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  1. Great points - but now please tell me why Robert Kraft wasn't punished for perhaps similar behavior?
  2. I'm sure Belichick didn't have a personal agenda, or think he could trick the Johnson's into keeping Gase and his staff a few more seasons.
  3. Forum owners: Perhaps now would be a good time to register Jetnation as a trademark or copyright.
  4. Good thing you are not our GM! Joe Douglass is patient... look what he did to Seattle last year. In Joe we trust!
  5. Can't this fan base just ever be pleased? JD did fine picking Becton. We picked a great player. Yes, winning a super bowl is the ultimate goal, but JD picked a great tackle and now needs to continue to improve the OL and so many other areas. We don't have to have the best player at every spot, we just need to have strong drafts.
  6. Me too! Still hoping we somehow could get Lawrence. I can dream
  7. By my math, we could miss out on 3 qb's and Sewell with pick number 6. If we want to reset the clock and take a rookie qb or a no brainer for our OL then 6 is not ideal
  8. Possibly better, and much less of a headache
  9. Except for the really good ones that will have already been taken
  10. Stop. Darnold has 5 td passes this year. Darnold is now recognized statistcally as just about the qb in the league. How many double digit losses have we had this year? How many blowouts have we suffered? Just stop.
  11. Think of all the money and aggravation they would save!
  12. I'd settle for this, but hopefully the idiot Johnson Brothers do it themselves, and allow JD and find a qualified HC.
  13. Boy, and they said Nostradamus was special. This guy is better!
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