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  1. 2 hours ago, CTJetsFan said:

    Thinking back to Gase's introductory press conference.

    If Gase could talk to the media the way this guy is, I think he'd be viewed differently by the fans. Obviously, results on the field mean the most.


    Gase is being viewed by the results,  not the way he speaks

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  2. 5 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    And next year you dont know who we will play. You can say the schedule will get harder, but thats assuming every other team stays put. Guess what? Not the case.

    No matter what the schedule is you cant say that this years “winners” are guaranteed to be next years winners as well. The league is fluid. Look at the pats, next year they will, or lets just say could, be a worse team. We get to play them twice. 

    If we play the ravens maybe LJ is injured

    the bills we play twice. They have improved, but so have we. Maybe they regress and we beat them twice


    you cant assume a schedule will be hard because were playing next years versions, not this years versions


    I don't  see how any of that makes it OK to lose to teams we all know were bad teams this season or blow 16 point leads in the second  half of games to good teams. We know last aeason the Fin, Bengals, Browns, were bad teams. We k kw we had a large enough lead on the Bills to win the game. Next uears schedule doesn't  change any of that. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    If you want to hire a head coach you should trust them to hire their coordinators. That's how almost every head coaching hire works in the NFL. Do you really think the Johnson brothers are qualified to tell an NFL head coach who the rest of his staff should be?

    Not the whole staff but they were right in this instance. There is a plethora of issues you can rag on CJ about but insisting  Williams is your DC is not one of them. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    Dude not arguing with u over needs but you are wayyyyyyy too negative.

    as it stands now we won 7 games. 2 more makes 9 and thats wildcard material. We will improve, no doubt so calm down

    With the schedule we had, we should have won 10 or 11. Bills, Fins, Cincy should all have beem wins. We probably should have beaten the Browns as well.that isn't  improved,  that is SOJ. 

  5. On 1/7/2020 at 4:53 PM, Barry McCockinner said:

    Yea who would want a superbowl winning head coach with a .618 regular season win percentage, 10 playoff wins and developing Aaron Rodgers on their resume? Also, our bumbling idiot of an owner wanted to hire Rhule last year but made a ridiculous demand on him that no coach worth a sh*t would ever accept and so he missed out on him. As if Chris Johnson knows the first thing about what coordinator Rhule should use. jfc

    And McCarthy wanted to coach here fcol.


    Do you really think telling Rhule Greg Williams is going to be tour DC and not your buddy from the college ranks was such a bad thing?

  6. On 1/7/2020 at 1:56 PM, jetswinbaby! said:

    I'll admit it...

    I'm feeling a little bit jealous right now...

    All the other kids are opening up brand new, shiny Christmas toys (Rivera, Rhule, McCarthy, Judge, etc), and we get to play with last year's beat-up yo-yo...

    All these new HC's, all the unknown upsides, all the sky-high dreams...

    And we have Gase.., have we already seen his ceiling? Is he, and will he forever be,  just a mediocre HC?

    Is 6 and 2 against an easy schedule, after a brutal 1 and 7 start, all we have to hang our hats on with this guy?

    Feeling green, and not Jet green, but with envy...

    Are we at the point now that we just don't  know what to complain about so i am now going to complain about other teams who have been such fails that they needed to change the HC and we wish we were them?

    seriously GIF by Mike Shinoda

  7. 50 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

    Damn that’s a lot of visitors 

    Always is. They need to move to Queens if they want the home town fans to come out. Getting back and forth to that stadium for Queens or LI is a trek. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, pdxgreen said:

    Douglas made some great pickups on the waiver wire and in promoting from the practice squad some key rookie FAs.  I dont know why the hell somebody hasn't written an article about it.  

    I'd be really interested to know who the key additions JD made because I can't seem to think of any

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Sam is far better than Geno.  That doesn't mean his decision-making isn't anything short of questionable.  

    I never said Watson had a worse or equal compared to Sam's.  Only that his line has been bad for a while but that didn't stop him from a ton of success in this league, including a recent playoff comeback win against an elite defense.

    You and I have different opinions on what is a bad OL. Cin has a bad line, The Cards have a bad line, what Houston had was not what it is now but not bad. 

  10. 56 minutes ago, BrickzNY said:

    So does every other QB. These guys are pros for a reason. If everything is perfect, they can play. The QBs that can still play and make the playoffs when things aren’t perfect are the true great ones. That’s all I’m saying. 

    I guess we are forgetting the 5 or 6 guys that came thorough here.  

