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    when the show runners started this project 10+ years ago there were 4 books written, with the 5th book about to come out. Pretty sure the plan was that by the time seasons 1-5 were done, book 6 would have been out, and by now 7 would be out or close. Their job was so put a wealth of book material to the screen. since season 5 their job has become to put an outline of 2 books to the screen. I blame GRRM for taking too long.
  2. cbudiarjo

    Who else is hyped for Game of Thrones Tonight??

    It shows that Jon is part Targyrean. Also the dragon he rode is named Rhaegal, which Dany named, after her older dead brother she never met Rhaegar, who is Jon's (Aegon's) actual father.
  3. i also rooted for the Pats both times against the Giants because I have to see and hear Giants fans every day, unlike Pat fans.
  4. cbudiarjo

    Congratulations Sam Darnold . . .

    for this particular season's standings, yes. for the future, no.
  5. cbudiarjo

    If she doesn’t take the browns job 🙃

    the browns are denying this
  6. as long as he's fired at the end of the season it doesn't really matter that much
  7. so you're saying Sam is lying?
  8. cbudiarjo

    How will you remember the Bowles era?

    with a super bowl victory
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