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  1. I don't think we can judge this until they take the field. The holdovers have had absolutely no place to run the last couple of years, with the exception of Becton (when he's been in there.) I posted a vid a while back that also showed him and Eflin (sp?) opening some big holes on that side of the field, and then Gore, with the vision of an elderly bat, just ran into the backs of the other lineman on the right side for a one yard gain.
  2. Or maybe he broke into his house, looked at "the goods", and ran out without spearing the brown starfish.
  3. I think "anusing" is the right word for this ...
  4. Yeah, just what I want, 20 or so rookies of which 4 might stick to the roster. How about trading late round picks so you can pick 6+ times in the first three rounds instead of 12 players in round four and further down?
  5. And Watson and Kraft can get two-for-one discounts on their happy ending massages.
  6. Yeah - so did I. It's the (off center) dashboard on the xB. And I prefer knobs, too, to a touchscreen. Knobs tend to behave better in the cold and with gloves on.
  7. I didn't know another car had the center console - I have the Scion xB which has it - and it took a short time to get used to it, but now I love it. A Subaru would be on my list of cars if the Scion bites the rust dust soon - because it offers AWD and a stick. The Crosstrek was on the list because of that and higher clearance (I live on a Vermont dirt "road" - half the time, it doesn't qualify.)
  8. Sounds like he was trying to see which therapists would accede to a happy ending. Like others have pointed out, I think professional NFL clubs have masseuses on staff. If he had to have outside therapists, seems fishy not to have settled on a couple to supplement the team offerings. Even if he wanted his sessions to end with a bang, if that was it, he could have found a few who would have agreed to that for some extra cash on a regular basis. The fact that he was casting a net so far and wide that he was flying them in from elsewhere suggests a more predatory mindset to me. JMHO.
  9. Scion xB, 2008 (the first year they went bigger.) 155k miles on it - two minor recalls, nothing but routine maintenance on it. It's really a four banger Camry with a different body. Handles surprisingly well in snow with FWD and studded snows up here in VT. Love the 5 speed stick - gets almost 30 to the gallon, and is not a hot rod, but has plenty of pickup. Boxy shape allows you to haul lots of stuff. Good ergonomics and comfort. Sadly it is nearing the end because rust made its first repair appearance at the last inspection, so one year soon I'll go in and they will tell me it's a total
  10. I was looking at a bunch of old highlight videos on You tube, and found this one on the '81 season of the Jets. I was about to move onto something else, as the NFL films promo was running, and then I saw this: how times have changed!! It is almost comical - now would it be a flag, ejection, suspension?? The knee in the head at the end is just "gravy" ...
  11. It's just criminal. What I take from this - since I've seen the clips before: how many times Frank Gore (even at 5MPH) would have gotten 10 yards had he run to the outside behind Becton's blocks, instead of cutting back up the middle and running into a pile of meat. Frank's problem last year wasn't effort: it was vision, or complete lack of it. It makes me think this years running game - with backs that have functioning eyeballs and some speed - will be fine, even if the improvement in the OL is modest across the line.
  12. The only thing left out of this "analysis" was the risk of any of the QB's getting injured sexually assaulting themselves, which Darnold has already done, in a manner of speaking ...
  13. Jets/Rangers/Mets/Knicks (primarily) fan here in Vermont ... I at mimimum don't root against the other NYC teams, and that '80 to'84 team was not only a great team (underrated across sports - FOUR STRAIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS??) but they kept beat the Flyers during their Broad Street Bullies days. Their making hockey into roller derby on ice chased me away from the sport from after the Islanders until just the last year or so. I root for the Giants in football occasionally because I hate the teams and the fans of the other three NFC East teams (especially the Foreskins - was in DC from '84 to '01, a
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