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  1. Someone mentioned this already earlier in the thread but if you watch the throw to Kearse on the final drive again in slow motion, Kearse makes zero effort to adjust and work through the defender to make the catch. The linebacker is literally looking the opposite direction the ball is coming from and Kearse is staring at the ball the whole way but for some reason makes no attempt to go up and get the ball, certainly looked like a play that could be made.
  2. I think you missed the point
  3. Belichick in his presser today was asked about having to prepare for two QBs and said its the same as they do every week. Some would say a slight deviation from what our brilliant coaching staff does... http://blog.masslive.com/patriots/2018/11/bill_belichick_patriots_splitt.html
  4. Whatever the disconnect is, both sides are being extremely penny wise and pound foolish.
  5. Baker and Saquon both signed with offsets in their contracts. I understand it hadn't happened yet before, but this cut the legs out from under Darnold and his camp. It sucks to say but if you're Darnold, if you're going to miss 1 you might as well hold out until Jets cave. No sense in missing any time at all if your mindset is well if they don't budge in a week I'll just sign.
  6. The only timing they're talking about is the signing bonus, most guys receive 100% of that fairly quickly so inflation isn't a big deal at all. The arguments are typically timelines of all of it right now or some now and some 6 months from now.
  7. I can't imagine it's really about when the payments are made, the money is all fully guaranteed. I think it has to be offset language, which both sides need to realize doesn't matter in this instance.
  8. I am as big of a Darnold supporter as it gets, absolutely love the kid but this ultimately will fall on him. With the parameters set forth by the CBA, the contracts are basically 98% done and you either choose to live with offsets or you don't. I think Sam in a vacuum signs with offset language because he knows it will never come into play anyway, but I think he's been persuaded by Sexton to dig his heels in. That's not to shift blame because ultimately Sexton works for him like Allen proved, but agents are salesmen by nature and if you're an NFL agent you're a damn good one at that. Conversely, if you're the Jets and you're needing to worry about offset language 4 years from now with Darnold you have WAY bigger issues. Also not to mention, the Jets have built up ZERO equity for anyone to trust them. You're drafting this kid, hoping to hand him the franchise and invest literally $150-$200M in him and we are worrying about being on the hook for maybe $6M bucks a few years from now? Just get it done boys.

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