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  1. What about minors who are too young to have phones who come in with their parents?
  2. Vitt made me think of of some hard boiled character in some Mafia movie. Coaching on this team will be worth two wins, on top of the roster improvements and Sam's development in year two. I think a lot of these year two and three guys - the few of them we have that were drafted, as well as the FA's - will all take a leap because they simply weren't learning anything under the old staff, and weren't being molded into functional units. Note that Boyer had the same guys (or less - few blue chippers) to field his special teams units, and yet they were good, while the same (or better) players performed like stoned high school players on the O and D.
  3. Geno was better - and that says a lot about Webb.
  4. Astonishingly bad - there was that weird turnover in the 4th q - fumble/strip? - that they never mentioned (they were too busy giving their check signer a thorough reach-around). WTF happened? And true - not a single camera shot of the Jets sideline, or discussion of anything about the Jets at all. Not even a short courtesy summary for the casual Atlanta fan who might want to know the strengths or weaknesses of the opponent. They did harp on Greg Williams' schemes on defense - but just to kind of excuse how crappy their bench players were doing.
  5. Whew - at least I won't have to listen to those idiots again in the near future. I've heard better announcers for high school sports.
  6. Do they have a lot of "ambulance chaser" commercials, or is it my imagination?
  7. Yes - I can. Los had that one nailed a long time back. Made me look around at the stats and the players and realize he was onto something. Kind of like all of Belicheat's coaches going off to other jobs and failing miserably. Sometimes the system's results are greater than the sum of its parts.
  8. Maybe a creative three team deal will work to get a CB. Our GM will figure it out - in JD I have faith.
  9. After listening to Williams, Vitt and Bush (ILB coach), I am really thinking that coaching alone will be worth a couple of wins on this team. They are pushed by a common goal and philosophy, not cliches and coasting, like the last regime. The coaching staff is focused and motivated to teach - and it sounds like training camp will actually harden the survivors who make the roster to perfrom during the regular season. I think this bunch can squeeze 10-6 out of this roster, no matter what its weaknesses (barring catastrophic injuries to multiple key players.) (There's a bunch of links to all the position coach's musings, and I'm going to watch them all. The vids ... )
  10. Given that I loath Dallas, but my boss is a Dallas fan, I have to gloat with a very low profile ... Ironically, if you want to field a team, Jerruh SHOULDN'T give either one of them what they are asking for. He might end up trading them both for two guys who are 75% of the players that they are, a bunch of good picks, and have a fair amount of cash left over to keep the team competitive. But I cheerfully doubt he'll do that.
  11. Could be that they think picking up a serviceable kicker on the waiver wire/near the end of preseason and integrating him into the special teams unit might be easier and cheaper than doing the same with a CB or OL and their respective units.
  12. Jones looked accurate, to my surprise - but the CB never even looked back for the ball in the end zone. Blech.
  13. Very sad news. Way too young. RIP, and peace to the family as well.
  14. No. Not watching. Nothing against it, but I have other priorities. Like strangling the munchkin.
  15. We got both. By having three good linemen who can win one-on-one battles - Williams, Leo and Anderson - plus Jenkins, who had 6/7 (?) sacks, who's to say Luvu or Copeland can't provide edge pressure mismatched against an RB? I think Coach W will find ways to generate pressure from all over the front seven - and I think that's going to accomplish the task. If Polite produces anything his rookie season, it's a bonus. There was no edge rusher who graded as high as Williams, as he's I think a better all-around talent. Drafting according to BPA sometimes is frustrating, but IMHO I think leads to better results when you are building for talent and depth in the long term. And we might have to let Leo walk after this season.
  16. Could be it has something to do with mentoring Harrison as well as providing experienced depth. I might not be so surprised to see Kalil not start, but be the first guy off the bench in case one of the currently penciled in guards or Harrison gets nicked.
  17. I wanted one of those so bad growing up. One of my neighbors had one, and I was pissed that he would give it to me or trade it for some other toy/item of childhood value. And he didn't even like football. AS%hole.
  18. Ditto for me - a link would be appreciated - I'm stuck in the VT mountains where even satellite reception (due to weather) is very iffy. DSL only - not a whiff of high speed here, either. Sigh. But I have lots of bears and microbrews ...
  19. Crowder may not be tall, but he looks pretty sturdily built.
  20. Mullets, mechanics, munitions and mud trucks ... 😁

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