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  1. JetNut - get better quick!! Besides - you have either Jet success or Jet anguish to look forward to. Can't miss out on either one ...
  2. I just want the Deadskins to suck because I want their miserable fans to be hating every minute of their lives 24/7, after having to endure them for two decades living in DC. When I first got there in '84, I mean, I actually HAD to root for the Giants because I wanted to cheer against them no matter what. (LT was a boon.) Screw them and their Hogs and their self righteousness. They deserve the Snyderbastard as well. I hope he pulls a Dolan and fires everyone competent the minute he gets an ingrown butt follicle about screwing the season ticket holders, or suing old ladies for not renewing their tickets. I fart in their general direction.
  3. Think he'll be shaving in, oh, about ten years?
  4. I think the year of experience, time in the weight and nutrition program, and just growing a year older will help. He's barely a man - a big teen playing with mature men. He'll get better, year on year.
  5. That really had to hurt - face plant and then smash head into rock ...
  6. Anyone else notice who sang "Ben's Song" in the final credits? Creeepy.
  7. And there's something lesser about hardworking, smoking, drinking psychopathic entertainers? 😀
  8. Isn't Phillips a part of this rotation? He and Kaufusi didn't look too bad finishing the year. It's nice to have a young, deep group. I think they will have a great year as a group: an instructive year of NFL experience under their belts, and a year within Greg William's defense means more reacting and less thinking. I believe they will be living in opposing backfields all season long.
  9. Pay him how much, or trade him for what? Too simplistic an equation here.
  10. How about Weeb doesn't get ultra cheap and instead resigns John Riggins for $100K, instead of letting a Hall of Famer walk?
  11. Mann. Field position. Create long fields for the opposing offense to have to march to get in scoring position - and more chances for one bad play or penalty to force them to punt. Get the ball back to our offense between the 40's to allow for short drives to get points. The last couple of years, between the three and outs and a tired second half defense, we gave up a lot of easy points. I hope there's less of that with Mann pinning the other teams back.
  12. Those who confuse the two are self selecting their eligibility for thinning the herd.

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