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  1. I want to thank whoever bumped this. The argument between Jets Nutand JGB was hilarious in hindsight
  2. It isn't often I agree with Joe but he is right here. The Jets are on the hook for his 4th year. It makes no sense to release him, medical or otherwise, if he can play next season. I have to admit I am doubtful that he will after what just happened but he will be a Jet next season barring a trade which is highly doubtful.
  3. I don't see how they don't play Fant at RT. Brown has never played there and Fant has. Even though Fant was not great there, it's probably better than Brown learning a new position at this stage of his career
  4. Was probably a condition for him to sign. Wonder how much he is being paid.
  5. What I heard was it was a matter of the cartilage under the knee cap that tore away probably on Friday when he started to experience soreness which allowed the knee cap to slip. Nobody really knows for sure but it sounds plausible. I just think we aren't dealing with a fracture now had this been handled earlier.
  6. Here is the point. Becton was not on the ground unable to stand earlier in practice. Had they caught it this before then, he doesn't have a fractured knee cap and maybe all he needs is more rehab. One of the diagnoses I heard was the knee cap had already slipped before this happened. Popping it back probably didn't need surgery like the fracture. Not a Dr but that's what I think Yes, he should know if he should come out but thanks to social media, Becton had something to prove to all those social media peeps that call him soft. Not saying it was smart but I am sure this factored in. 3 doesn't need to be addressed. Not even sure why bring it up.
  7. I head Cowert say Mac Jones was having a bad camp.
  8. I remember Bruce Coslet making this dame statement about letting good players go.
  9. So my girlfriend who has been seeing an orthopedic surgeon due to the two torn ligaments she had in her ankle that she needed surgery for had an appointment yesterday and since she can't drive, I'm at these appointments with her and go into the examination room with her. At the end of the appointment I asked if he had heard about Becton which he said of course I have. I asked him if he had an opinion and he said it is going to take a good 4 to six months to recover from the chip fracture and for it to fully heal but he should be able to continue to play with proper monitoring and treatments. It will definitely be somthing he will be dealing with as long as he continues to play but shouldn't stop him with proper care.
  10. Honestly, I see a lot of gloating from those people you talked about at the beginning.
  11. Seeing is believing. I know unless Becton had a complete medical workup, you won't accept that, but I know injured and pain when I see it.
  12. He probably thinks his celebrity status will cover it up.
  13. So if Becton was your son and he was walking around like this during practice before getting the season ending injury, would you tell your son, no big deal, injuries happen, Bones Crack?
  14. After doing some individual drills, Becton had a noticeable limp, tried to walk it off, took off his helmet and dropped it on the ground, and bent over with his hands on his hips. That would normally indicate he had a lot of discomfort.
  15. Buck Showalter seemed to have a good alibi at the time. On a serious note, go look at the video of him doing drills before he was injured and tell me he looked fine.
  16. He's a comic and that was a joke.
  17. This is a very old argument. Most fans feel they are as much part of the team as employees or players. We buy the tickets, merchandise, food, pay for parking, etc.. Without us, they don't have a product to sell. Not really sure how accurate that is since the TV rights are a huge part of the income but when fans speak to other fans, "we" is often used when talking about the team. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  18. Starters will only play a series or 2 so not an indication of a real game anyway
  19. I think he had surgery in Sept actually. Didn't notice the podium incident. That is pretty bad if true.
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