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  1. Best year 2018 with the eagles AVG 4.3 a carry and played 14 games with 511 yards total. 1 career fumble. He's a big back and doesn't fit the Gase mold.
  2. So the game plan will be 3 and out 75% of the offense. The defense will play 40% more snaps then the offense. Chargers 35 Jets 12
  3. Good luck with ranting in the future. There are no easy answers just tough decisions. That's the Jet way!
  4. Totally disappointed by JD and this patronizing corporate speak. So basically he said I got in way over my head with this GM move. So now it's just playing the rookies and hope they can grow together. He may try and trade the #1 and convert it to 2 more #1's and 2 mid rounders. Backing Gase is not a good look!
  5. He shows us all the award the Jet's front office received from Roger Goodell.
  6. You wrote the script for JD didn't you? Insider trading. Spot on.
  7. Good for Avery. JD wants to be in control of the team roster and he is well on his way. Look this is a rebuild through the draft. No easy answers just tough decisions. All we got is this site to discuss and complain. Life goes on. At least some on the site make it entertaining. This year really changed me as a Jet fan. Over 50 years of watching this team and hoping they would figure it out to be a consistent winning team. I am just tired of letting it control me, it's just a game. Hope all have a good day.
  8. Oh Max that's really optimistic my friend. I don't think JD is a FA guy, he's rebuilding through the draft.
  9. JD on a roll. CJ is next and total rebuild is in progress. So the suffering will continue another 3 years.
  10. He's making a lot of friends today. It's that time of the month for him.
  11. Glad they extended Griffin to sit on the bench.
  12. I think it's a just a Jet thing right now.
  13. So should we all bow down to your football wisdom all knowing one?
  14. The half time adjustment working well.
  15. Jet's d every second half. Thank you Gase for the halftime adjustment
  16. Ok the adjustment was to go back to the 3 and out game plan.

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