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  1. Deebo is one of the best playmakers in the league. You add him with dude's like Moore, Uzomah, Tomlinson and Davis. This offense is filled with talent for Wilson to succeed.
  2. Hill wanted Miami. That's all. Jets offer might have been better. Just stings knowing he's going to the Dolphins. Hope it blows up in there faces.
  3. He's been a leader on and off the field. Worth the money if he continues to perform.
  4. Dude played some good ball Today. Looked poised and comfortable out there. Haven't seen that in a long time. Hope he keep up it up against a solid Colts team. LGJ!
  5. Carter looked amazing today along with TY. Hope they can continue to grow with White at the helm. Bring on the Colts !
  6. Wilson n Moore will be a hell of a combo at some point.
  7. He's the perfect safety net for a young QB.
  8. You give the kid time & separation he'll make things happen. The potential is there just gotta surround him with the right talent. Insert Crowder boom.
  9. Dude rips the sh*t out of ball. Love it
  10. Mosley has been leader on a young defense. He's played some exceptional football. Respect
  11. Keep on building week by week. The kids showed alot today.
  12. Hell of a game by the kid.. All about progression esp. In a rookie year.. Week by week. Keep it up.
  13. Guy was a piss missle out there. Shot out of a freakin cannon. Laying mother f's out. Love the passion.
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