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  1. Also, on the logo, look at the negative space created between the "N' and the "J" it looks like a jet wing banking away... especially if the "J" is understood as the tail fin.
  2. Huh. Strange logo. Looks like the Giants NY with bottom trail but in reverse. Also recalls the Jets wordmark with the trail on the bottom and to the left instead of top and right. Weird transition from the "N" to the "Y." The black sleeves don't really go and should be white. The logo text should be white. Perhaps it's a fake, but it seems just weird enough to be real. Pay attention to the "NFL 100" seal. This is not the logo that the NFL unveiled. But, maybe an approved variant for the uniforms not yet shown. Hmm...
  3. Testaverde didn't play with the green helmet, right? His joined the team in 1998 which was the first season reverting back to white helmets after twenty years of the green helmets.
  4. Oops. This sounds more like the Jets' 75th anniversary look: http://nfluniforms.blogspot.com/2011/07/throwback-helmet-evolution.html
  5. Tip-off that it's derivative of the 80's logo/wordmark???
  6. It should be a lighter shade of green...closer to Kelly green. It probably will be, as the Jets' website seems to be photoshopping the current uniform pictures to make them look lighter and more like the color rush jersey. Hope they don't use black. The Saints and Ravens black unitard look is so meh. What an overdone, boring choice.
  7. They had Gase posing with a football helmet and wearing a logo that, in a few months, will likely be extinct.
  8. This is interesting, Thank you for this write up. As a point of fact, there appears to be a connection between the colors of the NYC flag and several NYC sports teams. Regardless of how anyone feels about this "historical artifact," it is a stronger connection than stating that the color black is synonymous with NYC. I agree that NYC brands shouldn't feel bound to a specific set of colors, and they aren't. Just hoping they skip both the black and garish Tampa Bay-style designs.
  9. The official colors of New York City, as represented by its flag, are orange, white and blue. https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us-nyc.html Think Mets, Knicks and Islanders uniforms. No, I don't want to see those colors for the Jets, and I certainly don't want to see black. I hope they remain green, and I would prefer a lighter shade and green helmets.
  10. This rumor sounds real for two reasons: 1. It's so bad that it's just the kind of that could absolutely be true. 2. The Jets' no-contact QB jerseys were switched to green and black for no apparent reason and the team asked for opinions/highlighted it on social media. I don't like black as a main color at all. Especially for the helmet color. It's blah...I think four or five teams use black as the helmet color and more use dark navy blue...boring! Who wants to look like the Ravens? Only one team uses green helmets...the Eagles, and that's a dark green. I was hoping the Jets would go back to a lighter green helmet and own green. One possibility to make black work would be to add a pattern or mixed materials to the black...like what the Seahawks do with the carbon fiber on top of the helmet. I'm also not a fan of military fighter jet image, but I think this is totally predictable and what the market may like. I would prefer that the Jets emphasize speed and go back to a stylized jet-wing that recalls the 80's wordmark. The choice doesn't have to be between a commercial airliner and a military fighter. If they're so keen on a military look, they could have the uniforms look like actual jet fighter pilot flight-suits complete with helmets...think Ernest Borgnine in Airwolf...ha!
  11. teptep

    New Jersey?

    New York has more marketing cachet. They wouldn't change it that way and injure the brand...even if they are an NJ team.
  12. At around to 10 second mark look at the green color of "Jets"-- much brighter than current. Maybe looks like Kelly green, and in keeping with how the team has been styling their advertising. That, along with the glow, indicates that green isn't being swapped out as a primary color. If they go with "Stealth Jet Black" maybe it's an alternative set. The promo video is pretty funny...
  13. I can see the "bold" change to a fighter jet inspired logo and color accents as opposed to the airliner jet wing from the 80's. It's been mentioned before that jet travel doesn't have the same cachet now that it did when the team was named in the 60's. A military theme could be a big money maker, although I'd rather not see it. The TItans stuff is such a stretch. Does anyone really care about the Titans of New York and their glorious history? When they added the Titans throwbacks some time ago, I thought it was a missed opportunity to satisfy that portion of the fanbase that really likes the 80's uniforms. I imagine that those people on this board who are opposed to going back to the 80's logo/colors wouldn't mind them as a once or twice a year throwback...
  14. You're probably right about this.
  15. I'd agree with you if it was the Jets uniform from Namath era unaltered.

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