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  1. So is the plan for Joe D to get the first pick in the draft? So the big question is has Zac Wilson been ruined already by the Jets Brain trust? Rookie or not this is just not a good decision making QB.
  2. Those screen plays have been working all day for the Panthers. No adjustment made there.
  3. They said someone roll up on the back of his legs. Always a concern in the scrum pile rollups.
  4. Well finally a spark. Now Becton down pretty big price to pay for that TD.
  5. This looks like the same old thing. They ruined Sam and now this! ????????????????????????? Why does the O Line issues never get addressed? First Mike MC and now Joe D. I thought Joe D was the answer starting to doubt his judgement.
  6. Sorry to hear about this. Pray of intersession will be made. This is the part of life nobody wants to go through.
  7. No not really! It's just a game. As I get older this gets' older watching the same thing year after year. So the expectations are just fading.
  8. Well to the ones who just keep hating my comments. It's great to have free speech! Can you argue with that? I've been a Jet fan longer than most of you have been alive. So you think you are going to upset me? with your childish behavior? Little ones grow up. It's a game nothing else.
  9. Well Sammy getting his revenge good for him. I was never thrilled with getting rid of him.
  10. Well I appreciate your in put Sam to Robbie feel better now
  11. It's amazing the line has been an issue for the jets for how many years now. Still not fixed. I would believe that in order for a rookie QB to succeed the line needs to be able to have time.
  12. Well it's the old cliché it can only get better. That gets tiring after 50 years. Well looks like it's going to be a you want no I don't want it game. Low score here. 13-7 best I see here. unless they make a drastic improvement at half.
  13. Well the kicker is a pretty good punter also. Can it really get worse for them Seems like that is the trend, just a carry over from last year.
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