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  1. 18 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    Just post well wishes to twitter

    I don't post on the piece of garbage app. Feel free to give Elon all your personal info if you want. I also have not said anything here for you to act like a jerk to me. If my posts bother you this much, ignore me. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    Yeah no thanks to you, buddy

    You really are a sick individual.  

    Hey, I'm on my way to the hospital in Cincinnati right now to give my expert opinion. I'll let the Dr's know you thought I wasn't  helping enough. 

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  3. MLF is a problem for other reasons, but not developing Zach is not on him. How is it Breece Hall and GW excelled in this O and GW did it with below average QBs throwing to him (Sorry MW, you aren't all that). It's  because these 2 players were going to succeed  no matter where they were. Burrow would succeed  no matter what team he was on, Hurts, Mahomes, Herbert.  All would be a success no matter what team they went to. Baker has sucked on 3 teams now, Sam has sucked on 2 ( but is looking better as of late). If you can play, or shows. You aren't  bottom of the league all the time. 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    I don’t know where you work but you need to be fired for even thinking about this while Damar Hamlin is still in the hospital

    Hamlin has shown remarkable improvement  over the past 24 hours. WTF are you talking about. 

    Ice Cube Reaction GIF

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Hal N of Provo said:

    Not reality.  Darnold has struggled in Carolina and needed time to develop. 

    Is stability with bad coaching good? 

    White had a bad camp and got a few weeks on the side.  He got better.  Then he went in.  And started developing the same mechanical problems Zach did.  

    Bad coaching!!  

    I think the only game where MW showed these flaws was against Seattle and yes, he was as bad as Zach. I believe that game was an outlier but it pretty much sealed his fate here. MW won't  be a Jet next season.

  6. 16 hours ago, rbstern said:

    Fish or Patsies?

    Jets can: 

    1) Go all out, leave everything on the field, trying to deny the Dolphins a playoff spot.  Reward is a bit of tailwind for the offseason, and penalty is is a worse draft position if they win.

    2) Mail it in, let the Dolphins walk over them, and deny the Pats.

    There area few other variables, but the Jets performance next weekend is the most likely determinant of Wild Card #3.

    Which do you like?


    Winning equals worse draft position. That is all that matters. Saleh has to tank this game. We should pull the starters and play Zach by the second qrt. 


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  7. 12 minutes ago, SickJetFan said:

    if he plans to bring in another old has been he might as well punch out now

    I really don't see Rogers or Brady coming here. If they go to any team, it will be a team that is a current playoff team, not one that had an epic collapse.  

  8. 16 hours ago, Bronx said:


    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The New York Jets won't give up on quarterback Zach Wilson after only two seasons, according to coach Robert Saleh, who insisted Wednesday the organization will do everything "through hell or high water" to maximize his potential.

    This was the Jets' strongest endorsement of Wilson, whose future has been the subject of intense speculation because of two benchings. Saleh said Wilson, who will be a healthy scratch Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, can begin his turnaround with a mental break from football as soon as the season is over.

    "Go read a book, go do something, get away from this game, just reset," Saleh said. "I think the greatest gift you can give yourself as a human is to figure out what's important to you. What do you value and how can you stick to those values day in and day out?

    "That is the greatest gift you can give yourself, is to discover yourself. I think Zach needs to get away, read a book and figure that out."

    Saleh noted that Wilson is only 23 years old, an age when many players still are maturing. This has been a difficult year for the former BYU star, drafted second overall in 2021. He missed the first three games with a knee injury and got benched for the first time when the team was 6-4.

    "Zach has all the talent in the world, and we have all the confidence in the world in him," Saleh said. "It's just, like I said, a reset. We're going to grind with him. We are. Through hell or high water, we're going to figure how to get him to where we know he can be."

    The Jets (7-9), losers of five straight and mathematically eliminated last Sunday, haven't committed to Wilson as their 2023 starter. His rookie contract runs through 2024; he's due to make a total of $9.3 million (fully guaranteed) over the final two seasons.

    The other two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, Mike White and Joe Flacco, will be free agents. White, who will start the finale against the Dolphins, has displayed some promise in four starts this season (1-3), but the Jets might opt for a more proven commodity in 2023. Chances are, they will acquire a veteran from the off-season market.

    "[He needs to] keep working," offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur said. "He's a New York Jet and that's not changing. That's the way my mindset is."

    Both the coaches and Wilson himself have acknowledged that his fundamentals have slipped -- specifically, his footwork and balance. The plan after the first benching was to have him focus on his fundamentals, but he returned to action after only three weeks of inactivity due to White's rib injury.

    Saleh said it's not a talent issue with Wilson, who sparked a firestorm by refusing to take accountability for a poor performance in a Nov. 20 loss to the New England Patriots -- the precursor to his first benching. An emotional Wilson later apologized to the team.

    "We want to make sure we reconnect with Zach and regain his confidence -- regain his confidence in himself and us, and us and him, all of us," he said. "Just to make sure he's back on track, make sure his footwork is right, mechanics right, his mind right. It's not a talent thing for Zach. I believe that. We're going to work our tails off to help him, and we're committed to him."


