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  1. I wanted one of those so bad growing up. One of my neighbors had one, and I was pissed that he would give it to me or trade it for some other toy/item of childhood value. And he didn't even like football. AS%hole.
  2. Ditto for me - a link would be appreciated - I'm stuck in the VT mountains where even satellite reception (due to weather) is very iffy. DSL only - not a whiff of high speed here, either. Sigh. But I have lots of bears and microbrews ...
  3. Crowder may not be tall, but he looks pretty sturdily built.
  4. Mullets, mechanics, munitions and mud trucks ... 😁
  5. While I admit these are Mac additions, I have to believe coaching up, properly deploying and motivating the newcomers AND those who were already here is something that the new staff can do that the old coaching staff most definitely could NOT. That in itself is worth a game or two, let alone a better talent level/deeper bench. I expect Douglass to work on the bench this year - and do better with starter level talent next draft and off-season.
  6. Don't count Deonte Thompson out as a valuable backup - he's about the only other receiver with speed. Maybe he'll get an opportunity to emerge here as a second deep threat.
  7. I think that it is key that on defense and offense we have added some players who will make others better at their own roles. We're not there yet, but I think over these last two seasons a good foundation has been built. I'm also optimistic that the new front office will be able to sustain this.
  8. We need an emoji for "highly alarmed"...
  9. Similar problems up here in VT - I settled (grudgingly) the past couple of years for the NFL Game Pass package, since most weekends I couldn't actually watch at the broadcast times. I liked being able to play back commercial-free (cuts watch time by an hour,) and any time I wanted to. I usually watched Monday or Tuesday night, plus peeked at parts of the other NFL games worth watching any given week. I know of some live bootleg links (contact me if you want them), but to use them I literally used an old PC with video out to the TV, VERY heavily defended against malware, to watch anything live (what I usually do for the Knicks - when in a masochistic mood.) You don't want to risk your regular computer on these sites.
  10. He is the WORST I've ever heard. Worse than Jim Nance's Cheats worship. I hate homer announcers - even when they are for my own team. Zolak blames everyone else , whines when any call is made against the Cheats, never gives any other players credit for any play, etc. He's always wiping his team's bodily fluids off his chin. The only time - too rare - that I can listen to him (when I am starved for sports and there's nothing else on the air when I'm driving home) is when the Cheats are losing: then, hearing him sulk, pout and whine is just pure gravy. Can't wait until they are mediocre again, when Evil Bill and Giselle retire/implode: then, I'll be gleefully hitting the dial.
  11. Tom, if all of the rumors come through, congrats - I think. I've been a Knicks first, Nets second BB fan since 1969. Highlights included the Knicks playoff games in MSG in the two years they lost, '71 and '72. Saw the Nets play in the Coliseum during the regular season on and off before '75 -so I got to see Julius and the great teams before the ABA merged and Roy Boe The Dick sold off Julius to close the merger deal. I always thought that intact Nets team would have won an NBA championship. Since the Nets are further ahead of the Knicks (and they don't have Evil Dolan lurking in the tunnels beneath the Barkley Center,) these deals for high priced vets might work out OK. I actually feel the Knicks should sign NO tier one FA's, and go for guys like Randle and DeLo, and keep building. The Knicks have repeatedly shown that they cannot resist the shiny bauble and overpay (see Amare S, Carmelo, et. al. forever,) so I don't trust them on anything. They will probably stink for another season, Dolan will lose patience, fire everyone but Steve Mills and once again hire Isiah Thomas, Pariah In Chief, to run his idiot farm yet again.
  12. Guarantee you that franchise location sees its profits drop due to loss of inventory ...
  13. I'm really excited about the upcoming season, but once the games are done, I also will actually be looking forward to the off-seasons, now that there are competent people in charge - instead of dreading what dumb s%it moves the front office would make. THAT is a big change, and a long term one.

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