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  1. 7 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    I think we've seen the Jets both at their best (Week 1, Week 5, the 1st Half in Cleveland, 2nd Half vs. Miami) and at their worst (2nd Half vs. Cleveland, Week 4 vs. Jacksonville, etc.).

    The question is....Will the real Jets please stand up?

    Who or what is this team?  Is it the conservative team that limits the playbook for its rookie QB and commits penalty after penalty, or is it the balanced offense that has now shown big play ability and has a defense finally generating some organic passrush without bringing the house?

    I just want some consistency.  This is a potentially winnable division, even with New England getting Edelman back and sporting an excellent rookie RB in Sony Michel.  The Patriots are very good but nowhere near invincible as in years past.  Despite a loss vs. Miami a couple weeks ago I'll be disappointed if the Jets can't find a way to finish at least 2nd in the division.

    An interesting stat.....the Jets lead the AFC East in Points Against and are 2nd in Points For

    Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.36.46 AM.png


    Welcome. to life with a rookie QB

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  2. First off, Luck is not an elite QB. He is a solid QB in the same way Alex Smith or Andy Dalton is but nobody is confusing him with Rogers or Brees.

    This is the formula that I think wins the game for the Jets. Posses the ball for long drives on O and score more than 20. If we do this we keep our defense fresh which surprisingly  has been pretty good this season at sacking the QB. If we do a bunch of 3 and outs, that is what will kill us so I hope we start the game pounding the rock and throwing the occasional deep ball to keep the defense honest. If we can do this, we should have no problem beating the Colts. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

    Nope. Never heard it. Not in 40+ years of watching Football. 




    I dont care if it was 7 on 7 preseason practice time. 377 yards to Keenum is a problem to clean up.  

    Ok, you may know the phrase garbage time, but you obviously don't know football


  4. 6 minutes ago, HelenOfTroy said:

    Guess I have to see stats to form an opinion on this site, since that is what seems to drive the narrative from the "realists"......too bad football is a game of passion,  intangibles and the ability to play as a team.

    Was Geno the guy who was punched by his own teammate?  Those tricky intangibles.

    Yeah,  he was. As long as Sam doesn't  get his jaw broken by a crappy LB or run into his OL rear end and fumble,  Sam should do ok.

  5. 21 minutes ago, jgb said:

    I never bet for or against jets — when you finally become so disgusted that you bet against they will out a win. When you feeloptimistic and bet on them, they drop a massive turd.

    this goes for fantasy also. Yes I dropped Crowell in several league this week, obviously 

    I put him on my bench in favor of Telvin Coleman. Yuck 

  6. On 10/3/2018 at 10:37 AM, RoadFan said:

    That's not true.   Vegas wants an even amount of money on the VAST MAJORITY  of sporting events so they can take their 10% rake or whatever it is and be happy.

    But when there are games that they believe the public will go the wrong way, they take advantage.  The bookmakers are better at this than the public for good reason, and they use every edge they can.  Vegas wants an extra 10-15% of the action on Denver this week.  Maybe more...

    A good friend of mine works for a sports book (legal one) and I asked him about this and he said "We are in business to make money, not gamble. Sometimes we end up gambling but if we have a choice where we make money on the vig and don't lose any of that paying off bets, we will do that every time". 

  7. We just manhandled the Denver Broncos after losing 3 straight.  Our RB broke a team record by rushing for over 200 yards, our rookie QB threw bombs for TD's, and who is on the back cover? OBJ who had another temper tantrum. 

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  8. 6 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    We got Crowell as a FA.  The Giants drafted a RB with the 2nd overall pick in the draft.  I still can't understand how/why they did that (and I know how great a RB Barkley is).

    I totally get why they drafted Barkley. The guy is going to be the best in the league as soon as the Giants get an OL

  9. 1 hour ago, GREENBEAN said:

    Getting Anderson for a 7th was a masterful move by Macc. The guy is a delight to watch... Macc I mean. 

    Does this mean we can cancel the billboards?

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Creepy Lurker said:

    This is why a quality coach won’t want to come here if Mac is still GM. He is horrible and on borrowed time. What coach wants to be in a short term situation like that? Start fresh and people already see that we can be patient with the worst coach/gm combo in the league. Job security is important. 

