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  1. He’s a genius and deserves a 10 year contract extension
  2. To be fair there is a ton of ridiculous things said daily so it wasn’t hard to believe this was another
  3. Hey. I just saw this thread. How’s the wedding band going? For the last 10 years I’ve been in a night club cover band that does a bunch of weddings per year. I also started playing the bass with this band as we had too many guitar players and no bass players. Anyway, there are still people who want the live band feel over the DJ but most people definitely go with the DJ. It’s hard to market yourselves to potential brides to get the weddings here on LI. It’s a big business.
  4. I heard him on with Mike a few weeks ago and he said Sam should sit out the entire year.
  5. Oh yeah? But where did he go to medical school?
  6. there's a difference between being a Gase supporter and not wanting him fired after 4 games, or not wanting to say he's worse than Kotite
  7. multiple years? how about give him one year? some want gase fired 3 days ago.
  8. going into this season, my expectations were 7 wins, an improved sam darnold, and improved offense, with the outside chance of competing for a wild card spot. after an abysmal non-existant offense 0-4 start, all i want to see is darnold and the offense improving. who cares about the playoffs before that happens.
  9. i want my son to suffer just like my dad made me suffer

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