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  1. Just an all around terribly called game. Matty Ice had our #.
  2. Wilson n Moore will be a hell of a combo at some point.
  3. He's the perfect safety net for a young QB.
  4. You give the kid time & separation he'll make things happen. The potential is there just gotta surround him with the right talent. Insert Crowder boom.
  5. Mosley has been leader on a young defense. He's played some exceptional football. Respect
  6. Keep on building week by week. The kids showed alot today.
  7. Hell of a game by the kid.. All about progression esp. In a rookie year.. Week by week. Keep it up.
  8. Guy was a piss missle out there. Shot out of a freakin cannon. Laying mother f's out. Love the passion.
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