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  1. So the league presumably called the Jets to complain about the lack of ticket sales AND they want the Jets to lose??? Pure nonsense.
  2. There are so many reasons today's game is significant. It follows a bye week which is a time to reflect especially on the offensive side of the ball. LeFleur is the key today. He has presumably done a lot of soul searching over the last two weeks and it needs to show today. First and 10 cannot continue to be an automatic 2 yard handoff to a running back. He needs to open things up and call plays that will get Wilson off to a good start. Wilson needs to fix the simple things. He needs to calm down and hit the short passes. Period. It has been startling how off his short pas
  3. The answer is simple. New coaching staff. New QB. New GM/HC combo. New systems. Yada, yada, yada. And with that, the main goal for the rest of the season is to determine if we now have the core to build around. The following questions need to be answered. Is Zach going to be good/great. There's not a binary answer to that. The OC must adjust, the OL needs to protect and the receivers (calling Elijah Moore!) need to prove themselves. And of course, Zach needs to play better. You can't win games consistently by going off script. He needs to calm the **** down and hit his shor
  4. Hey! My stalker is back! How you doin?
  5. Emotions are running high right now. Another slow start and another comeback stalled. What do Jets fans expect at this point? A few thoughts... The slow starts are puzzling. I think it mostly has to do with the play calling. I think they're trying too hard to get Zach into the flow of the game instead of having him dictate the flow. Clearly the run game is not what we all expected it to be, yet they rely on it too often to start the game. The defense is so young they're learning as they go along. They got burned by the veteran Matt Ryan who carved them up. Despite la
  6. Someone should point out to SORE I that Joe Douglas was hand picked by his guy Adam's Gaze.
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