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  1. But if the defense allows long drives, then we get the ball back, so that's not the reason we are not scoring as much after that first drive. I believe it's the adjustments the other team is making on defense and the fact that only the first drive is scripted.
  2. Nice to see Powell have a very good game yesterday!
  3. some coaches never figure it out, so perhaps this is progress...
  4. And he filled in for Stephen A. Smith on EPSN radio during the week too. I hope he does not loose his voice or fumble the player's names during today's broadcast.
  5. Well at least you are being reasonable......
  6. This may be the dumbest post I've ever read
  7. I hope the stadium is filled (or half filled) with chants of "sell the team" the remainder of the season. Just like in the old days when "Joe must go" could clearly be heard on TV during the broadcast of the game.
  8. I believe we have hosted one playoff game in all that time.... (pre PSL's of course)
  9. How has the healthy qb done in those 4 games? And Is our qb getting better or worse? Is our coach getting any better or instilling confidence in the players, GM, or fans? Please, like the other poster requested twice, what does Gase do well?
  10. Wow, when did SAR become a complete Troll (instead of just a partial troll)
  11. How can these fools run a football team? ... they can't even dress themselves. Who the hell wears football hats with a suit and tie, and a sleeveless jacket over a sports coat? The other owners have to laugh at them, while we can only continue to cry.... We truly have become a circus again!

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