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  1. 7 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Hooker is turning 25 next week.  No way.  Hes older then Herbert who just finished his 3rd year in the nfl.  Thats crazy.

    I don't  think being 3 years older than other QBs as a rookie really matters at QB. RB, WR, and TE, yes, but QB's are starting to play well into their 40s if they are good

  2. 8 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

    Have a look here.  It will only take a few minutes of your time, but you will see what I do. And many of those passes were made vs a good defense with good CB.   If Stanford had a better team and was making more noise, McKee would be a first round lock 


    Watched the whole thing. He isn't  going to ha e that kind of time in the NFL. He did face pressure  on a fee throws and he looked like he did a good job of navigating the pocket but again, he had a lot of time. I didn't  see a guy making quick throws which is what we need. Looks lime his footwork is good at least and he is accurate.  

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  3. 1 minute ago, THE BARON said:

    i still prefer mckee considering, but only after a trade down

    I don't know much about him other than what was mentioned in this thread  but of this guy can't  run, I am a heard no. QB's that just sit in the pocket are not worth the investment to develop.  Look at Daniel Jones. Could you imagine if he couldn't  run? 

  4. 8 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

    without the injury, i'd gladly take him in the 1st.  the jets are not in much of a position to take that chance.  

    The Jets should select a QB and let him redshirt his first season. Hooker has an ACL. He will have more than a year to rehab it. In his second year,  he will be fine. Is more rare that an ACL ends a career now. Odds are he has a full recovery. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Untouchable said:

    The Jets sign Garoppolo, re-sign White, Jimmy and White are both out of commission by Week 8, enter Zach Wilson to look marginally better than he has the last two years…yay.

    But Derek Carr? Oh f*ck that guy. We don’t need him.

    MWm and JG reminds me of that old Jaguar joke, you need 2, one to drive and the other for parts. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    Was playing with 5 broken ribs. No wonder he looked like sh*t. And he still looked better than Wilson.

    I don't know what they are going to do at WB but I think Mike white won over the coaches and will be the QB next year. Book it.

    MW can't  be relied on. 

  7. 1 hour ago, jetswinbaby! said:

    If the Jets come out and play as flat as they did against the Seahawks...

    If the Jet lose to the Dolphins 3rd string QB...

    If they finish the season 0-6 after being 7-4...

    Is there a chance Black Monday takes Bobby out?...

    No way.  Like it or not, the Jets had a better record than last season and suffered all kinds of key injures.  He gets a pass

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  8. 6 hours ago, THE BARON said:


    "JAN. 5 (UPI) -- Damar Hamlin is awake, can move his hands, feet and head, and asked medical personnel who won the Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals game, which was halted when he went into cardiac arrest three days ago, doctors said Thursday."

    Just heard this on TV. Fantastic news. Was afraid he might have brain damage from oxygen deprivation.  The fact that he remembered the game seems like really good news for the man.  

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  9. 8 minutes ago, FactsOnly said:


    Categorically wrong in fact

    Mike LaFleur would have Tom Brady looking like a 6th rounder

    Very well thought  out response. I mean look at the examples you sited. How could anyone argue with such a well thought out response like WRONG.


  10. 19 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Completion percentage is one of if not the single worst stat to grade a QB on. If Zach is the QB we need to score. If he does that by having a 55% completion rate but 9 YPA, or by using his legs or playing backyard ball it does not matter

    Zachs completion percentage  sucks because he can't  complete passes that should be layups 

  11. 2 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

    Has a relative ever died from what you do for a living? That's the conversation that is happening in the NFL right now. I get what you are saying but it's not quite apples to apples

    Umm, nobody has died.  

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    Just post well wishes to twitter

    I don't post on the piece of garbage app. Feel free to give Elon all your personal info if you want. I also have not said anything here for you to act like a jerk to me. If my posts bother you this much, ignore me. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    Yeah no thanks to you, buddy

    You really are a sick individual.  

    Hey, I'm on my way to the hospital in Cincinnati right now to give my expert opinion. I'll let the Dr's know you thought I wasn't  helping enough. 

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  14. MLF is a problem for other reasons, but not developing Zach is not on him. How is it Breece Hall and GW excelled in this O and GW did it with below average QBs throwing to him (Sorry MW, you aren't all that). It's  because these 2 players were going to succeed  no matter where they were. Burrow would succeed  no matter what team he was on, Hurts, Mahomes, Herbert.  All would be a success no matter what team they went to. Baker has sucked on 3 teams now, Sam has sucked on 2 ( but is looking better as of late). If you can play, or shows. You aren't  bottom of the league all the time. 

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  15. 7 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    I don’t know where you work but you need to be fired for even thinking about this while Damar Hamlin is still in the hospital

    Hamlin has shown remarkable improvement  over the past 24 hours. WTF are you talking about. 

    Ice Cube Reaction GIF

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  16. 40 minutes ago, Hal N of Provo said:

    Not reality.  Darnold has struggled in Carolina and needed time to develop. 

    Is stability with bad coaching good? 

    White had a bad camp and got a few weeks on the side.  He got better.  Then he went in.  And started developing the same mechanical problems Zach did.  

    Bad coaching!!  

    I think the only game where MW showed these flaws was against Seattle and yes, he was as bad as Zach. I believe that game was an outlier but it pretty much sealed his fate here. MW won't  be a Jet next season.

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