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  1. 1 hour ago, Lith said:

    You are off by a year.  White's senior year was 2017.  He was in the 2018 draft. 

    I think the more important piece than strength of schedule is strength of your team relative to the schedule.  BYU was ranked 11th in Zach's senior season.  11-1.  Going up against a 75th ranked schedule means they likley had a mismatch most weeks.  This translated to Zach having clean pockets and open receivers which does not prepare you for the messy pockets and tight windows of the NFL.  White may have played a weak schedule, but at Western Kentucky, he likely did not have the same mismatches that Wilson had at BYU.

    Very good point. I think JD bleeding it more now since you pointed that out with the mismatches

  2. 5 minutes ago, usanyj said:

    I think this team is too far along in progression to select another rookie qb... If it ain't Zach or Mike White, then next year it will likely be a vet that gives the jets the best chance to take a next step, likely a Jimmy G or Derek Carr...They could select a late round player to develop, but no way can you role with an inexperienced rookie.

    We are ahead of schedule, who knows what this year ends up bringing, but next year is championship aspirations time.

    I don't  think we go the QB route unless someone the Jets like falls to them. What I think happens is that QB won't  start. Mike White is going to be the starter next season. I'm pretty confident he will get the remaining season and will preform good enough to keep Zach on the bench. I do thinknthere will be a QB prospect available late regardless. This is a deep QB draft. 

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  3. Wilson and White both come from small football programs so I was curious to see what Western Kentucky  strength of schedule was in 2018, the year White was drafted in the 5th by Dallas. It was 75. I am pretty sure BYU had the 67th most difficult schedule in Wilson's last season at BYU. 

    When Zach was drafted, I was not on board mostly because he played such a weak schedule but it seems Mike White has been able to put together the pieces of his skill set that Zach just can't find. The thing is, Mike White was not a high first round pick but he kind of plays like one at times. I think it is things like this that make selecting a QB such a crap shoot. Obviously the level of competition  Zach faced was a factor in his success that one year at BYU and probably inflated his numbers where Mike White who doesn't  have the arm talent still had enough of a resume to get selected in the middle of the draft. 

    The Jets most likely will be selecting another QB. Story's like Mike White playing in a SB are far and few. I just hope JD is looking at this stuff when trying to figure out who to take. 

    If anyone is interested 2018 college strength  of schedule 


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  4. 11 hours ago, Lupz27 said:

    The real discussion for the week.

    We will find out how good this kid really is.

    He isn't  going to stop Jefferson and I doubt Reed does either.  Jefferson is like Jordan right now. You know he is going to score.  You want to limit or stop everyone else.  

  5. 9 hours ago, the Claw said:

    I think I’m more worried about the defense this game than I am about the offense. Since they ironed out the communications earlier in the season they have been really good. They are, however, due for a stinker. Jefferson, Thielen, and Cook are serious players. I think the Jets win a close one, but we have to assume the Vikings will move the ball relatively well. I don’t think Sauce can shut down Jefferson, but if they can limit him, they have a real chance to win. The lbs and safeties have GOT to get their tackling in order or Cook will absolutely make them pay.

    Thielen has been nearly invisible. He is like the 3rd option at this point. Jefferson is going to be difficult for whoever covers him and Cousins has been very good at getting the ball to him. They will wear him out with targets. He is going to get his. We just have to stop everyone else. 

  6. 18 hours ago, Flashlite80 said:

    The D-line will hound Cousin's the way Micah Parson's did.  The question is can anyone stop Jefferson?

    Just the next test for the defense.  If the offense can score 20, we could get this one.

    We should be able to pass on them. I think the Pats had a pretty good game throwing thebball last week. 

  7. 10 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

    In Saleh’s presser today he was asked about playing Zonovan over Robinson.  His response focused on Knight being a better north/south runner and Robinson needing to take what yards were there instead of looking for the ‘home run’.  Interestingly, it’s similar to the criticism levied on Wilson, compared to White.  

    Finally I couldn’t help but observe that it’s only the offense that seems to have all these issues.  QB, RB and WR have all had some form of drama, but nothing on the defense.  Is that merely a coincidence?

    The D had the drama early on. Q yelling ar a coach, communication issues in the secondary.  They fixed it. 

