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  1. You're torturing me. I'm too old for sex any more - I can't hold up the magazine long enough ...
  2. Cager might have average WR route running skills that now translate into above average for a TE. Which is fine - but he'll have to be showing the coaches that he can do the blocking and other essential stuff.
  3. We also added a starting safety, and got back another safety, a FA signing from the previous year, who was out all season. A complete revamp of the secondary with veterans - and last year's young starters are now the depth pieces with starting experience under their belts.
  4. That one was definitely Eli Manning-esque. Let's hope he doesn't repeat it - unlike Manning, who was doing those kinds of jaw droppers for about four seasons until it dawned on him that they were bad ideas.
  5. I think this one should go forward. The is no possible way the Texans couldn't have known about this, and they did nothing (that we know of) to dissuade him or redirect him. They should have sent him to their team staff for massages, and gotten him set up with a role playing hooker to keep everything separate and with willing parties to the transactions in question.
  6. The thing with the LB position in particular is there are so many choices. I'd add Bill Romanowski, and perhaps Ted Hendricks. At safety, John Lynch was pretty bonkers - knocked his own brother-in-law, an opposing tight end, out cold and out of a game. Just about ended Christian Okoye's career with a goal line hit, IIRC - and Okoye was no wallflower dwarf when it came to contact.
  7. With the lack of substantive news or topics, it's getting weird around here recently ...
  8. Daniel Snyderbastard has been screwing people since before owning the Foreskins. I'm not even a fan, but it's beyond the pale. My Foreskin friends are done with the team. https://washingtoncitypaper.com/article/221900/the-cranky-redskins-fans-guide-to-dan-snyder/
  9. I think the durability/availability thing here might have tipped the scales. And I prefer Sauce - Stingley is Milliner 2.0.
  10. I loved hearing the coaches and free agents. There is a lot to say for chemistry. Trying to get through as many episodes as I can before keeling over.
  11. Hedge your bets! Buy a Hall, Wilson, Carter, Davis, White, Williams or Johnson jersey with Velcro-attached numbers - and you can swap them out depending on who is playing well! Still good if one of your pair gets traded or cut!
  12. While he says it was fun, I imagine he's leaving because he's not getting paid a living wage by the DN. They probably can't afford experienced writes - and have two tiers: big names, and barely paid above intern level staff. OT: Few traditional newspapers can compete with the disappearance of local advertising in the digital age. Unfortunately, local print media is withering, which is especially damaging to smaller towns (not just NYC or the big cities,) because local coverage of courthouses, schools, etc., disappears completely. No oversight, more corruption and misbehavior. Not sure what the solution is - maybe let local newspapers get some sort of tax free support to help keep them afloat: they are critical to an informed voting populace. JMHO.
  13. Ah - for me it was post Superbowl, Namath tossing to Riggins, Boozer, Caster and Barkum.
  14. No matter how ripped he is, Berrios is a small guy compared to the other three teammates in the picture. I have no idea how he survives the NFL.
  15. Maybe because he has two new tight ends, one new rookie receiver, one WR returning from injury, one new rookie RB - it might affect his accuracy. No word if all of these new targets are running crisp correct routes, either.
  16. No tutus - I draw the line there. Even green ones. Foil hats - perhaps. If they came fleece lined, they could wear them in cold weather on the sidelines.
  17. Perhaps in their Super Bowl year, other teams were quicker to abandon the run game because they had to play catchup. Based on a yards per carry measurement, maybe the 49ers were more than willing to give up yardage on the ground, keep the clock moving, and to keep the opposition from catching up through the air. In the years that they were mediocre, teams might have run on them more, but gotten less per carry, but stuck with it to run out the clock. It might be instructive to see what the passing vs running total yards and total attempts were in these four seasons, rather than yards per attempt. JMHO.
  18. I think losing their OC is a bigger deal than the personnel turnover.
  19. This hurts: I don’t want to add to Knicks’ fans depression, but if the Celtics do what it seems like it’s their manifest destiny to do, that’ll make four entirely different iterations of Boston teams — Havlicek-Cowens (1974, ’76), Bird-McHale-Parish (1981, ’84, ’86), Garnett-Pierce-Allen (2008) and now Tatum-Brown-Smart — to hang banners since the last Knicks title.
  20. Maybe one a little broader than that - favorite car, for whatever reason. I only got laid in that Toyota Celica, and I never wanted to repeat the experience. It didn't help that it was about ten degrees outside - I moved my carnal activities indoors after that. I should have gotten laid in my second car - the '70 Coupe De Ville: there was room for an orgy in there.
  21. HA! That brought back a memory. A high school buddy of mine was driving one of those (after we had all graduated) in the early '80's near Tarrytown, on a freezing night on snowy roads, when the passenger sliding door just fell off into the road as we were going down the street. No road bump, no braking, just ... fell off.
  22. OMG. One of my college roommates had one - a new one his parents bought him. 1976 or so? The sedan, not the wagon. I have never, before or since, seen so much money poured into a single vehicle with the possible exception of my attempted restoration project of a '73 Datsun 240Z (which my friends nicknamed the Snowmobile - white, like a cocaine habit, but more expensive. When I donated that to the fire department for a tax donation, I asked and they promised me to burn it and crush it - leaving the order up to them.)
  23. Hey - I used to play dodgeball on asphalt from grades 3-6, and loved it. Don't remember much ...
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