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  1. Really??? All four of them?
  2. I loved Rex, but how was he at developing a QB and on overseeing as a HC his offense?
  3. Someone has totally jumped the shark.... Or is the result of smoking crack?
  4. When was the last time someone posted a Jet future-plan that actually worked just as designed?
  5. Do you know something we don't? If you want to go 0-16 and secure the #1 pick, these two are our best hope to accomplish this.
  6. I thought it was a prediction for how many games we are winning this season.
  7. You proved my point - You don't have a single example of "great coaching" by our owner-proclaimed "Genius" Head Coach.
  8. ummm, Savvy Coaching??? Please give one example that Gase and his staff showed us from the 2020 season.
  9. All those points the op made, and this is the one you wish to counter?
  10. Of course I want him to do well. I just hope we don't get into a situation where he turns out ok - and wants to break our bank and prevents us from being able to build a good team around him (like Prescott and the Cowboys are going through). High priced quarterbacks in the last few seasons have prevented teams from building around them and keeping talent.
  11. Sure, until we have to sign our other players and free agents.
  12. You know the virus is supposed to get stronger in the winter months..... The virus will not be petering out when it gets cold.
  13. Great point. The more we think this through, the less likely and wise it would be to start football on time. I'd love to see all sports return as soon as possible, but the risks to players, staff, other workers (like in stadium maintenance and the hotels where players will stay), and the general population is too great.

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