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  1. 18 hours ago, Warfish said:

    Can he?  Yes, it's absolutely possible.

    Will he?  Unfortunately, like Zach Wilson, it's very long odds at this point.

    Better odds than Zach, mind you.  But still unlikely.

    We can just hope for the best if JD retains him, which it seems he will.

    Becton and Zach should not be mentioned in the same sentence. One had maturity issues and a weight problem, the of showed to be a selfish player and just flat out sucks. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Facts said:

    Say the Ravens are willing to trade Lamar for:

    - Sauce

    - 1st round pick

    - 2nd round pick

    Would you do it?

    PS, to those who think that we can just get him in free agency, you’re smoking crack. Baltimore can franchise tag him for two more years and will do so if need be.

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  3. 2 hours ago, rangerous said:

    The thing is, if you want milf with normal personnel then you need to say the same with zwilson. Zwilson got then to 5-2 before white took over and had hall and avt in the line up. I think after zwilson was out milf is the one with the greater influence in how the offense played.

    No, that isn't true. MLF wasn't  dirting passes, MLF wasn't  throwing the ball 5 feet over open receivers, MLF was not attempting to throw a ball out of bounds and ended up throwing a pick instead, MLF did not throw to Moore who was not the #1 option while the #1 option did not have a defender within 10 yards of him. MLF is a problem. If you only scored 6 points against the Fins who have lost like 5 games straight before yesterday, that is a screaming red flag but let's not say we'll if you want to see MLF have a normal team run his offense, we need to do the same for Zach. Zach sucks. We have watched this 💩 show for 22 games. Enough. 

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  4. 32 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Zach bringing the heat 


    Zach reminds me of that guy who gets into a fight at school and then tells his friends to hold him back while he yells I'm going to kill him. I mean where was this fire when MW got benched for Miami and they started Flacco. Not a freaking peep. 

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  5. 32 minutes ago, jamesr said:

    OTs were Ogbuhei and Remmers ... both in-season pick ups off other teams practice squads or street FAs, I forget which. Ogbuhei was maybe OK at best, Remmers was about on a par with McDermott. 

    RG was a mix of LDT (another late season addition after multiple injuries) and Feeney (who is more valuable because of versatility as OG / OC depth than any actual ability at either). I dread to think what would have happened if anyone else had got hurt.

    Interestingly - despite all this, Flacco was not sacked once (though he was hit plenty). If nothing else he was able to get the ball out fast enough to avoid the rush.

    When you think of how many guys have got injured, I suppose this is what you have to expect ... even the OG we drafted year one of JD (I forget his name) had a freak accident in camp and ended up retiring on medical grounds.

    Question I would have is ... do we play a "friendly" enough system that is amenable to chopping and changing or is it the sort of thing where it will only work if you have real continuity? Given our run of injuries you maybe have to look at having a simpler system that is more sustainable when the inevitable turnover occurs. Or do you work on the basis that the injury situation will not reoccur to the level it has done? 

    You have to get players that don't  get injured like this. If Becton gets injured again, it is over for him. MC at least had a better season injury wise than last season. So did Moore. The big problem has been OL and QB. We need to find players that can play a full season. I don't  know how you judge MLF with all this plug and play BS. 

  6. Jimmy G is a season ending injury waiting to happen and I have seen enough of Zach. If the team wants to give him a roster spot to save face, fine, but on this team, he is in an impossible  situation. The first time he comes in and overthrows a receiver, he will be booed relentlessly. Unless Zach plays lights out,  it is almost  cruel to play him. Also, JG is not taking a pay cut to be a Jet. I am sure some team like LV, Carolina,  Texans, or TN will be happy to pay him. There will be competition  for him as well as Carr

     I think Dalton is the guy we end up with. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, rangerous said:

    Imagination? There was some mid season but lately it’s been line plunge, pass, desperation pass. And no tds.  I have no doubt lafleur knows the x’s  and o’s. And probably knows what goes on with shanahan system but remember his job is also about teaching the players and using the players to their greatest advantage. Give some of the failure to the revolving door on the oline and qb issues but they still should’ve scored some tds.

    I'm not saying MLF isn't  an issue, he is, I just don't think we have seen this O operate normally. Look at all the injuries.  I don't  even know who played OT against Miami. Breece Hall goes down so we bring in Robinson who absolutely  sucked. Davis was in and out all season. Fant sucked this year and he was the guy everyone was counting on to replace Becton, and don't get me started on QB.

    I want to see MLF with normal personnel,  not whatever sone team is willing to get rid of midseason.

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  8. This was a year where a lot of things responsible  for winning were lost for the season,  namely Hall and AVT. Fant also came back and stunk, Tomlinson never worked out, Brown played the entire season hurt. In short, the OL was a complete mess. Then we had the defense playing really well allowing us to win low scoring games, played a bunch of teams starting 3rd string QBs. This season imo was a complete mirage. The team wasn't  good. The health of the OL, Hall, and getting the right QB are going to be key for this team winning next season. The pieces are there. Really don't know if Saleh and MLF are the guys,  they also made a bunch of mistakes. 

  9. 31 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    We scored a total of 2 TDs in Mike White’s last 3 starts combined. 

    We haven’t scored any TDs in the last 3 weeks, and amazingly, have only scored 3 total TDs in the last 6 games - wow!!!!!!

    The collapse of our offense has been nothing short of extraordinary. Hard to the keep the OC after this meltdown. 

    4 of the 6 games, 2 by Zach who was benched in favor of Strev whi can't  even throw,  1 by Flacco, and one with MW when he had 5 broken ribs. I know the Dr's cleared him to play so it shouldn't  be an excuse but he was clearly effected by it. This meltdown had a lot more factors than MLF. I'm just saying I want to see him with a normal QB situation, not the garbage we trot out there. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Hex said:

    Not when the playcall is so predictable my neighbor’s cat could guess.

    I bet you Wilson, White or Streveler all score more than 6 ppg with a different coordinator. I mean, Jets can’t even run the ball. That’s deeper than ‘QB sucks’. Sure the offense can get better players but this team was regressing. That’s a tell tale sign of coaching and playcalling woes.

    I’m not saying the QBs are good, just not that bad.

    OMG, they are not that bad. White can't  stay on the field. I don't  care how competent  he looks when healthy, it's only for 2 or 3 games a year. He sucks.

    Wilson has been statically  the worst QB in the NFL for two seasons now. I have never seen a QB look as broken as he did against Jax. And he was benched in favor of a guy that can't  throw a football. And Strev? My God, don't  get me started. I will say he turned out to be better than Wilson. And Flacco is a freaking corpse. 

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