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  1. Donald 100% Mahomes plays on an insanely talented O with an offensive genius for a HC. Donald plays on a slightly above average O and leads the NFL in sacks from the DT position.
  2. If he brings a pro style O with him, I'd be fine with it. We saw with Spurrier college O doesn't work in NFL.
  3. Jordy has been respectable the last few games. Sutton would be my other play
  4. I think if you put Lee and Williams on the NE, Balt. or Seattle, they both look much better. These teams don't have great D's by accident. Well, NE isnt a great D but not a lot of talent there eother and they are respectable
  5. Did anyone catch that they reviewed if a PI happened before a tipped ball duri g the Chiefs Hawks game? Is that a thing now?
  6. There must have been a memo that went out to all the refs because the bad PI calls were league wide
  7. Yesterdays game got me thinking. Bowles is supposed to be a defensive coach yet we made Jamaal Williams look like the second coming of Jerome Bettis. Obviously we have more talent than what showed up yesterday. I know there are some on the D that need to be released (Skrine, Johnson, Jenkins, maybe Copeland) but I wouldn't give up on Lee, Williams, and Claiborne just yet, i think they are just so poorly coached they look this bad.
  8. Dude, the Saints have one of the top run stipping D's in the league and they have Cameron Jordan who is a monster. Chiefs have really good young players like Jones. Rams have a good D. Not great but it keeps them in games. Agree with the OP. Qe need corners. Skrine put on a clinic yesterday for everything you don't want in a corner. I'd keep Claiborne until qe have someone better but Johnson we can release. He was horrible.
  9. Have you ever seen an interview where Belichick is asked about teams he has coached? He talks about the Giants, The Browns and the there was another team and then the Pats. He can't even say The Jets, but he's going to be the HC.
  10. Then the training wheels are still on because they are not putting the game in his hands to win
  11. Really, then why did they not pass the ball in the final 3 minutes. The game was not out of reach. We needed to score.
  12. Im upset because we need to win games where Same throws 3 TDs and over 300 yards. . That should be a win. Sam needs to win games. I could care less about the 3rd overal pick.
  13. I think Rosen is going to be a very good QB. I thank oir lucky stars we have Sam but i think Rosen would be ok, just not as fast an up tick
  14. With a little more than 3 minutes left and the Jets clinging to a 3 point lead, Bowles or the OC called 2 run plays to burn clock but GB called there last two TO. A first down would have gotten the Jets to the 2 minute warning with possession. This was the game they should have said Sam, go win the game. They should have passed. GB had no answer for Darnold all game. I truely believe had they put the game on Sam's arm, he answers the bell and we win. I can't wait until the whole coaching staff is shown the door. I am tired of seeing gutless football. We have been watching this dating back to Edwards. Turn Darnold loose.
  15. For all of you who are happy Sam played well in a loss, this is damaging our QB. He needs to develop a winners mentality. Do you have any idea what winning a game like this would have done for his confidence. Right now he is sitting at his locker thinking WTF do i need to do to win in this league. I really hope we light up the Pats the same as we did GB. This was a better defense than what Sam will see against the Pats. Oh yeah, Todd Bowles sucks. With 3 minutes left instead of trying to get a first down he had GB burn all there TO and tjen inexplicably Darnold fired the ball into the ground stopping the clock. He woukd have been better off taking a knee and run the clock down more. I don't know who was responsible but i bet someone told Sam to throw the ball away if the screen oass was covered. Just horrible
  16. Screw the draft position. This was a no respect win. The last PI on Skrine was BS
  17. Stop with the rooting for draft position mentality. We don't need to get a high pick. I'd rather Sam wins and sends us out of the top 10.
  18. The only guy I like on the list is Adam Humphries. He is doing well in the #1 role. The rest are meh
  19. I don't know. Thought it was refreshing to hear sone new names.
  20. If I'm talking to my Grandkids about Todd Bowles, I hope they wipe the drool off my face and have eased up on my thorazine that day because i surely have gone nuts.
  21. Found this on You Tube. Some names that haven't been discussed here.
  22. I think with a better coach and better defensive scheme, Williams could be a monster. I know lately people have complained about him taking plays off but I have seen him push 320 lb OL 4 or 5 steps backwards. He needs a coach that is going to push his buttons.
  23. For what? You already made up your mind. If I want to talk to a wall I'll have a conversation with my youngest daughter.
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