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  1. This is an example of our educational system coupled with mental impairment.
  2. Their color commentator Scott Zolak is without question the worst announcer I have ever heard, anywhere at any time. "Homer" does not do it justice. He's the Alex Jones of sports radio.
  3. Keep piling it on to these d-bags, I hate them.
  4. He's an overwhelmed kid on a bad team. I will give him another year before passing judgement.
  5. The NFL - owned by rich geezers making truckloads of money - is still the only pro sports league on the planet too cheap to pay for full time officials, and train them as such. So we get hobbyist officials who work their full time gigs during the week and then serve us this s&*t on the weekends. Proves to me over and over that the owners care only about the short term revenues, and nothing about the integrity of their sport.
  6. Jackson's second TD. Man - he is on target and making really good reads.
  7. Good for him. Celebrated on a night after the game, and took a limo home when it wasn't too late. Maybe squeeze a little booty in there.
  8. My condolences. Nice that you had some good times to share. RIP.
  9. Being a Bengals fan, it's also got to suck realizing you have the cheapest ownership in football, who will do nothing to change things for the better if it costs .5c more to do so. Years of more misery await.
  10. Is there a blood test for mania? asking for a friend ...
  11. Also notice that a few of the other leaders on that list (Squealers, Panthers and Deadskins) have an expensive QB accounting for a lot of that moola. Maybe some other metric - someone mentioned games lost? - might also shed more light on how bad the injury bug has been for the Jets.
  12. I'm no Gronk, but I have more stamina ....
  13. He will reach 100+, and when the Jets win the Superbowl when he's 103, he'll have "the big one" ... Kidding - live long and just faint when the Jets win one in four years.
  14. Really. Just want what he is smoking. It will help me when I watch the games on NFL Replay.

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