    And Sam throws under duress a large percentage of the time. I don't  think any successful  QB in the league would be able to operate  at a high efficiency under the same conditions. 

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  11. 41 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Of course we can.  Just watch them play.  Sam makes far more bad decisions than any of the QB's I've been talking about.  Hence why all available metrics suggest he's not good.  Improve his personnel and give him more time to throw, and he'll be about an average QB in this league but probably not elite.  He hasn't flashed enough to suggest elite on the level of Mahomes or even Watson. 

    Watson had a bad OL too up until midway through this season, you'll recall.  He still won a ton of games with bad OL's.

    Sam makes the majority  of the bad decisions when he is under duress which is well over 50% of his throws.  I have seen Mahones make stupid throws when he is being chased our the pocket as well and Sam does not make bad throws when he has time. You make the guy sound like the secind coming of Geno.

    And saying Watson had a bad line compared to what Sam when through with this one is about as redic  as it gets. 


  12. 4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I'm being very fair to Sam, who I like.  Franchise QB's need to uplift the team around him.  I wasn't expecting playoffs this year.  But I was expecting improvement.  On that front, we saw a little bit of improvement in a tough situation. 

    But you can't possibly watch Sam play, and all the dumb decisions he made independent of the talent around him, without being a LITTLE wistful that we didn't end up with Mister 50 TD Pat Mahomes or an absolute gamer in Deshaun Watson who Dabo once compared to Michael Jordan.  

    You simply ignore everything else I wrote and just respond to the one line you can make an argument about. If you want to respond to the whole post, I'll be happy to talk about this. You can't  argue only with the parts you want. 

    The truth is that the talent on the Jets is so far below anything on the other teams, you can't  make a comparison.  

    When Sam has time to setup, look around and throw with his feet set, he make as good a pass as any QB. 


  13. 11 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I'll stop you right there.  Either a QB can play or he can't.  None of these teams would be in the Divisional Round of the postseason if these QB's were incapable of winning in any system and regardless of the personnel around them.

    Wilson has a Super Bowl in his pocket and has been an elite QB for basically his entire career.  Mahomes has a 50-TD season and a 76/18 TD:INT ratio for his career.  Watson has single-handedly saved Bill O'Brien's job year after year.  Lamar Jackson is a phenom and not just a running QB.  Belichick was heavily resistant to trading Garoppolo for a reason; he'd be the heir apparent to Brady right now if not for Kraft.  

    Cousins sucks.  He's the only one on the list I'm fine with "missing out" on.  The rest would all be top 10 or above average QB's here.  

    I don't  think you are being fair to Sam. I don't  think you would say Brady is an untalented QB but we just saw what happens when he doesn't  have any WR's or Gronk to throw to. Yes, they made the playoffs and had a 12 win season with 5 layups they got playing in the AFCE (amazing they actually lost to the Fins of all teams). Sam is on a team devoid of an OL, #1 WR, A running game, and a D that has been put together with bandages (to their credit, they were respectable). None of the QB you mentioned play under these conditions.  I haven't  even mentioned Gase's play calling. It's  actually quite the opposite.  Wilson for most of his career had good WR's, and Lynch as well as the Legion of Boom, Watson plays with Nuke, Fuller, and just added Stills. I don't  even need to mention what Mahomes has and all of them play behind outstanding OL. 

    If you want to outright dismiss all this, that is your prerogative but Sam had looked average on a far below average team. When San has time to set his feet and look over the field, 90% of the time he makes a good throw, sometimes  unbelievable throws. He needs more opportunities  to do that. 

  14. 12 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    2012:  Terry Bradway reportedly pounded the table for Russell Wilson in the 2nd round.  Tannebaum took Stephen Hill instead.

    2014:  Mistakenly trying to build around Geno Smith, John Idzik took bust TE Jace Amaro in the 2nd round with Jimmy Garoppolo still on the board.  JN Draftniks like @HessStation were calling for Jimmy G in that spot.  

    2017:  The QB-needy Jets passed on both Deshaun Watson and Pat Mahomes, opting instead to take Jamal Adams and roll with Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty.  @dbatesman was one of the more vocal JN posters calling for the Jets to take Watson at 6.

    2018:  Macc offered more money than any other team for Kirk Cousins' services.  The Jets' roster was so bad that Cousins took less coin to join the Vikings, much to the chagrin of @Warfish.  The Jets seemed to dodge a bullet, trading three 2nd rounders to eventually take Darnold.  However, the best QB in the draft, at least to this point, has clearly been Lamar Jackson.  

    Can so.eone make sure JD consults this board before he makes any draft decisions? 

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