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  1. Welcome to the sextagenarian club. It’s really not as fun as it sounds.
  2. The NFL has instituted a new rule saying each player may only wear one helmet at a time.
  3. We’ve waited a long time for this. We’ve witnessed change after change over the last six months; from coaches to players to ownership. And we want to know if the changes will actually change anything. Is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it a train coming right at us? We’ll soon find out! More than anything else, I’ll be watching the offensive line over the next few weeks. If the OL transcends into the unit Douglas envisioned by dedicating so many resources towards it, the season will be different. The new QB will have a chance to succeed. The running game may flourish
  4. It’s the second most exciting times for a Jets fan (only behind the draft). The season is about to get underway and we’re all filled with excitement. There are so many things to look forward to I hardly know where to begin. I feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony! Let’s start here… Everyone knows that Joe Douglas has invested a great deal in the wide receivers group. What I’m most anxious to see is the entire group being healthy! I want to see Davis, Mims, Crowder, Moore, Cole and Berrios flying around Florham Park next week snagging balls out of the air. That would make my ol
  5. He didn’t wear shades at his pro day.
  6. That’s what happens when you sign a five year deal. Salaries go up and you’re locked in. The trade-off is you have long-term security.
  7. So the guy signs for 5 years at $15mm/per and he’s unhappy two years later? That’s a big fat NO on this guy!
  8. There once was a poster named SORE, Who just didn’’t know what was in store, He’d post his yuck, We’d call him a schmuck, And he would just post some more.
  9. Adam Gaze walks into a bar in NJ. Bartender says, “say, aren’t you Adam Gaze?” Gaze says, “yes, I’m the greatest coach ever”. Bartender says, “I thought you said you were Adam Gaze!”
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