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  1. Who cares about Jones, thanks goodness we found our franchise QB.
  2. Yes, that's important to know and analyze, since Sam was hindered in that game by Mono that would be diagnosed a few days later.
  3. What a great first half! I guess Giant fans will stop claiming to have the best QB in town!
  4. Does that mean Sam missed two games so he counts as the first and second time, or has there been two different quarterbacks who have missed a start due to Mono?
  5. Except watch other states follow California's lead.... Other states will have to join in as their Universities will be at a tremendous recruiting disadvantage. What will those whores at the NCAA do when other states join in? Ban every school in the Country?
  6. If Sam is not playing, how can we possibly beat the Dolphins if we can't score a single touchdown and field goals are not much easier for our offense at this point.
  7. With that defense??? There will be no winning for a long time.
  8. Yes, but remember, PSL - Gold!
  9. Thanks Sar, I hope you're right, but this was a discouraging loss in so many ways, coupled with the news less than 24 hours earlier, that our nemesis got AB and once where we could dream of possibly competing for the division now seems impossible. Yes, the kicker lost it, but Gase made no adjustments, Darnold threw a potential game winning pass poorly, our new GM failed to find us a kicker the last few weeks, and on my drive home, I get to hear on ESPN radio about how our starters had not played together during the preseason. Well didn't just about all other teams this preseason lack having most of their starters playing? Seemed like it's only excuse for losing teams.
  10. I thought we wanted coaches and players here who hate to lose.
  11. I am a psl owner too (bet I have better seats than SAR). I feel like crap today - all these years of being a psl holder - when are we finally going to host a playoff game or two. Certainly doesn't look like anytime soon.
  12. what a great story! Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. Looks like she's reaching for something..... Oh no, not again.....
  14. Gastono99 - great story, thanks for writing and letting us know. I sent you a private message last week, please get back to me when you can. thanks,

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