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  1. Bungaman

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Brad Smith. I could not figure out why he never got a legit shot at QB, given how we couldn't keep a decent one on the field. Mobile, a great arm, and a competitor. Four year college QB. Like a taller Ray Lucas who could actually pass the ball. Given how much hoopla there is over QB's who can run and pass, he got short shrift. Stats and bio
  2. that link looks suspicious - "behind the johnson" ... Unless you've been Bobbitted, I know what's behind a Johnson. And the link took me to a 404 page ...
  3. Bungaman

    6' 9" 400lb offensive lineman

    If he's posting here, I doubt. (Speaking from personal experience.)
  4. Bungaman

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    I'll bet he's weighing in at a round (not around) 375 or so ...
  5. "Ascending"? Lee was "ascending"? The kid could play college football, but did not have the physical tools, the mental makeup, or the grit to play any position in the NFL. He's a special team caliber player unwilling to play special teams.
  6. Bungaman

    Mac fired!

    Agreed this piece mystifies me - but maybe Heimer was not as critical to the few good decisions that were made during the Mac regime as we have been led to believe. And folks should calm down - Gase is only the INTERIM GM, not the permanent GM. Hopefully, they'll go out and get the guy from Philly (Douglass?) or someone else a bit more consistent and competent than Mac was.
  7. He can't scheme them any worse = he can just put them on the field and tell them "get it f&*king done or I'll roast your b+**s on a stick after the game!" The lack of incentive/reward/punishment in the last regime was just astounding, No consequences for poor play, and no reward for good play.
  8. If you ask my wife (who I am separated from but still helping to raise our daughter) she's says I've let my self go and I am disgraceful. It is what it is. I'd settle for what I looked like at 41, but 20 years added to that is hard to battle with. I went from a six pack to a small keg over that time. Having to stop playing basketball was the killer - about the only running sport that interested me ...
  9. Bungaman

    Why is Darron Lee still here?

    Unfortunately, and I tried really hard to like him/his play, he wasn't too easy to find when he was on the field, either.
  10. Could be a good pickup, and we have the $$ in that price range - depending on the competition.
  11. Consistent. As in guys consistently blowing assignments all over the field, undisciplined personal fouls without repercussions, missing meetings without repercussions, ad nauseum. He might have been a nice guy, but I will not miss him as a head coach.
  12. Bungaman

    Osemele Interview

    When you check out the video, check out Osemele's arms and huge hands. I think he could scratch his kneecap without bending over. Holy Moley. You also have to run 10 yards just to get around him and his chest. A BIG DUDE.
  13. Slim fit for me. 35w x 29 or 30 l. Combined with a tee shirt, suspenders, and a sweat shirt over that, completely camouflages the 60+ year pot bellied disaster I have evolved into. Living in dress-down Vermont helps, too - I escaped NYC and Wash, DC just in time to deteriorate in relative peace without constant humiliation.
  14. Bungaman

    Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Not being fully awake when I saw this thread title, my head almost exploded until I saw it was an old thread maliciously bumped up to do exactly that ...
  15. This is who I trust ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OKwRsnWO84

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