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  1. And so why would the Raiders do it?
  2. Bungaman

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I will wait and see. A lot depends on the staff hired by him. My preferences of ex NFL head coaches was Caldwell. Did not want McCarthy at all. The real issue with this team is if Mac can suddenly find a brain and a nose for talent, because if he keeps striking out on most picks in rounds 2-6, and has more poor free agent signings, who the coach is won't matter.
  3. Bungaman

    Just hire McCarthy already

    I'm not a McCarthy fan. He had two HOF Qb's in his lap. I'd rather get a guy that raises his players a level or two. I stumbled on this NYDN article, not knowing much about Caldwell, other than my friend the Lion fan saying he should not have gotten the axe. Of the previous head coaches, to me, his ability to improve both Payton Manning and Matt Stafford (a tall task) makes me think he should get consideration, if they want someone with NFL HC experience: The case for Jim Caldwell
  4. Bungaman

    Jets 2019 opponents Home/away set

    Ravens fans tend to be enthusiastic but not complete a**holes - if you return the favor by being civil. It's a nice stadium, right off the interstate but also downtown. Easy access, reasonably edible food/beer. But I'd try to go for food before or after somewhere near the waterfront or Little Italy. You can park ahead of time for food in one of the close by waterfront lots, and then walk to the stadium. There's even tram access right in front of the stadium (shares the grounds with Camden Yards,) from other points if you want to avoid traffic downtown altogether, but I don't know details on that. I had good experiences even in the upper bowl attending with a couple of Ravens season ticket holders I know. The Foreskins: stadium access and parking sucks monkey d**k. Out in the middle of nowhere. No public transit access - on purpose, so Snyderbas**rd can rip you off for parking. Once of the worst large venue experiences - and I go back to Shea Stadium - just as shabby, only bigger. Terrible, pricey food and beverages. One plus is that the stadium will probably be half full of Jet fans, as the home team has alienated fans about as much as humanly possible, and opposition fans show up en mass. Some of the home fans are rooting for Snyder to move the team to LA once all those teams vacate, and then they'll hope the league grants them an expansion team in a few years. I kid you not. I used to live in DC, and my old friends down there and the local press are all over it.
  5. While I am pretty much OK with them losing the game, I have to say the two PI calls against them late in the game were total BS. If I remember, on Adams in the end zone and Skrines (?) over the middle: how is a DB supposed to defend a pass now? In neither case where they holding any part of the receiver when they tried to reach for the ball. Adams was reaching over the TE Olsen who was boxing him out, and the other DB was reaching over the guy's shoulder over the middle WITHOUT holding onto him or tugging at him with the other. There was also a hands to the face penalty that seemed a bit ticky tacky. I have no problem with Bowles departing after next Sunday, but I do understand why he is pissed off and lightened his own wallet by talking about it after the game.
  6. Bungaman

    I want Dave Toub as the Jets next HC.

    I would not trust a Shanahan or McCarthy hire. I want a guy who has joined a staff with a QB/offense that was underperforming, and made it better. These guys joined a club with an all pro QB and only had to try not to XCck it up. In McCarthy's case, he very well may have been a drag on Rodgers, not a boost. Only one Super Bowl?
  7. Bungaman

    Maccagnan is demonstrably horrible

    On top of the FA stuff, let me remind the assembled here that his draft record is pretty bad. I was an early Mac supporter, now I am not. The cumulative record is too grim. I'm reposting something that might have come from another poster here (or somewhere else,) but I could not find the source. But it's pertinent: "A recent study by overthecap.com revealed Maccagnan’s record in four drafts versus the rest of the league. Only 64.3 percent of players drafted by the Jets from 2015-2018 are still on an active NFL roster. The Titans are the only team with a lower percentage. The league average during that span is 76 percent. (On the other end of the spectrum, the Chiefs have a league-high 87 percent of their drafted players on an NFL roster). A round-by-round breakdown reveals exactly how much Maccagnan has struggled in Rounds 2-5. Although all four of his first-round picks (including three in the Top 6 overall) are playing, the Jets have been far below the league average in each of the next four rounds. Only 33 percent of Maccagnan’s second-rounders are on an NFL roster. The league average for second-rounders from 2015-18: 92 percent. Only 50 percent of his third-rounders are on any active roster. The league average: 84 percent. Only 50 percent of his fourth-rounders are on any active roster. The league average: 82 percent. Only 50 percent of his fifth-rounders are on any active roster. The league average: 75 percent. The Jets did, however, exceed the league averages with their sixth- and seventh-rounders." My conclusion: Maybe the guys from rounds 6 and 7 made the roster because the guys from rounds 2-5 did not ... stats are funny that way. NOT.
  8. Another way the stats for Mac "doing so well" with picks in round 6 and 7 can be interpreted is that those guys are sticking on a talent starved roster BECAUSE he has whiffed so badly on rounds 2 through 5. If he had picked better in the earlier rounds, these guys might not be here.
  9. Drop my auto renewal with NFL Replay. Re up my long dormant goat porn subscription.
  10. Bungaman

    Mike McCarthy fired in Green Bay

    What worries me is whether McCarthy has a track record because he was around during the tenure of two HOF Qb's, or in spite of it. I want an OC/HC who has been able to create a system where Mr. Magoo can be the QB and produce points. For one example, I go back to where I remember Seifert (sp?), Walsh's successor in SF, who was thought to be a great coach. Had a couple of HOF QB's to babysit. Went elsewhere and STUNK. I want a guy who has a system that works, that makes good players great. I am in no position to say whether McCarthy is that guy or not - but this dilemma of "who made who" worries me.
  11. Bungaman

    TOP 10 Worst Jet Losses of All Time

    In terms of humiliation, absolutely none worse. The other games sucked, but I had to watch that game (and couldn't lurch away heaving) with a living room FULL (15+?) of relatives of a close friend of mine that I couldn't be rude to by leaving, or smashing their TV. My buddy (40 year friend, old college roommate) hates the Pats, too (Giants fan,) but ALL his relatives are Pats fans.
  12. Bungaman

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    I'll bet Mckenzie called Jerruh back within five minutes of the offer and said "DONE." Way overpaid. I have a friend of mine who's a Cowgirls fan and he is distraught.
  13. Mind altering substances help. I'm up in VT where it's largely Cheatriot territory, and ,am, when they win, it just sucks. My retort when I get razzed wearing Jet gear is "Well, the one better thing about rooting for the Jets is OUR stuff is always on sale ..." It gets a laugh and lets me leave the bar in one piece.
  14. Bungaman

    Darnold's throwing mechanics

    Go to the 1:01 mark ... Simms discusses Darnold's mechanics. Interesting stuff ... Bada bing
  15. Almost worse later on when Bortles says ay the LOS "I'm going to throw for a touchdown ..." and then does.

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