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  1. Sure why not?! Let's also bring Rex, Gase and Tebow in here too!!!
  2. I hope Douglas signs Derek Carr. He's a good QB, won't cost us draft picks and does not appear to be a diva. All good things. Rodgers on the other hand would cost picks, a boatload of cash/cap space and is the mother of all divas. He cares only about himself, his image and his wallet. What else can you say about a guy who has already made over $500,000,000 and instead of taking a bit less to improve his team to help them win, tries to squeeze every penny out of them. What the **** are you going to buy for yourself with another $5,000,000 than you can't with only a cool half a billion? It's all about himself, his ego and his wallet. Sign Carr for $35+mm per for 4-5 years with an out after 3, draft/sign 2 OT, IOL, a big WR, S and LB and let's go to war with that.
  3. Does this mean we don't sign a single free agent? How relevant is this list if we don't know what we will do in free agency???????
  4. Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Archie Manning, Arch Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, YA Tittle and Benny Friedman called Woody Johnson to tell him that Hackett will take the Jets to where football is going.
  5. The Bears passing defense is #9, not #3. And their rush defense stinks.
  6. With the Jets at 5-2 and having lost their two best offensive players, Douglas is clearly not satisfied. He understands what's at stake this season and will do whatever he can to keep it going. While this season is no longer just about determining if Zach is the man, it is still a huge goal for this team. His secondary goal of determining if he has the core of his team intact, has clearly been established. As stated, a HUGE remaining goal is to determine if his passing game will catch up to the rest of the team's successes. Enter Robinson. He's a solid running back who can succeed in this system and can play Robin to Michael Carter's Batman. If the rumors about JD going after an established tackle are true, Douglas feels this team can succeed despite the injuries. The passing game needs to step up and 214 ypg ain't gonna cut it. But let's put that in perspective. The last two opponents are #1 and #2 in passing defense and the OL didn't do Zach any favors after AVT went down. With OL reinforcements hopefully on the way (i.e., Fant, Mitchell and ???) and HOPEFULLY Elijah getting his head on straight there may be light at the end of the tunnel. When we factor in upcoming opponents such as the Lions, Seahawks, Dolphins and Vikings (all of whom are in the bottom third of passing defense) chances are the passing game will start to click. The team is in good hands with Douglas's strategic vision and Saleh's tactical approach and the success is sustainable.
  7. The reason JD is fortifying the roster is because he does not want to go into the 2023 offseason still not knowing if Zach is his QB. He is trying to minimize any reason Zach may have for not succeeding this season. It's that simple.
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