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    Being at Shea Stadium when the Jet's beat the Dolphins by 1 point.
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    yes that's the year I chose all my teams to follow in NY

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  1. Well anyone who can push around a 4500 pound pickup should be taken serious.
  2. You never know. Ok we know just a plug and play guy.
  3. Well another young QB we destroyed! Well in 2 more years we might be a 4-12 team.
  4. Ok so how many times does Sam get sacked when they get the ball back?
  5. Well Gase gave his play like a loser talk at half time.
  6. Well the D is wasted by now because the offense is back to being itself again.
  7. Well the defense is bending not breaking. now if Sam can start to read blitzes on 3rd and 8. Is audibles even an option for him?

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