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  1. It’s the time of the year when all Jets fans are flat out giddy. Let’s face it it happens every year. Last year Jet Nation were drooling over the amazing finish of the 2019 season. Joe Douglas was the new sheriff in town and his draft was going to turn it all around. The coach (and I use that term loosely) and GM were finally on the same page. So what went wrong? Well, everything. The coach, as many of us suspected, was a complete fraud and, whether we like it or not, Douglas didn’t exactly light it up last year. So we’re off to another ‘hit the reset button’ season. New coach(es)
  2. If I said we were going to start 17-0 would you call me crazy??? I think it’s time to take another ride in one your BMWs, SORE I.
  3. Going from Adam’s Gaze to Joe Brady is like going from Sargent Bilko to George Patton.
  4. I posted my idiotic post of the day, now I, SORE I, will go for a ride in one of my BMWs!
  5. Difficult to fathom how fans are clutching their pearls now about the possibility of having to pay Becton, Q, AVT, etc. How about we win a few games first?
  6. It’s incomprehensible to me that, after watching the WR in 2020, some people are complaining we have too many receivers. Amazing.
  7. Seriously??? With that logic why bother to sign ANY UDFA???
  8. Why are some posters more enarmored with UDFA than late round picks?
  9. A tackle/guard to keep an eye on is Jaylon Moore from Western Michigan. Excellent scheme fit.
  10. One year and Perrine is a failure???
  11. And he announced a RB and Lauverius Coles announced a WR.
  12. Really preferred defense there but I can’t fault this pick. It’s interesting that Lauverius Coles announced a wide receiver and Leon Washington announced a RB.
  13. It’s remarkable to me how many posters say you need to wait three years to judge a draft class and others have already written off Perrine, Clark and Zuniga.
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