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  1. Where is this object of my desire located?
  2. Unfortunately, I suppose, I go way back as a fan. My first distinct Jet memory is seeing Namath in a meaningless preseason game tear his knee up trying to tackle a Detroit Lion player and getting low-blocked by Mike Lucci on the return. So I suppose I've endured my share. Between them and the Knicks, it's a wonder I have a liver and any brain cells left. Or maybe the better explanation is the brain cells were never there ...
  3. Bungaman

    New Jets fan from Australia

    That's a pretty safe assumption. Or masochism. And welcome, Meatball! I'll have to check out video on those two clubs and determine which is a poorer outfit - been interested in Aussie football myself - thanks for the club info.
  4. Bungaman

    Sign Justin Houston

    He will not work for free, but it remains to be seen how many teams would be willing to pay him what he was due to earn with the Chiefs. VERY few LB's get K Mack money. Guys like Vernon, who was reasonably productive, formerly of the Giants, get traded making less. He's going to be surprised, I think, at the shallow market. That being said, there is always a dumb GM out there who might overpay on impulse. (Heck, we have one who has done that.) Durability is a factor - maybe some playing time bonuses could be written in to a contract. His staying on the field for at least 14 games would be my concern. I just don't think there will be many teams willing to pay him more that $10 mil per year, short or long term. If he was willing to sign for about that, with voidable years, and games played incentives, I'd think that could be a good deal for both sides.
  5. Bungaman

    Word Association

    Green eggs.
  6. Bungaman

    If Your Penis Was A Movie Title What Would It Be?

    "Vanishing Point." Because this is what happens once you hit 60 and don't use the tube steak on a regular basis. Punching the munchkin on your own doesn't count. Actually a fun trash movie of its day.
  7. Bungaman

    Can you guys come and join hands..

    2015 Draft: Kevin White, Davante Parker and Brashad Perriman. All had prototypical size, speed, etc. All are sort of busts. RUN THE VIDEO TAPE: WHO CAN PRODUCE? WHO CAN STAY HEALTHY? (That's a skill, too.)
  8. Maybe the percentage is 6.1% - that typo would make more sense.
  9. Bungaman

    OT: Knicks trade Porzingis to Dallas

    I think the problem with tanking - after reviewing my own mental state (see avatar) - is watching a football team tank is painful 16 minus 1-3 wins/weeks per season. Watching a basketball team tank is painful 60+ times in a season. That's a four to five-fold increase in frustration. While I could watch a Jets game, or part of one, watching the Knicks this year is just brutal, painful, etc. I have not been able to watch a single game from start to finish. Boring, stupid, you name it. That's not to knock the kids: they are (usually) trying. I like Trier, Robinson, Dotson, Vonleh, among others, but the process is just too agonizing.
  10. Bungaman

    Kristaps Porzingas traded to Dallas Mavericks

    Maybe The Jets GM can beat them to the punch ... 😭
  11. Bungaman

    Kristaps Porzingas traded to Dallas Mavericks

    I've no problem with your comment, either. It's well put - and KP and his family probably think the grass is greener elsewhere. The problems of tall millionaires .... Those leadership guys grow on trees that are rare. Some guys want to be leaders and don't do very well at delivering. I'm just contending that whatever skills KP and others going through these Garden Gates over time had/has - physical and behavioral - this franchise (which I consider way worse that the Green and White one that frustrates us to no end,) seems to have mishandled just about every aspect of their "development": the players around them, turnover/instability, the coaching carousel, etc. Dolan's and Mills' treatment of ex-players they disagree with is shameful, and their benevolence to others whose only skill is loyalty reminds me of shallow political patronage. Maybe Fitz and Perry will do a better job here on out - because this one is on Mills and Jackson, IMHO. It takes time to develop leadership, and sometimes it (more likely) never comes around. But in Knuckleheadlandia, one must remember the guitar playing meddler always lurking in the belfry. I'm just waiting for him to resurrect Isiah Thomas once more out of the crypt for some new nefarious task he's unqualified for - unless it's molesting the players girlfriends/spouses. FWIW, I miss Anthony Mason, my favorite Knick. Get me a team of him.
  12. Bungaman

    Kristaps Porzingas traded to Dallas Mavericks

    OK - so the pissing match between Mills/Pery and the Porzing brothers made this trade inevitable, but I am still ticked off. . Why? Because the taint of Dolan and the people who are willing to work for him, and stroke his manhood without question makes them a disfunctional on a par with the DC Foreskins, Clev Browns, et. al. IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN TO THIS POINT. What other franchise, time after time, alienates its best players, or demeans them once they're out the door? I read in the last couple of days that the Knucks haven't signed a drafted player to a second contract in 24 years! They either can't wait for them to mature into something useful (Trevor Arizza, one example), get short term cheap (Jeremy Linn), or display their front office acumen by trading everything young with potential for the shiny object (see Melo.) In this case, Porzingis got four coaches in four years, a churning roster of teammates, and no end to the losing in reasonable sight. No wonder he had his doubts - and for expressing them, got exiled. I've been a Knick fan for a looooonng time. As a teen, I got to see the Knick playoff games in the '71 and '72 runs (sandwiched between the two championships,) and weathered the ups and downs knowing that consistent competitiveness and dynasties are a rare thing. (Hats off to teams like the Spurs.) We have a reverse dynasty going - anarchy? - with Dolan and Mills, his mouthpiece (the NBA front office analog of the Browns' Stu Jackson.) I am tired of watching painfully boring basketball, especially the matador defense. I wonder what free agent (or scout, or front office exec, for that matter) is going to want to come here, knowing what an irrational, reactionary front office clique runs this team, lurching from one extreme to another? The last time I felt some hope was when Donnie Walsh was running the show - but once Dolan interfered with him getting Melo (rather than waiting to get him for nothing as a summer FA,) he walked. Who wants to come here unless they have nowhere else to go, or are just in it for the $$? The point I'm long windedly truing to make is that the trade had to be done because the team brass once again alienated a good player and made him want to run for the exits - because the only apparent, consistent feature of this franchise is its anarchy - churning through players and coaches alike, year after year after year. They had to get something of value - something. No doubt they'll draft some overachieving circus midgets from Borneo with those first rounders, and sign some chronically injured overweight or overage benchwarmers when top tier FA's figure out this isn't a stop they want to make unless they can end their career here with a pot full of guaranteed money. If I were one of the top tier FA's, I'd go to the Nets if I wanted to be in NYC. Sad but true IMHO.
  13. Bungaman

    Dan Snyder wanted Todd Bowles bad

    He doesn't care about winning as much as he cares about money. The first ... From a while back, and still true. The list has just gotten longer - confirmed by a bunch of my freinds who live down there and now follow other teams, including one who gave up long time (inherited from family) season tickets. There are plenty of other articles on Napolean Danny. The Washington Post at season's end roasted him for his dishonesty and incompetence.
  14. And so why would the Raiders do it?
  15. Bungaman

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I will wait and see. A lot depends on the staff hired by him. My preferences of ex NFL head coaches was Caldwell. Did not want McCarthy at all. The real issue with this team is if Mac can suddenly find a brain and a nose for talent, because if he keeps striking out on most picks in rounds 2-6, and has more poor free agent signings, who the coach is won't matter.

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