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  1. I share this unfortunate trifecta of ineptitude. Now in my early 60's, I actually think I am running out of time to see any of these three compete for a championship - because none of them show any signs of pulling themselves out of their respective bottomless pits. Sigh.
  2. And this despite the fact they will have possibly the shortest flights depart from Logan to London and Europe.
  3. Also because he can't make a fist with his paw.
  4. Ha - I remember your game because the next week, they "beat" the Deadskins 3-0. A hardcore Skins fan, a good friend, got me all psyched to watch the game at his house in the Man Cave, all the food and beverages, etc. And then we sat through a game that was so putrid, he apologized for dragging me to his house to waste three hours watching it. We were both stupified by the mutual ineptitude of those teams. Quoting Wikipedia, "the Jets did not score more than ten points in five of their last six games." The box score is just ... dull. Like the game. Nothing happened
  5. The Mud Bowl was the worst for me - but I was at a big dinner in southern VT with my friend's family. About 30 people, maybe 10 people who didn't care, 15 people who were Cheats fans, four Giant fans, and me - the Green Leper. Even they were silent after the third touchdown: looking at me and expecting me probably to slit my own throat. I just shook my head and walked outside for a cigarette. (Gave that up this spring, just in time for a nice stressful year.)
  6. It tells you how much of a control freak Gase is if his #1 QB feels he can't audible ever. How is that teaching him to control a game? What does it tell the other layers about the confidence he has in the QB - or doesn't? It's really an extension of checking down during a play - if the first option isn't there, is he not supposed to go to the next one? This isn't JV football: his QB - although still the second youngest starter in the league, if not the youngest - has played the game for a few years. Sam needs to feel like HE is part of the solution, not just some automaton - and an unsuccessful one at that, or he'll never grow as a QB. Is there any other successful QB who has EVER been barred from making an audible?
  7. The wonders of Photoshop. Makes Coyote-ugly into a ten in minutes.
  8. He'll pull a hamstring getting up from his seat at the press conference in NYC after discussing the trade and how happy he is to be here ...
  9. A public service. For those with no sense of smell. Oh wait - don't make that joke now ...
  10. I wonder why the calculations take such a leap between 20. Chargers: 39 % and 21. Falcons: 18 %

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