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  1. BettyBoop

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    I'm going on the assumption that we'll go to a 4-3. If so, we'll have Grady, pick #3, Anderson (if he puts the weight back on), and Sheppard/Fotukasi. And we'll need backups.
  2. BettyBoop

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    This is a very pragmatic list. I would love Clowney but I'm just not sure he will be available. If he is, it allows Mac to trade Leo. I would look to KC with their terrible defense two second round picks, albeit late in the round so they may ask for a fifth round pick as well. Oakland, with three first round picks could afford to trade their second for Leo. That could land a good, big receiver.
  3. BettyBoop

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    My list is... Grady Jarrett, DT Matt Paradis, C Z'Darius Smith, OLB/DE Donovan Smith, T Not on the list... Devin Funchess, WR Tevin Coleman, RB Likely won't be available Trey Flowers, DE Jarrett and Z. Smith will not cost nearly as much as Clowney, Lawrence or Ford but can be very effective pieces of the D. If Leo can get us a round 2 pick, I'd take it and draft a DT at #3. Donovan Smith is a slight upgrade over Beachum and Paradis is a huge upgrade at center. Funchess can be a soild #2/3. I just don't think we'll have the resources to get our #1 this year. A guard, RB, WR and/or T can be found on day 2.
  4. BettyBoop

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    We’re getting bombarded with ‘what a great hire Gase is’ stories from coaches, players, execs, et al. I am old enough to remember when Bowles was hired and many, many people were raving about the hire and what a great coordinator he was and what a great HC he will be. ‘He knows the game! He knows defense! Players love him!’, Blah, blah, blah. WRONG! I’m happy with the hire and believe Gase can be successful. It’s just enough already with all of the bloviating!
  5. I think it’s clear McJohnson was planning all along to hire Williams as DC to take the heat off of the Gase fallout. I just worry if there’s enough oxygen in the room for both Gase and Williams. Imagine if next year the Jets give the same effort as they gave in the Bills home shellacking. The team might not come back after halftime. They may be fired, quit or all be dead!
  6. It looks like Kyle Murray will declare for the draft. That makes the #3 pick more valuable. Could it mean Bosa slides to us???
  7. BettyBoop

    The Adam Gase Positivity Thread

    I would have preferred McCarthy mostly because he would have provided more stability to the organization than any of the candidates. My second choice was Gase because I think he is the best coach available. He needs to have learned from the mistakes he made in Miami. I hope he can because he can coach. I believe he was hired because he provided a clear vision and plan to improve this team quickly. It wasn't money, it wasn't Mac pushing for his guy he can control, and it wasn't any of the other silly excuses and scenarios posters make up on this site. I applaud CJ and Mac for pulling the trigger on a guy they think is the best candidate and not due to fan reaction. We will know quickly just what players think of playing for Gase during free agency. I want the guys who want to play for a tough, hard-nosed coach who can make them better.
  8. I think it's even less likely Mac will gut this team. He has 2019 to show significant improvement. Gutting won't get him there. They likely went down the roster one by one during the interview and Gase suggested who he would keep and who would go and Mac and CJ agreed on that. CJ is not ready to hit the reset button at this point or he would have fired Mac this year. Gase convinced them they are not that far off with this roster and that's what CJ wanted to hear.
  9. I don't believe Gase will be given a long leash. He likely has two years to get to the playoffs and gutting this team will not get him there. I'm sure his sales pitch to CJ was that he could make this team relevant quickly. Combine that with Mac's really short leash and it's likely they don't take drastic measures.
  10. BettyBoop

    Can we all calm down a bit?

    No matter who was picked as HC the fan base would have lost it's collective mind. I think this was as good a pick as there was available. I think Gase can coach as long as he doesn't get in his own way (i.e., ego, temper). I think he is head and shoulders above Kingsbury, Rhule, Caldwell and Bienemy and he has advantages and disadvantages compared to McCarthy. He is young and offensively more innovative than McCarthy. I think both of them have the opportunity to improve Darnold. I am happy that an experienced offensive HC will have input to free agent signings and the draft. Clearly, Mac can't do this alone. Mac has no more excuses given the resources he has at his disposal (his coach, $$, draft picks). If I'm CJ I would hire a shrink/life coach to follow Gase wherever he goes and say "breath, breath, breath).
  11. On the one hand it seems some Jets fans want McCarthy to be hired and be told who his coordinators should be. On the other hand, ALL Jets fans want the owners to not meddle.
  12. If I conducted the Gase interview it would include: How did you prepare for playing the Jets (i.e., what were their weaknesses), I would expect a complete breakdown of the team, How would you fix the problems you just identified, How did you exploit Bowles's defense, Which free agents would you like to have, 4-3 or 3-4, Which coordinators would you want to bring (including age, philosophy, background) How would you make Darnold great. My guess is Gase is going to blow CJ and Mac away. Still, I would have Westhoff in the room and ask him if it's ok to hire him. Seriously, why would you go out and hire an executive search firm or Charlie Casserly to figure this out when you have a resource like Westhoff available. He knows more than almost anyone about the league and he's a no BS kind of guy.
  13. Bowles vs. Gase? Seriously? Gase can coach, that much is clear. We know his players don't like him but nobody on the Pats 'likes' Bellichick. Gase's temperament is the biggest concern. I don't give the media the power most of the people on this board do, but I would still be concerned about Gase's interacting with them. And yelling at his the owner?! Not a good sign at all. He could implode in NY.
  14. Heres a way to make it easy for CJ and Mac and will ensure we get the best possible candidate. Pick up the phone and call Mike Westhoff. If he's interested in the job, hire him and get the paper work started. If not, just ask him who he would pick. End of story.

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