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  1. IIRC, I think Westhoff also served in this capacity under a couple of Jet head coaches. There's a guy who we should have given the opportunity to be our head coach when we had the chance and he was still in reasonable health/of a reasonable age.
  2. I hate him, whether he is the GOAT or not. I hope the Chiefs blow him up. Too bad for McClendon and JPP - I want the Bucs to lose.
  3. This for me, too. The Mud Bowl calcified my hatred of the Phins forever more. Shula was the cheating model that Belichick adopted when he assumed control of the NE club, IMHO.
  4. He probably has something to do with her career heading south, people say ...
  5. Bungaman

    RIP Hank Aaron

    His career stats are unbelievable - the total bases and RBI ones jump out. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/22/sports/baseball/hank-aaron-stats.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article
  6. And if Sam gets traded to the Texans, and they have McCown as the HC, not Bienimy, his career is going to get even more screwed than it was here. Poor kid, going to an even worse sh*t show.
  7. And - he wasn't just a home run hitter. Almost got a triple crown more than once. An excellent fielder. At 6', 180 lbs, he wasn't some 'roided beast with a club. I was at Shea many years ago at a Mets-Braves game, and he hit an opposite field line drive home run that couldn't have been more than 25 feet from the ground, taking about three or four seconds to get to the bleachers. It was so hot people were diving to get AWAY from the ball as it screamed in.
  8. Not after he was named coordinator by the interim HC - points allowed went from over 30 to just over 20. I'd look for the link, but I am too lazy.
  9. Ah yes - I'd forgotten that pesky detail. I sit corrected.
  10. One thing to consider: how bad would the Texans have been had he not been so good? Probably so bad they would have been picking first in this draft.
  11. Lots of sleepless nights for him when they move through their late teens ... no rest for him. 😱
  12. This. Watson's contract not a huge one, compared to the other top paid (not necessarily top performing) QB's. Houston has no first or second round picks in the upcoming draft, and they are $17 M over the cap - so procuring young cheap talent through the draft is highly desirable. This might make a trade of their most expensive asset more likely than it otherwise would be. And no wonder Watson wants out: the football operations are being run by an ex team chaplain, FFS. Unless he as a "hot line" phone directly connecting him to some heavenly authority, that's a disaster in the making.
  13. Lingerie. Though the image makes me reach for the mind bleach.

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