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  8. 6 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    Chris Simms’ is hurting just as much as Zach Wilson. They were trying to get him off the podcast during the Jets segment. But he stayed and said he would be unbiased. He’s going to die on that hill. Essentially said the fans/media caused the team to make the switch. Now the players are happy which makes it tough to sit Mike White.

    Maybe the fans and players are happy because we all can see that Zach Wilson sucks and sticking with him is asinine. 

    I am sure Saleh polled all the fans and media before benching Zach. 

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  9. 40 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Why? What is your take based on? His draft position?

    On what he has done to this point. On his athletic ability. White has a chance to change my mind in the next two weeks. If anything, I am not going to deny what I see, but last time he played the Bills, he was a disaster. If he plays well, I will be all for keeping him at QB. 

  10. 9 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

    To this point, I think a lot of teams just aren’t that good.  They don’t have defenses or run games to support lackluster QB play for extended periods of time, and so instead of improving the other aspects of the team, they just foolishly plunge themselves into a futile game of musical QBs, rarely improving things for the new QB in town.  i.e. Indy, Den, Car, Hou, Was (in recent years)

    Washington  seems to have solved its QB issue for the short term at least

  11. 44 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Guys like you are why this thread was made.

    So what is this assumption based off that he is not good enough? 

    Look, you are reading too much into this dismantling of a bad Chicago team that has traded away its best players, opening up cap space, and was pretty banged up that was also missing its  starting QB. If White puts up 350 and 3 TDs with no picks on the Vikes and Bills, I will most likely change my tune but am going by past history. What I do know he is right now is a hold the fort player. That isn't  a rip, but as constructed right now, this team only goes so far with him. I didn't  buy into the Zach hype and I'm not buying into the White hype either.  

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  12. 46 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Mike White has played in 4 games. 2 of them elite, 1 started well before injury then a stinker against the best defense in the NFL at the time. 

    Why is there this assumption by some fans that "White is not the long term answer" He is 27, respected by the team and can manage the team well. He seems capable of making throws into tight windows and avoiding bad mistakes. Is he Pat Mahomes? No, but who is? We scream that rookie QBS needs 2 years to know what you have but we know with Mike White in 4 games? Why? Why can't Mike White get a 20 game evaluation? Because he played for Western Kentucy? They arguablly played tougher games then the 2020 BYU crew. 

    I don't get the blatant Mike White disrescpt from the media or fans. Let the kid PROVE he is the long term answer. 

    Look, I love what Mike White is doing but I don't  see him hoisting  the Lombardi Trophy over his head any time soon. What Mike White is is a bridge to our next QB. We can play with this guy as a starter for another year, maybe 2. He will be even better once Breece is back. He puts us in a great position not to rush the next guy in. 

  13. 7 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

    Of course he's still in the pissed off/why me phase. He feels he should be playing. As he should be. He's a competitor. 

    Just think this screenshot of a moment where he doesn't have a tablet in his hand is complete BS. But it's pile on season. Everything he does is bad right now.

    No, I think he needs more time to work things out. This all happened Tuesday night. It isn't  even a full week. But to say this guy is invested in the team right now is also BS. He probably  hates the team right now. He probably thinks he doesn't  deserve this and wants to show he can be better but he also knows that is less and less likely to happen as long as the team keeps winning and that looks pretty likely right now. 

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  14. 14 minutes ago, sourceworx said:

    I don't know if I agree with this. It's Humble Time for Zach. For a kid like him that's grown up more privileged than many, it's probably a huge shock.

    Hopefully he will grow from this experience and work his ass off to improve his game. He has the physical talent to be a great QB, but he's messed up mentally right now.

    What I am saying is he hasn't  grasped  it yet. He is still in the why me phase. 

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  15. 33 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

    What about the times he was smiling and engaged with the other QBs/players? 
    Is he really just dying inside?!?!?

    Dude, I have been in his position on my high-school basketball team. I didn't  do what he did but I made a really bad decision during a game that cost my team a win and the coach told me I am indefinitely  benched and I am going to sit at the end of the bench in street clothes,  not even warm-ups for every game until he decides to activate me. You want to know why I was smiling like Zach, my teammates. I was dead inside watching a guy play my position. My teammates  made me smile and I would bet that was what was happening with Zach. 

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