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  1. 1 hour ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Wow.  What a completely uninformed view of that fat ******* carpet bagger's term here.  

    O'Donnell was the QB of the 1997 team.  Typical game manager would have been perfect for the a ground & pound and D team.  Not only did Parcells hate him, but on December 21, 1997 down 13-10 with 7 minutes left, the 9-6 Jets had 1st down at the Lions 9 yard line after a 30 yarder from O'Donnell to Chrebet.  That fat **** called a halfback option and Leon Johnson threw a pick to Bryant Westbrook in the end zone.  Instead of 10-6 and tied with the Patriots for 1st, the Jets finish 9-7 tied with the Dolphins for 2nd.  They lose the tiebreaker and miss the playoffs.

    Hugh Douglas was not a rookie.  He was entering his 3rd year and already had 18 NFL sacks on a team nobody bothered passing against.  That fat **** traded him for Dorian Boose.  Parcells motivated Hugh Douglas to 4 sacks.  He went off to Philly where he promptly had 12.5.  He had another 2 double digit years (to go with 9.5 sacks in 2001.  3 pro bowls and an all pro.  To be fair, he didn't trade Douglas for the Boose pick.  He traded the pick he got down and rolled it into Boose later in 2nd and also added Kevin Williams and Eric Bateman!

    Farrior was a rookie?  What's your point?  Yes, he was a rookie.  Then he was a 2nd year player and then a 3rd year player.  The "next LT" had 3.5 sacks in those 3 years and only got 6 starts over the last 2.  That gunt having ****er who I keep hearing liked to build from the trenches out" passed on two HOF LT, Orlando Pace and Walter Jones for Farrior who sucked under Parcells and his protege, Al Groh.  They "motivated him to be his best self" by playing him out of position on the outside.  Herm moved him inside and he played one good year here and then ran off to Pittsburgh where he was a stud for a decade.  At least one all-pro season.  I read a piece by some guy claiming he should be in the HOF.  

    Murrell was okay and Parcells version of "getting more out of him" was to ride him like a rented mule and dump him with a 7th rounder for a 3rd that the fat **** rolled into some other pathetic deal.  He traded that 3rd which ended up being Leonard Little to move down two picks and recoup the 7th.  The player he took with the 3rd?  Scott Frost.  He sure made up for it with the 7th, TE Lawrence Hart.

    I guess we can add Boose, Frost and Hart to the guys that Parcells motivated to be their best selves. 


    @T0mShane Tell me, If they are facts are they neg rep worthy? 


    You are correct about O'Donnell but I credit Parcells for getting VT and him being the best QB we had since Namath. I agree with BP, I hated O'Donnell. Cowher couldn't  get rid of him fast enough. As far as Hugh, this is what I remember. A healthy HD WATCHING A GAME WITH PLAYOFF IMPLICATIONS FROM THE SIDELINE BECAUSE HE WAS UP FOR A NEW CONTRACT.  That was about the most selfish thing I ever saw and I just saw Kyrie Irving force his way off the Nets for basically nothing ( I hate the Nets btw). As far as Farrior leaving the Jets, he didn't  leave, we traded him. Herm didn't  want to pay him. He thought his Tampa 2 D could just plug anyone in at that spot. Turned out Farrior was a great player and Herm didn't spot it. Don't  blame Parcells. Yes, BP didn't  play him right but Farrior was a freaking tackling machine for Herm and he didn't  care. 

    Lastly, Murrell was a guy that never put it all together and he had his chances. He could have been the lead back but he could never hold onto the job. He reminds me of guys like Kyler Murray. Showed flashes of greatness and just can't  do it consistently.  

    As far as BP GM abilities,  he was horrible. I can't  think of anyone that made so many bad moves. As a HC, there is no denying he was great. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Adoni Beast said:

    Uncharacteristic fumbles and wind gust from the Elseworld cursed that 98 title for us.

    We had Denver in the ropes and let them go. We would have demolished Atlanta in that Super Bowl.

    I think the turning point was the blown coverage on McCaffery on his long TD pass. 

  3. 7 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Like Neil O'Donnell, Hugh Douglas, Adrian Murrell and James Farrior? 

    I don't  think O'Donnell was on a Parcells coached team. If he was it was short lived. Hugh Douglas was a rookie, so was Farrior, Murrell was ok and BP gave him crap for not being better. He told him after a win he left yards on the field. That was after a W. 

  4. 10 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

    So, how would Parcell handle Becton, Zach & Moore? Would it had caused them to be the best version of themselves, or, crushed them faster than MLF?

