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  1. We don't need Chicago's bust. Apparently we are very capable of drafting our own.
  2. It's a cause and a common one. Of course there are more than one way to injure something.
  3. I didn't see anyone critique Becton in this thread. It's actually not really about Becton and more about how the Jets react to players that show clear signs of injury during practice.
  4. I don't think you do exploratory surgery unless it is to save a limb, but I just looked at the video again. At one point, Becton is limping after a drill and he stops, drops his helmet on the ground, puts his hands on his hips and bends over. He was clearly not right at that point.
  5. I'm sure that plays into it where the team just shuts a player down but what I think is when a player is showing signs of an injury, does the trainer even talk to the player or check him out? It doesn't seem that way.
  6. I think I read somewhere, no team has had the amount of injured players as the Jets the last few years. It started I think when Gase showed up and has continued with JD and Saleh. By the last 3 games of 2021, this team looked like they had been dragged behind a truck. Now look at what happened with Becton. This guy wasn't walking around with a hitch in his step, we all saw the video. He was limping badly. He was trying to walk it off but even before the injury, his knee was not right and the trainers just took no notice. Now I know in this kind of job, you have to learn to play through pain but we are talking about a guy that missed an entire season because of the knee that was giving him trouble yesterday. This should have at least been a red flag to sit him down. So now I am thinking. Could this be why this team has had the enormous amount of injuries. If this is how they treated Becton in a practice where he is clearly hurt and its the same knee that kept him out all this time, is it so far fetched that this also happened to other players throughout the season?
  7. The "Fitting" comment was not needed to describe the days events, unless of course you hate the team and hope they fail. I mean I expect this stuff from my brother who is a Giants fan, not a beat reporter.
  8. It's pretty much what you should expect them to say. He is still going to be a Jet next season. Not so sure past that.
  9. Is the narrative to off the cuff derogatory comments?
  10. What is a witch made of? Wood So what do you do with a witch? Build a bridge out of her
  11. Easier said than done. Who is going to trade for a player that can't make it through camp.
  12. The Becton injury has really pulled me back into reality. I thought this season was going to be a step in the right direction. So what says you.
  13. Btw, could you have found a more creepy GIF?
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