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  1. 16 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on him? We gave him a $24m contract he doesn’t even have a target yet thru two games. How’s he’s gonna be used in this system ?

    Playing in it might help

  2. 9 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    I was excited seeing this topic, thinking this was a thread about Golden Earring’s hit song.

    What a letdown. Dump.

    I saw them open for Aerosmith. What a bad live band. It was before Twilight Zone came out. The big hit was Radar Love.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Lurker89 said:

    I'm 33 years old but have always loved the original Twilight Zone.

    My top three off the top of my head

    "Monsters on Maple Street"

    "A Nice Place to Visit"

    "What You Need"

    Rod Sterling was a gentleman and a scholar,  along with a genius. He was also born in Syracuse which is where I spent most of my formative years.

    @More Cowbell not sure if you still have me on ignore from ages ago when I, in good fun, was messing with you. If not and you can see this message I have some good suggestions for Val Lindt horror films along with some excellent film noir and hard boiled. I may enjoy the baser art form of trolling on the internet but I  enjoy "vintage" film as well, also a big fan of everything from Charles Brockden Brown, to Hemingway, to John Gardner.



    All good. Not much of a vintage horror fan though.  TZ, Outer Limits, and Night Gallery were staples of my childhood so those hold a special place. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, nj meadowlands said:

    I didn't say Mitchell was playing flawlessly. But he's playing fine. And with a few more weeks of playing together with the ones, perhaps he'll be playing more than fine. You're off base if you think Brown is being handed the job due to his contract.

    He totally will be and it's  not going to matter how well Mitchell plays or not. The OL is not playing well. They were horrible week 1 and not much better in week 2. There is no reason not to play Brown. 

  5. 44 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

    This was a ballsier move by MJD because the Jags were actually losing by 1 point.  Yes, it's a chip shot FG, but definitely not guaranteed.

    Well, the collective  thinking was probably they were going to kick a FG anyway so may as well get closer. 

  6. 1 minute ago, nj meadowlands said:

    They're going to play the best 2 tackles. Part of that is who's available. Offensive line play requires cohesiveness.  You can't replace pieces on a whim and expect the line to play well.

    Ok, first off, Mitchell is not playing flawless RT. He has had struggles that are expected of any rookie. I would say Fant fairs no worse than him over there, more than likely better. On top of it, Fant has flat out sucked playing LT in two games now. Garrett actually came unblocked on one play rushing by Fant. If the OL was playing at a high level now, I would at least say there is an argument to be made but there really isn't.  The OL at this point is not a cohesive unit and it likely  won't  be one by week 4. 

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  7. 27 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Pretend you're the player. You're really devising strategy?

    This link has another now-dead link at the end of the first paragraph that suggests the idea wasn't MJD's but rather that the coaches instructed him to do it.

    Also in MJD's case, they still had to kick a FG so there was still some risk in taking a knee there. That type of decision has to come from the sideline (or at a minimum, with the HC/OC's approval) because kneeling didn't lock in that game the way it would have this past Sunday.

    It's never on the player to devise one's own strategy by overruling the HC/OC's command.

    This Sunday was as much the HC's fault as it was that they stopped the clock on the prior play before the 2 min warning. Yeah Hunt got pushed, but you tell the RB before the huddle breaks: getting a 1st down is nice, but if you go out of bounds, we cut out one of your testicles. Hunt got 6 more yards than he needed before getting pushed out, effectively giving the Jets an extra timeout after using up their first 3.

    The reality is they never should've even had a play going to Chubb in the first place, if Hunt stays in bounds instead of going OOB with 2:02 on the clock. Chubb didn't mess up any worse than Hunt tbh, but both are supposed to take play cues from coaches.

    I enjoyed Cleveland's comedy of errors tremendously, but with some merely-adequate coaching on the play before Chubb's handoff, and then some smart coaching on Chubb's handoff, none of it would've happened.

    Since we can't see the link that is now dead, it's  hard to say either way. It could have been the coach saying it was MJD but given the circumstances,  I think that is highly unlikely.  Will defer here that it was a coaches decision.  

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Any evidence that a coach didn't first tell him to do it & that MJD just knew to do it on his own?

    Brian Westbrook had a famous one, too. He didn't know without being told to.

    Also there's this unselfish guy...

    It's the coaches' jobs to come up with strategy, not for each player individually to overrule his coaches.

    It seems pretty clear from the OP video that Stefanski wanted Chubb to score & was happy when they did, thinking that was what put the Jets away instead of being the thing that gave the Jets a chance.


    I remember watching the post game interview and Drew made no mention of the coach when asked about the play, he just apologized  to his fantasy owners. Maybe it was the plan not to score on that play. The fact that Chubb actually did this before makes it even more odd to me. I guess this is on the HC. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, Bungaman said:

    Not sure about that. Both players get paid whether they sit or are on the field. Incentives might be affected, but that's not going to be the deciding factor, either.

    Mitchell is making a fraction of what they are paying Brown. Brown is not going to sit on the bench and get paid about 600K a game. 

  10. 17 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    You cant put a high priced, fragile receiver like Amari Cooper on the hands team.  You can see the business decision he made there.  Hes not the type of player who is going to put his head down and take a shot while recovering the ball.  He should have never been out there.

    The last person I woukd blame this on is Cooper. It's  on the coaches and it's on Chubb. 

    Anyone remember this?


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  11. 17 hours ago, bgivs21 said:

    I'm sick of people blaming Chubb. Scoring to go up (what should have been) 14 with with 1:50 left and us with no timeouts left. 

    Blame the miss xp, blame the defense for completely breaking down, blame cooper for aligator arming the onside kick. But Chubb is not to blame. 

    If Chubb runs out of bounds, they run out the clock. Game over

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