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  1. "I want to take over this damn division & deliver a Super Bowl to a fan base that deserves it "
  2. I don't know what to think anymore. There are signs that are pointing to the Jets but im preparing myself for the let down.
  3. Never liked Rivers but congrats to a Hell of Career! Darnold maybe an option for Indy now🤷‍♂️
  4. He would no doubt be the biggest star we've ever had. Maybe Favre but that was short lived & he was on the downside of his career.
  5. He better not. Thing is Watson has to say he wants to play for Jets/Dolphins/Panthers. He has the power to dictate where he wants to go.
  6. Could've had Watson or Mahomes. Mikey Mac set us back. Than went all in on Darnold.
  7. I understand the Jets have a ton of draft capital & bunch of holes to fill but when a Franchise QB becomes available you gotta go all in. And the Jets have the assets & money to make a move.
  8. Yup & If the plan is to keep Sam you get him playmakers & protection.

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