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  1. I'd like the Jets to go with that light shade of green - top image. The bottom image could certainly fit with the gossip about an alternate all black uniform with the lime/green accents. Imagine a new logo on the side of the helmet also in lime green, "NY" or "JETS" wordmark, and that's the new helmet?
  2. The consensus from gossip (whatever that's worth) and scant material put out by the Jets (last year's black and green QB practice jersey, uniform PR invite, cheerleaders color scheme) points to the new uniforms featuring a lighter shade of green and black as the primary colors with a lime/neon green ala Seahawks as a featured accent color. There doesn't seem to be much in the way to back up a blue/grey, blue/gold addition. The "gossip" mentions a full black alternate uniform. If that's the case, the primary color of the helmet will be black to go with the "stealth" look, as such a helmet color can also work with an emerald green jersey. I have no interest in black being added to the uniform, and I'd want a green helmet (too many black helmets and white helmets - only one green Eagles' helmet) but indications seem to be heavy black. If that's the case, I hope there is novel patterning or a full helmet decal application to make it interesting rather than just straight black.
  3. This is a Rorschach test. I thought it was the wordmark before. Now, when I look at it, I think it could be anything from an abstract design ala the "debunked" tailfin on the helmet, to a wordmark, to the different angles of the speedflex helmet. It's sort of like trying to figure out the face on Mars.
  4. FWIW - I'm likely wrong about the wedge shape. Leonard Williams appears to be wearing a speedflex helmet here. Those helmets happen to have wedge shape cutouts in those approximate places, so this is probably the light hitting them and does not show that part of any design.
  5. Return of a wordmark concept for the helmet? The tip of the wedge/concord plane up top? Is the diagonal line actually the space between an interlocking "J" and "E" ?
  6. I think these are good educated guesses. I'd be fine with this if the helmet was also green and went a homage to/straight up reproduction of the Jets wordmark from the 80s, but now I'm getting greedy. FWIW, I don't think a predominantly white colored helmet goes with the uniform combos as described, especially with an all-black alternative.
  7. What I really hope we don't see is a Brooklyn Nets boring uniform for the Jets.
  8. That would be great, but given what we know it sounds like black is heavily in the mix and they may be referring to the current Eagles uniforms - not these throwbacks. So, the best may be able to get is a lighter shade of green with black. If the black had texture or patterning to make it more interesting, perhaps it could be ok, but flat black would be a boring addition, much like earlier modifications to the Mets and Knicks uniforms.
  9. Numbers likely on the tops of the shoulders...Leonard Williams' "92" - no shoulder stripes. As for the wedge shape,/stripe I think it's a simplified reinterpretation of the jetwing from the 80's wordmark. That likely means the 80's wordmark will not be making a return in any unaltered form. I like the idea of the wedge shape on the sleeves, but not down the pant legs. The "evidence" from the lighter shade of green, to the wedge shape, makes me think that it won't be a military jet theme - they are keeping the emphasis on speed and a generic jet. I think the current jets logo clashes with this concept and will be updated if it remains on the helmet. Black could be a new primary color along with the lighter green, which I find disappointing. If they must use black, I hope it is confined to an alternate uniform and not integrated into the normal set. I'm still holding out hope for green helmets.
  10. If they went back to the 60's uniform with Kelly green, grey facemask and fixed the shoulder stripes so that it's green/white/green, that could work. In addition, for the logo, they should go back to the football shape instead of the oval, they should remove the "NY" from the logo, take out the little football under "Jets" and swap out the "Jets" with the 80's workmark jet wing.
  11. Ravens/ Giants was the most boring SB I remember. Then, perhaps Cowboys/Bills (either one), Redskins/Bills...
  12. Not all of us. I became a Jets fan during the Bruce Coslet era (no accounting for taste). So I do admit that it's partial nostalgia, but I always liked the full green helmets, that particular shade of green and the jet outline on the wordmark. I had hope they'd make the playoffs in those uniforms, especially in 1993 vs the Oilers and then in Parcells' first season in 1997 against the Lions. But, of course, Parcells changed the uniforms in 1998 when they started a run of more success.
  13. While I guess they won't go back to this, it's my favorite look.
  14. I like this. Especially because the helmet is green and features the 80's wordmark, while the new "logo" is secondary and only appears on the jersey.
  15. teptep

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    People working at a job do not have an expectation of being physically manipulated - whether tackled or otherwise - by other employees unless such activities are noted and consented to in an employment contract. I imagine that this even holds true in the NFL for employees not designated as players. No employee who has not consented should have to risk injury over flagrant nonsense like this - yes, even in the NFL.Adams' intent to not harm the employee is irrelevant. This could certainly be a worker's comp lawsuit or perhaps a personal injury lawsuit. The NFL should absolutely not want incidents like this to occur.

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