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  1. I have it and it's good - commercial free is a great feature. I also like being able to watch the games late Sunday or on Monday night, as I almost never have my afternoons available to catch the game due to family obligations. You can even shave more time off your viewing by using the ten second advance button (or rewind, if you miss something.) I wish they had something similar for the NBA. Being a real masochist, I'd like to replicate my angst catching the Knicks after hours - but all they have (as far as I know) is real time viewing for $125, one team only. Seemed like a ripoff, and their site is full of promo rubbish, so I canceled that after a week. (If anyone knows of other options, please fill me in ...)
  2. God, Eifert looked like a Jets TE letting that one go through his hands ...
  3. No. Don't want him. If you can't get to and win SB's with Aaron Rogers, you aren't a good coach. Same way I felt about Dirty Tricks Shula (forerunner to Belicheat,) who was always on the referee's committee - and somehow always had the least penalized team in the league - he had Marino for his career and didn't do squat. I want the guys who can do it with Minnie Mouse at QB. (Example - Joe Gibbs with three different mediocre QB's who never won another thing without him.) OVERRATED. NO.
  4. Aptitude from the neck up counts - and he didn't have it, and may never learn it. Getting cut from a roster is one thing, getting cut from the PS midseason really takes some doing ... No degree and no team. Not a good sign - bet he hits the police blotter within the year. Polite cut from Seattle practice squad
  5. It's just dumbfounding to see a guy basically not look around at all, and hit absolutely nothing on an NFL play as a lineman.
  6. It would be worth the fines. Crowd fund the payments after the game. Give Wesco ten carries as a FB early - that might soften the mf's up a bit for Laveon.
  7. Ha. There are a few senile delinquents lurking here . Me, since '70 (if my feeble memory is correct.) First distinct Jet memory is watching Namath try to tackle a Detroit Lion defender in a goddamn preseason game, after a sideline interception, only to get blasted in the knee by LB Mike Lucci - and never be the same after that. Neither have I, OBVIOUSLY .... And being a Knicks/Mets/Rangers fan as well, at age 62, TIME IS F*&KiNG RUNNING OUT. And FWIW, my Jet T-shirt has Klecko's name and number. And I own both a Jets beer and coffee mug. They get a lot of use, in that order ...
  8. Fixed it for you ... But I agree with your larger point. Rome was not built in a day, and an NFL team - especially one as devoid of depth as this one is - takes about three solid drafts to arrive as a playoff team.
  9. NO COACH, alive or dead, could make this talent bereft squad into a winning football team this year, and maybe not even next year. The crisis we have with this team is a result of incredibly poor drafting for about a decade. It will take more than a good QB and at least two years of competent roster building to fix. If we fired the coach mid season, tell me, what would be a result? Suddenly playoff bound would we be? Not a chance.
  10. Looked good to me. Goes through his reads and delivers a catchable ball. Whether this "offensive" OL can give him a clean pocket and time to throw will determine if he/they can make the game respectable.
  11. It would work for me. I had high hopes for Leo when he was drafted, but resigning him would be a mistake. If they could get a serviceable OL, WR or CB and a mid level draft pick in the next year or two, I'd be for it. After all, Q. Williams will eventually supplant him at a lower price, and I see him exceeding the low ceiling Leo has hit.
  12. " ... And Mr. Kraft will travel with the club so he can watch the team in person (... after he partakes in his traditional FL pre-game rituals ...)"
  13. He really is pushing for that TMZ Sports job.
  14. I have to let the game go. This is the torment of being a (roughly) .500 team. So close, and yet ... And a BAD history that seems never ending - snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again. It will take two years (three or four players per draft and off-season) before this team can make a big step up to consistent wild card/division contention every year. My takeaways ... Yes, Gase better wake up and make some adjustments. Coach Williams called a pretty good game - kept the Bills and Allen off the board for most of the game. They got four turnovers, scored a TD, and gave up only 17 points - and we got diddly off the turnovers. He lost his best player (who played like it - Mosely is TERRIFIC) and between his play and - apparently most importantly - his ability to make the defensive adjustments - the D ran out of juice. If the Jets offense had come through on only ONE more drive and gotten anything, the tone of discussion of this game would be completely different. And the D ended up on the field a lot longer than you want. The Bills defense is good, period. No running game for us = a mix of a newly assembled OL and a very good Buffalo squad. I give Sam a pass - I think he had more opening day jitters this year than last (against the Lions) because this time, it was at home, with a LOT of new, big expectations of him and the rest of the squad. I think he will rebound (but his OL HAS TO DO BETTER.) The OL better gel, because they didn't give Sam much time, nor did he had clear passing lanes (batted balls), nor did the running game do much. Perhaps it's yet another reason why the Jets/Gase did not slow down the game in the second half and run out some clock - because the running game was not there - and kept giving the ball back to the Bills for another series. Kudos to Bell: he's worth every cent, and looked pretty good for a guy playing after a year off behind a line playing its first live action as a unit, and not being very good to boot. I'm not sure if the receivers could not get open because the OL wasn't giving Sam the time to wait for their routes to develop, but they have to get open (everyone except Crowder.) Gase needs to have Sam roll out once and a while or have Crowder run longer routes - he called to keep the D off balance at all.

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