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  1. I have no doubt there will be an effect from Saleh that was absent from Googly Eyes - that the players this year and from this point on will actually want to play in games they think they can be competitive in, be LED by their coach, want to play for their teammates, etc. There were at least three winnable games out of the 14 we lost last year. I've also worked in places where the morale sucked, and people called out sick left and right. You don't think that halfway through last season, if they felt a twinge anywhere, guys didn't decide to sit out a game or two? The place I am f
  2. Evidence? Quotes? I have read nothing that indicates he's a head case.
  3. Not really. Hill was so bad he couldn't even figure out how to push off, and he had hands of stone. Mims will have to learn some nuances where in college his athleticism bought him everything he needed to excel, but he won't be nearly as bad as Hill.
  4. At newspapers, I believe they first get the police blotter, to see if they can stand the hours. Then, feature writing. Failing that, off to fluffy restaurant and community events. Failing that, off to the sports desk. If they can't hack that, off to the Manish-style independent blog, written in the parents' basement.
  5. There's a pill for that, no? Asking for a friend ...
  6. Thank you. Wholesome goodness from my youth. No wonder I ended up shorter than my father. Him eating thin soup during the Depression growing up didn't stunt his growth like those pseudo baked good did mine. I'm surprised I still have my original organs.
  7. Apparently he was stealing a lot of food: coaches asked him to lose weight because he was heavy after OTA's, and he came in even heavier than when he left. He was going to be fined, didn't like that, protested loudly, and then was told he was history. The guy does have a knack for endearing himself to others: it's going to be tough for him to get another crack at the NFL given his track record.
  8. What was the Hostess poison that had chocolate cake/icing, cream inside and peanut butter? Kind of like a cake version of Reeses. Whatever they were called, I'm glad I can't find them - I eat enough high quality pastries to kill me off early as it is.
  9. Hah - just put a loaded buffet table in the middle of the cage, and let them in. Ref runs for his life. Good pay per view material.
  10. Do you really believe they don't have the cash flow? If the Bengals have the cash flow, you can believe the Johnsons have it. It's a VERY rich man's club.
  11. He makes that gallon jug in his hand look like a pint container does in the average hand. Yikes.
  12. Any Jets fans in Vermont? Just wondering if a regular season get together might be in the offing ... I am in Huntington.
  13. Since they are paying him to stay away, it's actually an investment.
  14. I did that - turns out she not only could cook, she could nag me psychopathically. I didn't check ahead for that.
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