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  1. The same problem will continue to exist. BOTH the GM and HC will report to Johnson who, as everyone has admitted to, knows nothing about football. When two people are in charge, no one is in charge.
  2. I read the entire Johnson interview. He was incoherent and didn't make any sense. He admitted he didn't know what was going on in the organization he was in charge of. He admitted that he didn't know enough about the guy he gave $120mm to sign free agents and make all of their draft picks. Pure incompetence. He flat out lied about the Emperor's input to this move. He said he wants guys in the building who are communicators and team builders. Ha! The Emperor is the exact opposite. It is clear Johnson and Emperor Gase cannot be believed about anything. That call left me feeling even more hopeless about this team than ever before.
  3. In the past our owners created arranged marriages between GM and coaches. Now he has created a new kind of arranged marriage; Mac's players with Emperor Gase's coaching. This would not have happened had Johnson "done a deep dive" into his organization when he became owner. Not two years later. Whatever the jerk said he learned over the last few weeks should have been known at the end of the season when this move should have been made. If Johnson brings in one of the Emperor's guys they will presumably be on the same page however, they will be dealing with Mac's players. Firing Mac now, after he signed free agents and draft picks, sets the organization back another two years by pairing players with a coach who doesn't want them.
  4. BettyBoop

    They should fire Gase and Williams next

    Williams will be gone shortly. He probably would have been gone by now but Johnson is holding him back. We can only hope that Emperor Gase has a dream about himself gets upset with himself and then fires himself the next day.
  5. BettyBoop

    This Has Happened Before ...

    What if the Jets go 10-6 and make the playoffs led by Darnold, Bell, Q and Mosely? Will it be due to Mac or the Emperor?
  6. BettyBoop

    Gregg Williams dead man walking?

    Emperor Gase, a narcissistic personality, and Greg Williams, an egomaniac, coaching together. What could go wrong there? Cue the circus music!
  7. BettyBoop

    This Has Happened Before ...

    And KC was left in the hands of Andy Reid. Not Emperor Gase.
  8. BettyBoop

    Mac fired!

    So Lord Johnson allows Mac to spend $100mm on free agents and draft players that Emperor Gase didn't want, then fires Mac and gives those players to Gase with an edict to win now. Now that's a shot-gun marriage to beat all shot-gun marriages!
  9. Long Live Emperor Gase!
  10. Great move! Way to go Emperor Gase! Now I see we're on the right track! (Satire!)
  11. That would make the Johnsons accountable for their decisions. That is the last thing either of them want to accept. This way they always have a scapegoat each year and keep the rest. That doesn't fix the problem it just creates different problems.
  12. Of course the names being thrown around are all connected to Gase. That's because no one else in their right mind would want to work with the Emperor.
  13. BettyBoop

    Mac fired!

    Good article. The reality is with Emperor Gase now in charge we can expect leaks coming out of Florham Park reminiscent of The Clown Shows of a few years ago. One thing that can be said of this franchise over the last four years is that the Clown Show stopped. No leaks, no rumors. Until the Emperor arrived. That's Gase's way. The Emperor has already leaked that he didn't want Bell and Mosely. That sets the Emperor up for excuses for losing by not having his players. It won't be long for leaks to reveal how bad Greg Williams is. I think Williams will not be with this team come opening day. I never thought I would actually agree with Steve! Serby!!! AND Francesa on the very same day. But they're both right. Chris Johnson is a terrible owner and this team is just a joke.

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