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  1. Gastono99 - great story, thanks for writing and letting us know. I sent you a private message last week, please get back to me when you can. thanks,
  2. Gas2No99 this is a great article! I sent you a private pm, can you please read it and reply to me. Thanks!
  3. not everyone has been retired.... Adam Vinatieri is still playing (however, ironically he looks finished after his last game performance)
  4. This league would be a great spot for Mac to land next year. Perhaps Hack could put a good word in for Mac with the team.
  5. Thanks everyone for your contributions on this topic. I realize most of you are right-on. Now I'm depressed, and feel sick and empty.
  6. ok, please don't sh*t all over me, if it's obvious and I should know it... what or who is Tom's Avatar?
  7. errrr.. actually I believe they are looking for a new coach and GM....
  8. All I'm saying, maybe times-up. Brady had a QB rating yesterday of 65.1. Very un_Brady-Like.
  9. I'm thrilled Darnold will be starting. But don't come at me for wondering about the Bridgewater trade. Only a week or two ago, many on this board and most "experts" in the media said don't rush to start Darnold with our o-line. And I'm no fan of this coach, and he's trying to win every game to save his job, so I just wanted to see what others thought about this trade happening this week.
  10. A lot of Jet fans thought the team should have waited until an NFL starting qb got hurt before trading Bridgewater as the trade could have resulted in a higher draft pick. We've seen Bowles refuse to start rookie qb's and that was frustrating to our fanbase and perhaps Mccagnan too. Mac was not able to evaluate Petty and Hack last year in an actual game and since Bowles does not report to Mac. Anyone think Mac traded Bridgewater early to force Bowles hand in starting Darnold?
  11. so sorry, we loose our four-legged friends much too soon
  12. I think this says volumes that the wake-up rant didn't come from the H.C.
  13. The outsiders love Bowles??? What the hell are they looking at?

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