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  1. Wanted to share an interview I came across with Duke Manyweather who is a private OL coach, obviously coaches Mekhi. Hard not to be excited after listening to this. https://923thefan.radio.com/media/audio-channel/duke-manyweather-says-mekhi-becton-is-an-outlier-at-left-tackle-pairing-old
  2. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but only speaking about their own selections, why are they not 11th in every round? For example, with no comp picks awarded in the 2nd round this year why do the Jets not pick until 48th? Do the tiebreakers shift by round for teams with the same record?
  3. At first glance I want to freak out about BPA, but I agree I think he approaches it entirely differently but regardless its the only answer to give publicly. If he doesn't you reduce options to potentially trade back. Like most pressers, 99% of what's said is garbage.
  4. Agreed - I'm fine with moving back depending on how the chips fall but out of the first round completely is just not acceptable.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-nfl-mock-draft-dolphins-trade-up-for-justin-herbert-jaguars-land-tua-tagovailoa/ This one is sure to get folks fired up, the Jets trading back twice and completely out of the first round. Is this guy insane??? Can anyone see the Jets not selecting at all in the first round?
  6. All of this. If Douglas really feels a major need for this roster is speed, then just take Ruggs at 11. Not saying I agree with it, but if its as big a priority as some are saying then he should be in consideration at 11.
  7. I'm not sure I agree that he had a hard time separating in college, purely basing separation off of speed (Higgins did run a 4.43 at Clemson pro day) is also not right. There is only one Tyreek, trying to find other exceptions like him I think is a very dangerous game. He's also coached by arguably the best offensive mind in football right now and plays alongside a generational QB.
  8. If Shenault doesn't have injury issues and thats a big if, he will be a very solid player at a minimum and a stud on the high end. Hamler is very explosive but is tiny, seems more of a gadget guy on offense and then a special teamer. My other problem with Shenault is he is Enunwa, same body types and playing styles, but as we have seen it leads to injuries. But also, if Enunwa is in fact healthy you already have that player. Someone else mentioned him here but don't think Tee Higgins is getting enough love in the run up to draft, his catch radius is absurd and had actual on field production to match his physical traits (~25 TDs last two years). Sam (too much so at times) likes to just simply give his guys a chance and a receiver who can body DBs and go up and get the ball I think is something that would fit well. Perriman is the speed element, Crowder is a very good slot receiver, need a Michael Thomas type that you can just feed the ball to and get 10-12 receptions a game week in and week out.
  9. I don't disagree but thats not fixable in one offseason, you're talking minimum 2-3 drafts and FA periods. If the kids confidence is shot by then we are in big trouble.
  10. Can we put the starved Dog on one side of the fence and Gase/Loggains on the other?
  11. It's what he said but he also said from a coaches perspective there is about 50 things wrong with what he did on that play. If you watch that play there wasn't really a way for him to set his feet and make the throw on time. The issue has been poor footwork in instances where it doesn't need to be poor, throwing off back foot as opposed to a sack, etc... Gase mentioned this on his conference call yesterday but they need to get him moving more, his fundamentals seemingly improve when hes on the move, especially to his right. Idk how it took this long for the coach to realize they need to do more of this but at least we got there?

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