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  1. He sucks. Period. 2020 Gase Excuses 2nd toughest schedule Completely new offensive line Wide receivers need to jell He forgot to refill his meds Maccagnan Too many new players
  2. Do Jets fans look under their bed every not for Jets haters???
  3. Do you remember the Cohen-Headd backcourt? Was it Hal Cohen and Marty Headd?
  4. What the hell is the QB ranking chart??? So you found an article that disses Sam and everyone hates us? It's called sports! We love our teams and hate the rest. Some more than others. The only difference is so many posters on this site love to play the victim card. Get over it.
  5. What exactly would he buy for $200mm that he couldn't buy with $175mm?
  6. Finally something that makes sense!
  7. Oh goodie! Another post that has turned into a trade Jamal rant!
  8. Every year we fall in love with an UDFA receiver. It worked one year with Robby. That's it.

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