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  1. The Texans are not going to trade him baby.
  2. So the source of the sources says that sources have confirmed there are sources.
  3. Ok what makes this hire different absolutely nothing! Until the wins come and this team shows it can sustain winning seasons, that's when you know! Until then this is all speculation! Results determine how great you are not imagination! So until then ENJOY THE SHOW
  4. Glad you all are happy. Enjoy the show.
  5. Obviously the CJ way has not been working or even the Woody way either. Time to just let the football people do what you hired them to do. You hired JD for a reason now let him do his job.
  6. Great the trash has been officially thrown out! The CJ statement was the same patronizing garbage once again. We need owners to just let JD get who he wants to coach. This committee thing is not working. Let JD do his job CJ you moron! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. They should of handed that idiot a bus ticket back and a happy meal. I'm sure it's going to be a patronizing farewell. They should just tell it like it is. Adam did a horrible job while here and he left us no choice, but to dump his sorry coaching ability. He's a loser and we just need to get a winner in here. Adam is no it.
  8. JD trades down and CJ Mosely and gets to have a record haul of 14 picks this year. Ok just having some fun.
  9. Well the trash is almost ready to be taken to the curb. BYE ADAM
  10. Well now that Trevor is no longer in the picture. JD has some direction to give. Never mind I'll fill it in. What we do is all for the best interest of the organization. Gase still needs to go! That's all I'll add.
  11. So did they lockdown one Jets DR yet!? No need for practice that might workout better.
  12. Well the game plan is going well! Yep Greg Williams was the problem. I'm not even watching or listening to the game and its all to predictable. Well at least I'm not locked down.
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