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  1. 8 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    You better hope this is true and you're  not just pushing buttons. The schedule  next season is brutal. 

    Might be facing the 2 teams in the SB either way you are spot on.  I was thinking the same thing.  The schedule will be relentless.  Joe D has to get this OL straightened out.  

  2. I watched it and it was as expected.  This is his first year and a full off season and he controls the draft picks.  Reality is he needs 2 full years of off season and draft picks then we all can judge properly.  Look at Dorsey and everything he had going for him all that talent supposedly and all the draft picks.  6-10 result with a much better roster then we had.  

    The biggest take from his presser is that he wants high character players and players with passion for the game.  So there are the answers anyone can get from the presser.  

    I'll end with this how could anyone expect a guarantee from him knowing nothing in the league is a guarantee?  I would suggest to keep the expectations within reason it will help keep your sanity.  

  3. So he's out 6 months he will be ready by training camp.  So with any surgery we will see how he heals and hope he doesn't lose to much mobility.   Herndon is still a good player if he can stay out of trouble.  Wesco is still a work in progress and I think he played well when given an opportunity.    

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  4. What's he suppose to say?  If he is going to be a really good GM he knows his actions are better than hollow words like many before him.   I'm sure he is very aware of the glaring weak areas of the team.  One thing is for sure I believe he wants 20 players who have the same character traits as Steve McClendon and have a deep passion for the game as Adams. So we will find out soon enough.  I might even try to make to the Senior Bowl.   Only 3 hrs. from there.

  5. I don't why some people here think a WR is more important pick than a OL.  What good is having a great WR when your QB is under siege every down?   The greatest need and want should be to keep Sam upright and healthy.  When any QB has time to throw any decent WR will look like a pro bowler.   

    My take is this by priority

    1)  OL

    2) Edge rusher

    3) DB shut down



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