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  1. What I am describing is the progress ( or lack of it) I see. That is pretty much it. Can Zach be a good QB. Don't really know but he didn't do anything to convince me he is against the Eagles
  2. Lol, Ok, I am in the middle. I'm not walking around like you saying everything is fine and I'm not doing the chicken little thing you just typed. That is what is wrong with all of you sunshine boys. Joe W Namath is a perfect example of this. He goes from we are winning it all to the depths of Hell in a blink of an eye yesterday. O am describing what I saw. You see bad and think it doesn't matter. I don't agree with that. Let's leave it at this.
  3. The MRI they did on Wilson will be conclusive as far as the ACL and MCL are concerned. They miss things when it's something they aren't looking for in particular. Also the MRI they used on Zach is probably very accurate, much more than one's that are commonly found in hospitals we go to. It's pretty rare that if they are looking for damage to a particular part of the body, that they miss it. Those kind of things happen when they don't know what they are looking for.
  4. The next game will be in the regular season. If he goes 5 for 5 and sits, it will mean he got hurt again and therefore will be proclaimed a busted pick by everyone. These were his forst throws all year under adversity. No red vest and he had the yips. He certainly wasn't an example of calm back there. That is what most of us are troubled by. There is no excuse for locking on receivers multiple times and making dumb ass decisions running the ball. He is supposed to be past that. These are rookie mistakes.
  5. I think the Brady analogy was about the worst example you could have used. Brady established a body of work proceeding that. On the other hand, Zach's body of work includes finishing last or near last in every statistical category that matters for a QB. He did finish close to top of one category though. Highest percentage of off target throws.
  6. This is great news but @Joe W. Namath is not allowed to post in this thread.
  7. I am perfectly fine with Flacco or whoever starting this season. I figured we woukd run a lot anyway so Zach handing off or Flacco really makes little difference. What sucks is we probably have another top 10 pick next draft and should probably take a LT ot QB but won't because the team will still be patient with Becton and Wilson.
  8. Do you realize Mike White still looks like he has a better feel for the game than Zach. I didn't see White locking onto receivers or making stupid decisions. Zach is by far the more gifted of the two physically but White looks like he has control of what is going on around him. In that short sample, I saw nothing that gave me confidence. Even the completion to Moore, he locked onto him. That play was 100% Moore who made a great cut to free himself.
  9. I'm going to talk about what I saw from Zach which was the whole point of me watching this game. I saw little or no improvement over last season. On the pick he locked on the reciever and telegraphed the play. He was doing this all last season. And on the run. No slide and no going out of bounds says I am still making bad decisions and playing hero ball. Now we might have to wait another season to see him play. As for the rest of the team, the OL looked horrible again so it was hard to to judge the other players but Hall looked like he has some wiggle and G Wilson looks like a smooth route runner. Nice GL play by Ruckkert. Not much else to say.
  10. This is like watching the SB. Commercials are the best part.
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