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  1. This will be swing and miss. It's lookin like desperation now. Atleast there doing the due diligence.
  2. TE was certainly not a need. Not sure what the hell Macc is doin
  3. Need another OL. Michael Jordan or Ben Powers should be targets at 121
  4. This kids gonna be a big factor on this defense. You can tell he loves the game of football by the way he plays. Solid pick
  5. Dude was Solid Center in College but who the F knows what he's capable of in NFL. The Jets drafted a solid player. The hate is crazy.
  6. The Draft is so overrated n Jets fans always overreact. Just be happy with the pick. Jesus Christ u guys amaze me.
  7. This is a great pick dont understand why Jets fans are hating it. The draft is such a crapshoot. Macc did well here.
  8. The Jets are primed and ready to take this Division & make a run at a Chip. Its on Macc n Ownership to not F**k it up.
  9. Anderson is gonna have a significant impact in Gase's system & if traded will hurt Sam's development. This would be beyond stupid.
  10. Clark got paid 5 year $105 Million by Chiefs. Thats a lot of coin 😯
  11. The transition to the NFL is gonna be tough for him but man this dude is fast as hell. Definitely a guy to keep your eye on in camp.
  12. They def screwed up with the logo besides that im cool with everything else. Were gonna win a Super Bowl in these Uniforms 😉
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