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  1. I don't disagree but thats not fixable in one offseason, you're talking minimum 2-3 drafts and FA periods. If the kids confidence is shot by then we are in big trouble.
  2. Can we put the starved Dog on one side of the fence and Gase/Loggains on the other?
  3. It's what he said but he also said from a coaches perspective there is about 50 things wrong with what he did on that play. If you watch that play there wasn't really a way for him to set his feet and make the throw on time. The issue has been poor footwork in instances where it doesn't need to be poor, throwing off back foot as opposed to a sack, etc... Gase mentioned this on his conference call yesterday but they need to get him moving more, his fundamentals seemingly improve when hes on the move, especially to his right. Idk how it took this long for the coach to realize they need to do more of this but at least we got there?
  4. This is where I have to blame scheme a bit, Edoga is definitely worse than Beachum but they were struggling even with Beachum but otherwise is the talent on the OL really any worse than it was last year? OL was far from a strength last year but considering the talent is relatively the same and they're an absolute sieve, we have to question what's going on scheme wise.
  5. He just looks off right now, especially if you juxtapose the last few games against last season. Happy feet, jittery, not moving as smoothly all over the field, just overall uncomfortable out there. I'm not saying his pre snap shotgun setup is the sole issue, but considering how off he looks its fair to start questioning everything. Never did I think Sam's coaching would be worse when we got rid of JB, crazy to think I somehow miss the mountain man.
  6. This was obviously one of his biggest flaws coming out of ‘SC but he had made big strides in the pre draft process and throughout last season. That has obviously taken a step back in a big way and I’ve noticed a big change in how he sets up pre snap in shotgun this year versus last. Screenshots below but this year he is setting up both feet parallel versus last year he had his right leg staggered forward. In the staggered set it would force him to kind of spin around once he had the ball and get his feet set, this year he seems to be staying closer to how he was aligned pre snap once the ball is snapped. Now I know about as much as this offensive staff when it comes to QB fundamentals but curious if anyone on here who played the position can weigh in.
  7. Does anyone have the PFF grades from the cowboys game?
  8. I've just been surprised so many people are just now realizing the dude is insanely cocky, thinks he's always "misunderstood". This quote was also used to describe Jachai but he doesnt have issues, he IS the issue. With that said I do think he has talent and can play in this league, but he needed to go to a team that would tell him to stfu and tone it down. The browns who are always starved for attention were one of the worst possible landing spots, I felt the same way about the Jets.
  9. If college athletics is the equivalent of civilization then yes, that's exactly what I said.
  10. This is total misinformation, one year scholarships are obviously year to year but four year scholarships while not fully guaranteed are basically guaranteed unless you screw up. They cannot be reduced or revoked for athletic underperformance, you’d have to become academically ineligible, off field issues, etc... in order to have it revoked. Athletes on four year scholarships stand to lose that security if they become paid. It’s also worth noting, that at most major universities for either football or basketball you are basically on scholarship for life. The university welcomes players back, gives them access to facilities and merchandise, tickets to games, employment opportunities with the university, etc... This is not to say the NCAA and colleges are completely innocent, but the one sided view that the kids are being scammed that is being portrayed just isn’t true.
  11. Competitive balance while obviously important isn’t worth arguing because it doesn’t exist today with the current rules. Go look at recruiting class rankings, it’s the same schools consistently in the top 5. This will only widen that gap which while a downside, is one that already exists and the creation of others that don’t exist today are more important IMO.
  12. I’m well aware of the terms I’m using but in the waterfall of calculating profits, we have to get to net revenue first. If you prefer me only using gross revenue and profit that’s fine, but everyone is only looking at gross revenue figures they see from tv deals.
  13. I think you need to go back and re-read some of the posts then, it has clearly been outlined how this has far reaching negative impacts across college athletics. Also, your first sentence outlines how little you know about the issue. Go do some research and you'll quickly figure out there is not much profit being generated. People need to learn the difference between gross revenue and net revenue.
  14. Correct, none of the state legislation will matter. The NCAA’s changes to their policies are what will matter.
  15. One of the biggest things I fear is that for those unaware, pretty much every college athletic program besides football and basketball runs at a loss for universities. Has this money lined the pockets of some higher ups, of course. But the lions share of those dollars is reinvested back into the university in a variety of ways, including subsidizing all of the other student athlete sports. Ohio State operates 37 division 1 programs, all of which are paid for from the proceeds of the football team. Disrupting the distribution of that revenue is likely to also mean the sunsetting of programs for other students. Also, what is now going to stop universities from pulling some benefits given to players in their major programs once they realize this kids have their own money? Why give a kid a scholarship who has a $300k endorsement deal? Also, good luck keeping academic eligibility a thing once all the cash flows in. I totally get what the other side of the table is arguing, but to me the list of negatives far outweighs the positives. We are talking about the 1% of college athletes that will receive any sort of meaningful sums of money to potentially impact 100% of college athletes negatively.

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