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  1. I know him too! I hope the Jets sign him
  2. well i guess there is still a chance the entire chiefs team tests postive for Covid-19 before sunday.
  3. the dispute wasn't over the amount of money, but when the signing bonus was paid. some have it staggared through out the year. sam wanted it up front. and no, you can't go to training camping until the contract is signed.
  4. he couldn't attend training camp because he didn't have a contract. (FYI I do not think it's a problem if Jamal Adams skips voluntary work outs).
  5. that's what you got from this video?
  6. my mistake. when you said in your original post, "they all need to go" i thought you meant all OL. after re-reading i see you were saying Beachum and all of his backups.
  7. you have to keep some mediocre players. i don't think it's reasonable to replace all 5 OL in one offseason, especially if 2-3 will be rookies.
  8. because haskins was just drafted and has only played 7 games. they are not drafting a top QB.
  9. it was a generalization about football fans.
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