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  1. It’s a simple equation. Gase was brought here to make Darnold better. Darnold is not getting better.
  2. Between the draft and free agency Douglas will bring 25 new players onboard. Do you want 25 new OL??? I get the OL stinks but common man!
  3. Even if Jeudy falls into the Jets lap at #1, I think there are so many really good WR in the draft, they will wait until round 2 or even round 3 to nab one. Although there is some depth at LT int he draft, I think the drop-off after round 1 is significant and Douglas will go LT with his first pick.
  4. I didn't watch the entire Georgia game but what I did see was Andrew Thomas keeping his guy off of From on every play. What a stud!
  5. If we actually have a GM who knows how to draft, it is preferable to win. A great GM will find a quality starter at #3 or #12. After that it's a crap shoot. If he doesn't know how to draft we are all in for a very long and miserable six years.
  6. Given our needs here are some additional guys to keep an eye on today: Isaiah Simmons, Clemson - OLB, possible day 1 if we trade back Zach Braun, Wisconsin - OLB, possible day 2 Malik Harrison, Ohio State - OLB, possible day 2 John Simpson, Clemson - G, possible day 2/3 Jeff Okudah, Ohio State - CB, possible day 1 if we trade back Kristian Fulton, LSU - CB, possible day 2 Damon Arnette, Ohio State - CB, possible day 3 Justin Jefferson, LSU - WR, possible day 3 Tee Higgins, Clemson - WR, possible day 3 KJ Hill, Ohio State - WR, possible day 3 Denzel Mims, Baylor - WR, possible day 3
  7. The guys who lost this game for the Jets today are Beachum Compton Shell Harrison In that order. These guys stole money from the Jets today. They were disgusting.
  8. The Jets depth has gone from hideous to solid in a very short six weeks. OL - While it seems the Jets OL has suddenly become somewhat respectable, the reality is three or four starters will be needed in 2020. That said, having Lewis, Compton and Harrison as capable backups for next season would be ideal. If Beachum could be signed for $8-10mm, he would server as a gap starter or potential backup for this team. Unless Andrew Thomas is there when Douglas picks, if Beachum is re-signed, Douglas can have the luxury of waiting until the second round to nab his LT of the future. TE - Ryan Griffen has been a real find. Although I'm not a big fan of Herndon, these two could solidify the position for a while, if Chris can get his head on straight. DL- Fatukasi, Sheppard, McClendon, Q, and Anderson. 'Nuff said. ILB - Burgess and Hewitt make this unit dynamic once Mosely and Cashman come back and make Williamson expendable. That's a $6mm cap saving in 2020. CB - You can't say enough about Bless and Maulet. They have been spectacular and have made this team watchable again. If nothing else, they will provide quality depth in 2020 and possibly even start. These guys, along with terrific coaching, have made this team fun again and provide hope for 2020.
  9. I think everyone would prefer to build the team through the draft but with needs at 3 OL, CB, WR and OLB it's no plausible to fill those holes only through one draft. If Douglas can fill 1 OL, CB and WR at receiver, that would go a long way. I'm not a big fan of making huge splashes (e.g., Sherff) as I think mid-tier, complementary guys would suffice.

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