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  1. this probably only secures his job. you know how to get him fired? stop clicking on his articles, and stop talking about him.
  2. the problem is the story is too big to finish. part of GRRM's motiviation for writing ASOIF was to write something that couldn't possibly be put to film. along the way, the producers had to cut so much from the story, that the ending would be impossible. they just wanted to finish it ASAP. they rushed it on purpose.
  3. i thought just to show how she was back to being herself, not some nameless assassin. she was reborn in the ash and rode out on a white horse.
  4. even if you're a mac hater, this was so poorly executed. so now Gase is going to hire his boss?
  5. I don't think Jon watching while Vary's the traitor is burned is being a mindless gofer. He was a traitor. I don't think he thought Dany would do what she did.
  6. Jon is loyal and honorable to a fault, just like Ned. His queen is Dany, and if she wants to burn Varys, that's her command. Vary's didn't die because he said Jon would be a better ruler to Tyrion. He died because he was actively plotting to have her removed. I need to watch it again, but i'm pretty sure that girl Vary's was talking to was trying to poison Dany for him, when she said "but she's not eating her meals"
  7. This is how the books will end as well, basically.
  8. when the show runners started this project 10+ years ago there were 4 books written, with the 5th book about to come out. Pretty sure the plan was that by the time seasons 1-5 were done, book 6 would have been out, and by now 7 would be out or close. Their job was to put a wealth of book material to the screen. since season 5 their job has become to put an outline of 2 books to the screen. I blame GRRM for taking too long.
  9. It shows that Jon is part Targyrean. Also the dragon he rode is named Rhaegal, which Dany named, after her older dead brother she never met Rhaegar, who is Jon's (Aegon's) actual father.
  10. i also rooted for the Pats both times against the Giants because I have to see and hear Giants fans every day, unlike Pat fans.
  11. for this particular season's standings, yes. for the future, no.
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