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  1. Was not alive in 69. I've experienced everything from the 80's till now. Some good moments here n there but I want that great moment which would obviously be an Super Bowl Win.
  2. I don't understand how this dude is not ready to roll & isn't 100%.
  3. I can deal with Joe. His pessimist ways get annoying but I understand the pain he's gone thru with the Jets. I do remember how confident he was when the Jets went to Pitt for the Championship Game. The optimism was incredible. Downhill ever since.
  4. Love It. Starting the season against the Bills is perfect πŸ‘
  5. Dude was a solid Jet. Kept quiet, never complained, did his job & played his ass off.
  6. Solid Veteran Presence in the Locker Room. Good Signing πŸ‘
  7. Punters are a big part of the game n the Jets drafted the best in College. Let's hope it translates to the NFL.
  8. JD had a great draft! Filled the needs like a Competent GM would. WR is fine guys like Doctson n Smith have experience n are young enough to fill the void.
  9. All these moves & picks come down to how they perform in practice & on gameday. I take every experts opinion as a grain of salt. Go Jets!
  10. No chance Maye is getting traded. Think the Jets would stupid to not resign him.
  11. Zuniga is n athletic freak just like Davis. Love this pickπŸ‘

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