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  1. Warming up for the season (applies to Knicks fans as well):
  2. Only the real superstar broadcasters make the big bucks and can afford to hold only one gig down. For years, Marv Albert announced for how many teams/events? When he got to the big time/national network level, he was then able to pick his spots, until his underwear modeling gig got him into some hot water. Somehow, that was a conflict. Nowadays, they might even pay him on OnlyFans.
  3. My friends have nicknamed her "The Bowling Ball with legs." She kills rodents (occasionally) but doesn't eat them - which I know is hard to believe. It's true - because she is so lazy, she literally will watch a mouse cross the floor, and she watches it, and nothing moves except her neck. I've told her spectating is NOT part of the lease agreement. (I live way out in the woods.) She'll camp out next to a mole hole on the lawn for hours, waiting until some really dumb rodent exits right into her paws. She also kills but doesn't eat them, either, just leaves them where I can step on the corpse in bare feet in the middle of the night. And no, I don't overfeed her. She was an abuse/neglect case as a young cat that I took in about 8 years ago. When she hit adulthood and kept gaining poundage, I took her to the vet, and they reviewed what food I was feeding her, how much, and ran about $1100 in tests - and they are totally stumped as to why she's a blimp. No hormonal, glandular/organ issues apparent - she's just passed through puberty (got spayed) and kept growing widthwise. It's sad she's going to have the "big one," or have her liver or kidneys eventually go, as she's a gentle sweetheart. But even being able to go outside at will, she is no couch potato - she's the couch.
  4. My cat was pleased with the draft. Based on her prediction (post of March 15th - she keeps track): So she predicted Sauce, Edge and WR in the first, and was a little early on the TE. Her lardship:
  5. I'd say there's another thing he's been good at - managing the dead money. He had a lot to clean up when he got here from Mr. Decaf, and now we are last in the league in one good way: Best dead money figures after being near worst
  6. I think I should turn off my add blocker for this site - it promises to be far more entertaining, at least until training camp ...
  7. I think I would be more afraid of him if he smiled at me.
  8. Perhaps. Unless the skill level of a possible replacement is much higher, you are probably right that the sunk costs won't outweigh that.
  9. I would not bet he'll be around for game 1, either. It's a waiting game to see what other guys are cut lose. Same may happen at LB and safety.
  10. That is a full grown man. Watch him make the squad.
  11. It depends - is there not a way we can get something else (like a good future pick) in order to eat that salary?
  12. Now that made me laugh - and my bad back now hurts worse as a result. So ,,, more wine and therapeutic greens.
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