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  1. Feel good about Gase. Playbook opened up big time with a competent QB at the helm. The Jets r winning now. Everybody is confident😉
  2. Todays Win was like getting laid after a long hiatus. Thank You Jets!
  3. I'm with ya the upset is on the table! Shock the world baby. Lets do this!
  4. He looked awesome 👍 smash Brady next week
  5. Yo why you being negative the Jets just played and won a hell of a game
  6. Refs were terrible dont care we Won & i have off tomorrow so im drinking🍻
  7. Let's gooooo. Get a couple of Wins the Jets r back in this thing. Havin Sam back is a huge boost.
  8. This is a great feeling Jets fans im crushing the brewskis right now🍻

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