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  1. Looking forward to Darnold Vs. Allen / Rosen 2x per year. Exciting for the division for many years to come.
  2. Yes. The 80's wordmark is far superior to what they decided to put on the new helmet (as much as I like the return to the green helmet). A few mock-ups were posted here from reddit after the new unis were released with this concept - new Jets text with jet. It looked really sharp. Too bad. Not happening.
  3. This is a great idea and could have made the helmet logo palatable.
  4. They are both centered relative to the oval. The space created between the "New York" and the "J" just doesn't look very good.
  5. This doesn't include the 49ers who went to black for a little while and then dropped it (I think). If the black merch fails to "take flight," will it remain in the color scheme in five years?
  6. Just got my new Jets merch, and I'm loving it! It's even got the smallest touch of "Stealth Black" mixed in. Also like that it's made right here in the USA.
  7. If confirmed, it's Stealth Black uniforms for the first outing in the new gear.
  8. Love this. I like how it incorporates the current font with the abstract jet. Perfectly completes the rest of the uniform. Miss opportunity and 1000x better than the huge football.
  9. Some of your work is done as "Spotlight White" is already the main background color Since "Stealth Black" can only be worn 3x per year, limit that color on the site and focus on "Gotham Green!"
  10. Well, they rehashed a previous uniform, so I guess I did.
  11. Yep. Does the NFL five year design change rule also apply to minor "tweaks" ? If not, the braintrust should be all over this.
  12. Something akin to this concept must have been brought forward and then vetoed...shame as it would have been the cherry on top. Does anyone actively like the huge football on the helmet now?
  13. This really works. A simple change that helps to bring the look together. It's far better than the oversized football on the helmet now, goes with the inspiration for the rest of the uniform, and actually features a reference to the object that the team is named after.
  14. Pains me to say it, as I wanted new uniforms, but the 2018 uniforms were much better. Tweaks to the old uniform that could have made it even better: - swap out the hunter green for the original Kelly Green - change the oval to back to the football shape and place it at a slight angle like the originals - get rid of the "NY" and mini football and put in the 80s wordmark in the green "football" to incorporate the "jet imagery" and to create an "amalgam" between generations, since they seem to want to do that.
  15. This concept would have been my preference and they were so close, but they couldn't make themselves use the 80's wordmark (it works nicely in the oval here). Is it true that Jets' ownership paid to have a custom typeface designed back when they bought the team in the late 90's? If this is so, perhaps they felt they had to get value from that rather than use the 80's wordmark?? Yeah, I know lots of folks don't like this direction, but the new unis harken back to this era anyway.
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