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  1. Neville Hewitt for me. This dude plays his ass off. He was put in a tough position when Mosley/Williamson went down but stepped n played well IMO.
  2. Burgess is gonna be a solid depth guy. He's looked pretty damn good.
  3. The Creativity on there offense is great. Ton of motion. Speedy players. Hard to stop
  4. The Jets did let a 37 year old Fitz run all over them today. Doesn't bode well for them going up against Jackson. Gotta put together a hell of a gameplan to contain him.
  5. Jets have limited talent and are plagued by injuries. The Dolphins are no pushover. Jets didn't play great but got the victory. A Wins a Win. I'll take it. On to Baltimore.👍
  6. Bad Pass by Sam. He stared it down n threw it late. Cant make those mistakes.

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