playing excellent football and making smart decisions. Why would you not pick up his option?
  19. It's not the player, it's the Jets Dr. Look at how knee injuries have worked out on the OL
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