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  1. my mistake. when you said in your original post, "they all need to go" i thought you meant all OL. after re-reading i see you were saying Beachum and all of his backups.
  2. you have to keep some mediocre players. i don't think it's reasonable to replace all 5 OL in one offseason, especially if 2-3 will be rookies.
  3. because haskins was just drafted and has only played 7 games. they are not drafting a top QB.
  4. it was a generalization about football fans.
  5. every fan base thinks the refs, goodell and the league are out to screw their team over. pats fans are no different.
  6. the refs screw the pats again with two blown calls and the jets get a game winning call.....
  7. i always thought the excuse for Gase in Miami was when he had Tannehill they did well, but did not do well when Tannehill was always hurt. The 1 season Tannehill played all 16 games the dolphins went 10-6 and made the playoffs. LIke you said, 24 games Gase with Tannehill went 13-11, gase without Tannehill went 8-13.
  8. i'm hopeful that a couple of the current OL could be better with improved players around them.
  9. it will be impossible to completely replace the entire starting 5 OL with rookies and 1 maybe 2 decent vet FA's (in one offseason). they are going to have to keep some of the current OL.
  10. i know. garrett started it with the late hit, but rudolph then took it the next level by trying to take Garretts helmet off, then Garrett went insane. imagine jamal adams hits tom brady late at the end of the game, and brady tries to rip off jamals helmet? that would go over well.
  11. so rudolph is just an innocent bystander in it all?
  12. Is there a go fund me to fly a fire Aussie jet banner by your job?

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