    I believe whatever talent there was, he would have tapped it. Not sure if BP would have prevented Becton from getting rolled by GVR. Simms wasn't  a very gifted QB but he was great on the Giants 

  5. On 2/5/2023 at 9:11 AM, 32EBoozer said:

    MLF lost the offensive locker room….IMO

    Aloof and hardliner with Moore, Zach & Mims

    We have a young core of players. The Parcels way doesn’t work in this generation of player advocacy.

    The Parcells way was to motivate players to their best self. 

  6. On 2/5/2023 at 9:05 AM, SoJetsy said:

    Now that he’s back I believe he hijacked the whole plan of Saleh and Douglas to build and develop. Instead of just admitting Zach was a bust or wrong fit in NY now they make a desperate move to put butts in seats, typical Woody. Why not just let Mike Lafluer grow as a play caller and play Mike White or Jimmy G until they can find the guy. I smell Favre all over, then 10 years of obscurity again!

    This isn't  the same situation as Favre. If we bring in Jimmy G or Rodgers, it will be to win games, not so one of them can get away from their former team and then jump ship for another team to take revenge on the former team. GB is not trying to replace Rogers, GB would probably prefer Rogers finish his career there. Rogers wants out. As far as Jimmy G, his time in SF is just at an end. I really don't  know how we go into the season with him because at this point, you have to figure him to miss at least 25% of the games and Zach is the guy behind him. Zach needs to sit for an entire season and watch. If he comes in for a stretch, I think he reverts back to his old habits being more concerned with winning the job back over winning the game. 

  7. On 2/4/2023 at 6:57 PM, Blackout said:

    As dictated and decided by Blackout (aka me)


    25 Breece Hall 

    24 Frank Gore 

    23 Terrell Davis 

    22 Priest Holmes 

    21 Larry Csonka

    20 Jerome Bettis

    19 Franco Harris

    18 Shaun Alexander

    17 Gale Sayers

    16 Bronko Nagurski

    15 Marcus Allen 

    14 Earl Campbell

    13 John Riggins

    12 Steve Van Buren 

    11 Red Grange

    10 Marshall Faulk

    9 Adrian Peterson 

    8 Curtis Martin

    7 OJ Simpson 

    6 Emmitt Smith

    5 Walter Payton

    4 Barry Sanders 

    3 Ladanian Tomlinson 

    2 Eric Dickerson

    1 Jim Brown 


    I think this list is very accurate.  What do you guys think?

    Ok, seriously,  you have Breece Hall on this list and not Ricky Watters, Christian Okoye, or Thurman Thomas? 

  8. On 2/3/2023 at 7:19 PM, Yankeesrbest said:

    I’m done with the Jets bringing in old QBs to try to win for a season or two see Favre and O’Donnell.  They need to develop Zach Wilson and should not have hired a rookie OC to develop a rookie QB.  They also should have had an experienced QB from the get go of the kids carrier.  This team was not good enough to get to the playoffs this year.  They got lucky a few times during the year when they played hurt teams or the Browns blundered otherwise they would have had a worse record.  Fix the OL through the draft preferably, add another running back and continue to add true talent to the roster to compete for several years to come not just 1 or 2.  

    Oh, this again? Let's fix Zach. I don't  know. We get stories about Zach being late to meetings and goofing around when he shouldn't  be and then another  story comes out he is a student of the game and really applies himself. Does anyone e else realize  neither  of these things is a good thing? I would feel better if he was late and being goofy because  that is easy to fix and if he does the right thing, he can improve but  if he is fully bought in and working hard and he still is the worst QB in the league, what does he do different this offseason to improve. 

    I guess we find out how good Hackett is if we try to develop Zach at least. 

  9. 7 hours ago, The Gun Of Bavaria said:

    There is no question that the New York Jets are a quarterback away from really being able to make a run. 

    The fact that nobody wants to accept, is that no quarterback in their right mind wants to step onto this team. Playing quarterback for the New York Jets might as well be an invitation to take over Pol Pot’s reign in Cambodia.  It’s the position of death. It’s the position of no return. It’s a position which is a guaranteed career killer.

    We are not getting Jimmy, we are not getting Derek just like we did not get Aaron.

    I want to win just like everybody else. But I’m too old to constantly get excited that “insert player here“ is going under center for the Jets and save the day. We have been playing this game for so long I can’t even remember. Everybody is the next savior and that everybody ends up in abject failure.

