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  1. This is a great breakdown of some of the stuff some of us have seen on the every throw clips and not just the highlights. And being done by a guy who played the position in the NFL. Love JT’s channel, great stuff. There is a lot of risk with this dude, plain and simple. I get you can say that with every QB prospect, but to me at 2 there are guys who maybe have similar risk but a much bigger toolbox to work with too in terms of a skill set.
  2. Agreed - I really hope I am wrong but when you go to the "every throw" clips and not just the highlight clips, it's eye opening. I'm not sure how NFL personnel departments and coaching staffs could watch his tape and not have major concerns about this kid at 2. If anyone wants to really get into it, this is every play from him this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptd0I0CYEr0
  3. I’m with ya, I see so many people citing this game for the positives, but there was way more bad than good. To use a saying from golf, playing QB is almost more about “how good is your bad?” Wilson’s bad is all the same stuff we kill Darnold for, heaving balls up, not setting his feet, wild shovel passes, etc... I get the highlights are fun but I don’t know how everything else in between doesn’t leave you terrified. To me he’s an ultimate boom or bust guy, and if we are going that way then give me Lance who has a way bigger toolbox.
  4. I want to be in on him so badly, but the more I watch the less I am. There is a YouTube channel that has every play of his from every game this season and obviously the great plays are awesome, but there is a lot of head scratching stuff in there too. Also, I know this is incredibly flawed logic, but there is just not really any long term evidence of a player of that stature being successful in the NFL. I’m talking his specific combo of height with an incredibly narrow frame (Russ is built like a fire hydrant), I watch him and I’m just like I’ve never seen someone that looks like this be
  5. I’m not sure if you’ve seen them all play enough if you think that. The kid has special arm talent but it’s more to do with his ability to throw from different slots, throw with great accuracy, etc... When it comes to pure arm strength Lance and Lawrence are above him without question.
  6. Rodgers is an insane comparison IMO, dude is one of the most gifted passers the game has ever seen and mentally processes the game as well as anyone besides probably Peyton. This last part is really Sam's biggest issue, you listen to interviews with guys like Rodgers and they are so smart that they are always completely in control. They know exactly what the defense is going to do before they do it, Sam is arguably the worst starting QB in the league in that respect.
  7. Completely agree, but if you look at most of the high end QBs in the league they have elite skill sets. To me, I'd rather roll the dice on the guy with the highest ceiling vs a "safer" option like Wilson or Fields. We see it time and again that the "safe" options fall short long term of the guys who are raw but have ability that just can't be taught. Aaron Rodgers said it earlier this year on one of his Mcafee interviews, to him the first thing he would look for in a QB prospect is their arm strength bc that can fix so many things. Of course there have been countless busts who are just big arm
  8. I know he's not being discussed pretty much anywhere right now as being in contention at 2 but I think Trey Lance is the sleeper in all of this. Athletically he might be the most talented of anyone in this draft when you combine his ability as a runner with the arm strength he has. Douglas according to reports was the main individual who scouted and lobbied for Flacco when he was with the Ravens and I could see him gambling on another small school guy who has a massive toolbox. Josh Allen may also impact opinions in this draft as well, as coming out he was the big athletic but incredibly
  9. I'm not sure who this is or if this type of coach will be available, but the Jets need a major presence who can transcend the underlying organizational dysfunction. Similar to when Parcells came in, they need to bring in a super bowl winning coach with a long track record. The young hot coordinator candidate to me gets swallowed up in the systemic mess that is this franchise. This is always the other side of the "fire the coach now" conversation that most don't want to have, if/when we do it well who can you get to come in here? I'm not saying he fits this bill perfectly at all, bu
  10. Been mentioned a few times already but don’t be surprised if Fields overtakes Lawrence now that the B1G is playing this year. NFL is a copycat league and with all of the true dual threat guys having tons of success right now, I think Fields is gona get a lot of attention. Also think Lawrence is a bit overrated, off the charts physical tools but has struggled against some better competition, specifically LSU this past year.
  11. Given the recent track record of injuries that initially were made to seem not too serious only to later spiral downward, won't be shocked at all if we don't see him suit up Sunday at this point.
  12. I agree - although I think its much easier to go from looking good in camp to bad in the regular season than it is the other way around.
  13. Bang on, every practice the reports are very conflicting if it was a bad throw, bad judgment from Sam, wrong route from receiver. I'm far from his biggest fan but almost have to wait to hear what Gase says in post practice presser. Either way, there are no reports of Sam having a lights out practice where a ball doesn't hit the ground. Best case big picture for the team is this is all to blame on the receivers, if Sam is truly the one missing all these throws and making bad decisions we are f'ed big time.
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