    If Mac keeps his job will mostly depend on Sam's development  and from everything I have seen this year so far, he looks like he is going to be a good QB for a very long time. He just needs skill players around him

  11. 1 hour ago, TNJet said:

    Is Todd Bowles gone? Thats 4 losses in a row with a team that has talent. More than we get credit for anyway. I guess if we lose Todd gets the free pass because Kacy wasn't with the team? Or does he look even worse knowing he called the defense that gave up 4 scores from the Broncos? I'm almost to the point hoping we lose just to get the coaching change done. Thats how much i love these Jets. 😔

    Did everyone expect a team without a # 1 Wr, possibly a #2 as well, a RB from a team that went 0-16 last season, no TE, and a bad OL to be good this season?

    We will most likely lose on Sunday. Denver is a better team. I can think of multiple reasons to fire Bowels but losing to Denver is not one of them. 

  12. 1 hour ago, varjet said:

    This sounds like the second coming of Percy Harvin.

    The threat of this is why the Johnsons should require sign off were Mac to do something like this.  

    The Jets need to see what they have in the players on their roster and Practice Squad.   They should not rent a player for a year who could potential result in them picking lower in the draft. That is basically what ASJ was last year.  

    The priority now is to develop the players we have and try to get new players years 1-5 out.  All Dez does is increase the likelihood that Bowles keeps his job, which is not what we want.

    Dude, we don't need ultra high draft picks anymore, we have a QB now. You can find good pass rushers outside the top 5. DeMarcus Lawrence was picked 34, Chandler Jones was 21, Cameron Wake was an unsigned FA. 

  13. 6 hours ago, varjet said:

    Mac has been a terrible drafter.  He has built a terrible roster.  But I do think there may be some hope that he is the type of guy who is bad at the lower level stuff but good at senior management.   He is pretty good at trades and contracts.  Make him a weak President, make Heimerdinger GM and build up the scouting staff.  Make it clear that Mac is not really Heimerdingers boss.  I think that could work and maintain continuity.  

    But Bowles is hopeless.  

    Actually I think Mac has probably cut more players than he brought in which is something I like about him. He moves on from mistakes

  14. 18 minutes ago, kelly said:

    The Jets need to lock down Quincy Enunwa before he hits free agency              https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/10/04/the-jets-need-to-lock-down-quincy-enunwa-before-he-hits-free-agency/ via @thejetswire 

    This is the biggest problem with the Jets. The talent is so freaking low on this team that when we have someone who just doesn't suck at his position, we think we need to run and sign him to a deal right away. 

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  15. 23 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

    So are you going to cut Anderson for fumbling twice?  Dez is a shadow of what he was in his prime.  Who is he better than at this stage of his career?  Peake?  You are going to have to pay the guy and probably pay a babysitter too like the Cowboys did.  It would be the worst thing imaginable for a young QB.

    And whoever he would replace (which won't be Kearse, Pryor or Enunwa, would be a special teams contributor so you are probably hurting the team that way, as well.

    As far as Anderson, it's just not the fumble, it's the way he is playing in general. Look at the drag routes they have him running compared to Tyreek Hill. Anderson runs out of bounds on everyone of them, Hill turns them up field.  When have you ever seen Anderson extend for pass? If it's not thrown on a dime, he doesn't  catch it. Sure he can fight for a ball but he just seems to not make the extra effort to try to catch a pass that isn't  perfectly placed. At this point I'd have no issue with him not playing for us. 

    Agree Dez is a not what he was but we have a bunch of older never was types. Wonder what Jeremy Kerley is doing these days. That's  how bad it is. Even a scrub like Kerley is an upgrade

  16. 53 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    Yes, it would be an upgrade but there are lots of ways to upgrade the team but adding a malcontent with a big personality is not the way to do it.  Besides, there are lots of teams who will be in the playoff hunt that could benefit from a player like Dez and they still don't seem interested.  Why didn't the Patriots sign him after their revolving door of WRs the past few months?  (They signed former Jet Chad Hansen for evaluation rather than go after Dez).

    Bottom line - The Jets are a rebuilding team whose best hope is to sniff close to .500 by the end of the year.  We're trying to build for the longterm and 1-2 years of Dez does little to support that.  The Jets spent the past couple seasons getting rid of distractions like Wilkerson and Richardson.  We don't need another distraction right now.  Dez shouldn't want to be here and we shouldn't want him.

    Ok, if he is a distraction malcontent cancer type, then I agree

     Was not aware of it. Haven't  read that he was a locker room problem

     Other than that, he seems like the best FA option and we really need to get Sam someone to throw to besides Q

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