    I should be able to provide an alternative opinion since I’m making an argument, but I’m out of ideas to back it up anymore. I honestly have no idea what, if anything will save this franchise that could never get its head above water.

    at this point, I don’t much care anymore

    Last sentence says it all.

    The Jets have never been a more attractive destination. 

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  10. 11 hours ago, JETS SB said:

    For so many reasons, he would be a bad fit here. Not saying he is a bad QB. I just don’t think he fits this system and this city and this fan base. 

    1) 0-7 in games 37 degrees or lower. Our playoff matchups, if we want to make it anywhere in the AFC are Buffalo, Kansas City and Cincinnati, all cold weather cities playing in outdoor stadiums, not even mentioning playing in NE and Buffalo during the regular season, plus obviously playing here. Also saw a stat where he was 3-17 in games under 50 degrees. Though I didn’t verify that one.  

    2) We would have to invest more in him than any of the other guys and we could be stuck with a huge terrible contract. At least we know Rodgers is likely here for 2 or 3 years and gone. Much more risk to our future in Derek Carr. 

    3) Seems like a good dude, but the crying at the press conference would be destroyed by the press and the fan base here, especially if the team isn’t winning. He just doesn’t seem like a New York kind of guy. Hate Aaron all you want, he will stand up there, and give/take sh*t. 

    4) He is just not a winner. Has never won a playoff game. Would rather have Jimmy G’s ability as lesser QB talent, but a winner in this system. 

    I think the draft pick compensation in a trade, if that’s how it goes down, is a big deal. If we don’t have to give up much, then maybe it wouldn’t be terrible, but his contract will be a big one and one that will strap us for a long time, unlike the other options. Rodgers is very short term and Jimmy G wouldn’t cost us anywhere near as much. 

    Absolutely.  Let's  stick with Zach. I'm sure one of the games he won was under 37 degrees. Thank you for this new bar we should judge a QB by.

    Season 3 Reaction GIF by TV One

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  11. 21 hours ago, Hex said:

    You said the only reason to keep playing was to try and win it all, and your were sure he didn’t need the money at this point. Maybe I interpereted that wrong, but to me that sounded you meant like he needed it before in GB when he got that huge extension. 

    Players will always make the best deal possible and I am sure Rodgers truly  believed GB was a SB contender. He may believe now GB is rebuilding and wants out. The Jets probably make the playoffs with Rodgers but SB, I really don't  think so. Until  we see this team can keep it's  players off IR, we are not a contender. I think there is a greater chance Miami or even Detroit who missed the playoffs but finished strong has a better chance of landing him. He will also consider money but I don't  believe that is the only consideration.  That is what I meant. 

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  12. 21 hours ago, Greensleeves said:

    AI is a good start. At the very least the sidelines and goal lines should be set up so you can tell if someone's foot touches it or if you break the plane. Why go to a million different angles with a guy in NY that probably wears glasses? Have a chip in the ball so you can tell if the tip crosses the goal line or touches it. That's easy stuff.

    The chip idea will not work. You would have to wire the entire ball and have a battery inside. The balls are abused during games and a malfunction  will happen. Having a system like cyclops that is used in tennis is possible but I would say validating TDs or players stepping out of bounds is not the issue. What is is the inconsistencies from crew to crew with how they call things. It is the same in baseball where batters and pitchers have to figure out for an inning or 2 what is a ball and what is a strike. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Hex said:

    There's a difference between honoring a contract and changing it for mutual party benefit

    I've been in that position. The company is not interested in what is good for you. Trust me, the Packers don't  care about what is good for Rodgers when it is between what works for them and him. I have heard the whole be a team player speech. Yeah, take one for the team.

  14. 7 hours ago, Mogglez said:

    Because he had Mike White and Joe Flacco who, while not being great, were legends compared to Zach, and he couldn’t score a single touchdown with 3 games to go and the season on the line.  

    Also, like I said, the players still hated his abrasive and egotistical approach to coaching.

    For the greater part of the season he had Zach. Both Flacco and White were able to move the team and they scored TD's but at the end of the day,  White and Flacco are also not good QB's, they are just better than Zach. The Jets choices at QB were, Not good, bad, and horrible. 

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  15. 22 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    LeFleur isn’t gone because of Zach Wilson; he’s gone because the players, particularly the WRs, f*cking hated him, in addition to the fact that he sucked at calling plays over the course of a game.  

    The dude may learn and change under McVay, but that doesn’t mean for one second that he didn’t earn his firing.

    I still can't  understand how anyone judges MLF with a QB as bad as Zach. 

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