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  1. Being in VT, I often get stuck on game days in the car having to listen to this over the top gas bag home doing the color comment on the Cheats games. He's so nauseating I often have to change the channel because he's so unbearable. He never gives anyone on the opposing team credit, and whines about the refs and anything else that he can think of when things go south. I try to actually tune in when the Cheats are losing just to hear him go mental. I know some Cheat fans who can't stand him, which says something.
  2. I think when a call is reviewed - especially PI - they should ditch this "preponderance of evidence to overrule the call on the field thing." Let the stripes RE-OFFICIATE the call. Then at least all things are equal - no one side of the ball having some sort of advantage as in, was it 60% correct, and is that enough to overrule it? 70% How botched does the call need to be? If you review it, just review it - evenhandedly.
  3. This. You want to avoid strange or bad sh*t happening? Be 9 points up at the two minute warning.
  4. We should hope we get to be the new Saints.
  5. Imagine if they end up with a real QB in this off-season. For their sakes (not that I care one way or another about the Titans) I hope they didn't sign Tannehill to a long term extension. He no more than a good #2 - he just can't read the field and make good decisions. Pity, because he has the arms and the legs. He's a more likable Geno Smith.
  6. It's ironic that despite the aborted tank, they might still be able to draft Tua if he falls a bit i the draft because of his injury - they might get him despite their somewhat useless wins. I won't mind a renewed rivalry with them and the Jills. As long as the Cheats - minus some more draft picks to penalize them for their latest video malfeasance - become the AFCE doormat for the next, oh, thirty years.
  7. Or like "Murder on the Orient Express, " where every other team rep gets to twist a knife into the corpse.
  8. Ha - a giant spikey sanpaper dildo. My coworker is a Squealers fan, my boss a Cowgirls fan - so these were gifts I did not expect this year. The Cheats losing and having to hit the Wild Card weekend was another bonus today; I think the Titans match up well enough with them (great running game, physical team) to beat those cheating turds as well.
  9. Ah - but imagine the contract and the guaranteed money. He can pull a coaching "Wilkerson" and set himself up for life on Jerrah's many nickels.
  10. Apparently the NFLPA warned prospective free agents about the Jag's/TC's propensity to fine players - 25% of all fines levied in the league are by the Jags - and the ownership was afraid of losing out on free agents in the upcoming year. Can't say I blame the players or their agents. TC was a good football mind, but over the top when it came to player discipline. And no, I don't want him here.
  11. 62 year old here, fan since '70. Somehow, watching Mike Lucci blowing out Namath's knee in a meaningless preseason game hooked me ... I suppose apathy is the best term. I just wish that I could have the minimal expectation of being able to watch a competitive game each week was met. I have no expectations of ever rooting for a dynastic team (my other millstone is the Knicks.) I feel bad for the few good players that cycle through the team, when I'm sure they'd love to bring a championship here, but that's been undone mostly by coaching, scouting and management mediocrity. But it's not destiny to be crummy or good - but I'd just like it to change soon, before I am watching games on a big screen TV in a wheelchair in some decrepit nursing home somewhere. And in my nightmares, the nurse changes the channel right as the Jets line up to attempt the 35 yard field goal to win the game as time runs out; I stroke out and that ends it all ... And the Knicks? No - I'll be long dead before they bring home the bacon again. But maybe I'll get to meet Anthony Mason in that court in the sky.
  12. 3) Suspension of Kraft's massage parlor visitation privileges. Hit 'em where it hurts!
  13. This is an example of our educational system coupled with mental impairment.
  14. Their color commentator Scott Zolak is without question the worst announcer I have ever heard, anywhere at any time. "Homer" does not do it justice. He's the Alex Jones of sports radio.
  15. Keep piling it on to these d-bags, I hate them.
  16. He's an overwhelmed kid on a bad team. I will give him another year before passing judgement.
  17. The NFL - owned by rich geezers making truckloads of money - is still the only pro sports league on the planet too cheap to pay for full time officials, and train them as such. So we get hobbyist officials who work their full time gigs during the week and then serve us this s&*t on the weekends. Proves to me over and over that the owners care only about the short term revenues, and nothing about the integrity of their sport.
  18. Jackson's second TD. Man - he is on target and making really good reads.
  19. Good for him. Celebrated on a night after the game, and took a limo home when it wasn't too late. Maybe squeeze a little booty in there.
  20. My condolences. Nice that you had some good times to share. RIP.
  21. Being a Bengals fan, it's also got to suck realizing you have the cheapest ownership in football, who will do nothing to change things for the better if it costs .5c more to do so. Years of more misery await.
  22. Is there a blood test for mania? asking for a friend ...

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