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  1. But I heard that retort before as well!
  2. The names may have changed, but I think I have heard this before...
  3. I realize this website is not about politics and this is a very serious and sad matter. All I want to say it puts things in perspective Us Jet fans. We get very upset, depressed, and frustrated with out team and the decades of poor football (or heartbreak in their better years that this team produces. Today's invasion really puts things in perspective and what's so much more important than football. My heart bleeds for the people of Ukraine (and us as prices will continue to go up due to rising fuel costs, and our investments in the stock market.
  4. I think you just did answer his question: Sadly, we never get there. (not saying we can't make the playoffs or go on a run in the playoffs, but putting up scores like a video game? Probably not in my lifetime.
  5. I wish smart phones and the internet were available back then. That would be great to see a photo online or a video on youtube or tic-tock
  6. I think the op brings up a good point and a very valid question.
  7. Yes, we should have -- if and only if, Bill Belichick was our Head Coach! Otherwise No!!!!!
  8. I think the point the op had was, how in the world did we sink so low again? Seems we are now perpetually one of the worst teams in football, year after year after year... When does this end?
  9. So true. Look at the hated Patriots. They were supposed to be in decline. BB can't draft well, they had a crappy rookie QB and lost some productive players (not to mention the winningest qb of all time. Yet somehow, (probably with great coaching) they turned the franchise around very quickly. Why do we have to win 3-5 games a year these days and drool over our placement in the draft each year.
  10. You're not watching the games. Did the play calling start to look different against the Bengals than the weeks before that game?
  11. North Dakota? Can we please get a team on Long Island? Maybe they could play on an arena size field at the Nassau Coliseum.
  12. It's crazy that the two wins we have were against quality teams. And it's crazy that 2/3 of the Pats wins are against us. Pats are in a tight-game with the Chargers - God I hope the Pats loose this and every week.
  13. And most of us thought JD was a dunce for not getting us a worthy backup QB if Zack got hurt. Turned out, JD took care od that - our 2nd and 3rd string QB showed they absolutely could play.
  14. I hardly noticed that Darnold won today. Usually the board goes crazy with additional self-doubt about our Jets when this happens. Darnold threw for 0 touchdowns 1nd 129 yards - so perhaps that had something to do with the lack of posts.
  15. How about a List of Qb's who have thrown for 400 yards in their first NFLstart, while playing against the team with the best record in their conference? And no less with a first-year OC and first-year Head coach?
  16. This week I learned that today's third string quarterback can play in this league, and our second string quarterback is good. Many of us, including me, wondered why the heck Joe Douglass did not put a competant backup quarterback on this squad in case Zack went down. Looks like JD knows more than me and the rest of us on the board. We're in good hands after all!
  17. You want compelling? Look at the team's record since JD took over. That's compelling.
  18. So you would rather have them leave us and go on to stellar careers like John Riggins?
  19. Gee, it was only a few days ago, when it was awful being a Jets fan.... The sky was falling.... JD had to go, and we wanted Darnold Back.
  20. Great points - but now please tell me why Robert Kraft wasn't punished for perhaps similar behavior?
  21. I'm sure Belichick didn't have a personal agenda, or think he could trick the Johnson's into keeping Gase and his staff a few more seasons.
  22. Forum owners: Perhaps now would be a good time to register Jetnation as a trademark or copyright.
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