    It's rare for a team to move on from a highly drafted quarterback after only two seasons. Since 1998, only two top-10 quarterbacks lasted less than three years with the team that drafted them: Ryan Leaf (San Diego Chargers, No. 2 pick in 1998) and Josh Rosen (Arizona Cardinals, No. 10 pick in 2018).

    In two seasons, Wilson has a 15-18 record as a starter, with 15 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, a 55% completion rate and only 4,022 passing yards. His QBR for the two seasons is 35.0, the lowest among 35 qualified passers.


    This can't work unless Zach comes back and does a complete 180. He has to come back and get his completion  percentage  into the 65 range, needs to throw for about 300 yards a game, needs to throw the ball accurately,  stop throwing off his back foot, and play under control in the pocket.  

    That is a lot to ask in one off season. This team is in win now mode. We can't  spend another season to see if Zach can be the guy. That was this season. The team is ready, Zach is not. 

  9. 10 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

    Not only would darnold not come here but at this point it’s got to be all over the league that MLF sucks.  Why would any vet qb come here to play for the OC who will be known for the Zach wilson failure?  

    I really can't  believe people here are still blaming MLF for Zach sucking. Has Zach ever been anything on the Jets while 3 other QB had varying degrees of success? 

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  10. 9 minutes ago, DireJet said:

    Yes, DJ had/has the athleticism and size to make plays when he’s not throwing the ball particularly well. He’s not Josh Allen — but he’s a watered down version for sure. 

    The other thing is DJ seems to have a better sense to take what is in front of him with his legs than Zach. How many times have we watched Zach run sideways when he could have run for 5 or 7 yards. 

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  11. 22 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    Another reset! Saleh’s plan for fixing young QBs basically comes down to resetting the internet router - LOL


    I would stop holding my breath waiting for the jets to trade this guy. He’s seeing year 3 on this roster. 

    Saleh specifically brought up the fact that ex Jets around the league are “having success”  (Geno? Sam?) and that we can learn from that. 

    prepare yourself 

    The fact that ex Jets are still in the NFL is an accomplishment in itself. 

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  12. 20 minutes ago, DireJet said:

    Saleh needs to stop with the new age corporate cliches.

    And what an Epic fail by JD selecting an undersized QB who has zero accuracy, zero pocket awareness AND doesn’t have the athleticism to run the ball. USUALLY, you get one or more of those qualities from a pedestrian starting NFL QB. But JD somehow selected a guy who possesses NONE of these qualities. And he took him second overall! It’s one of the worst QB picks in NFL history. 

    The Giants selecting Daniel Jones looks so much smarter than what JD did selecting Zach and everyone was like WTF after they took him. 

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  13. 19 hours ago, RJIII said:

    If indeed the JETS draft 13th or higher, don't make ANOTHER mistake by not drafting a franchise changing player in Tyree Wilson, DE Texas Tech. This organization is ill equipped to make these decisions on their own so I'm helping out yet AGAIN! Royally ****ed up taking Jamal Adams over MAHOMES II, don't do it again. You were told over an over then and I'm telling you now! 

    1st Team ALL AMERICAN - absolute beast and unblock-able at DW/Rush...

    Guardians Of The Galaxy GIF

  14. 14 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:


    Yeah Knapp was supposed to be there, too, and no one could have predicted what happened to him as a reasonable risk, but - even in the absence of his tragedy - that was arrogant planning.

    You can’t have all 3 of these coaches learning to coach, all at the same time, while tasked with coaching in real time. While a new offense is getting installed. By a first time OC. With a rookie QB. With no experienced, veteran QB on the roster. And the just-hired, first-time HC’s background is on the other side of the ball.

    It was arrogance — that everyone else who doesn’t do the same was just foolishly employing some old fogey of the “the game has passed him by” variety.

    And if it was a product of “other experienced coaches turned Saleh down” then a start-able veteran QB had to be in place from one, a month before the draft, if they were even thinking about trading Darnold (as they were), and/or drafting a QB in round 1 is off the table.

    And it really looks like the position coaches have improved as much as Zach has. 


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  15. 7 hours ago, Hex said:

    Not every player is going to play a lot in their rookie year. The Jets have seen a lot of that because 1) they have sucked so much in the past the rookies are really all they have had and 2) JD slammed this draft out of the park in many areas, and so a lot of these rookies were able to play a lot immediately.

    Furthermore, Conklin, Uzomah and Yeboah haven't had too bad injury luck, and none have played bad enough to lose their spots, so he's no. 4 on the depth chart for TEs. On most teams the No. 4 player in a position like TE won't get too much playing time. The hope is that in the next year or two he will be good enough to move up the depth chart.

    Ok, so basically you are saying he is bad because none of the guys you mentioned that are ahead of him are no better than Jags

     Jags are an upgrade over guys like Westco at least.

  16. 7 hours ago, Dunnie said:

    7 games ... 0 catches .. 1 tgt
    Houston .. do we have a problem ?
    So far the best thing about this kid is his dad.
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    I can see him having so little production if we had Kittle or Waller on this team but CJ and Tyler didn't  really look like guys that would keep a promising young player on the bench

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