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  1. BettyBoop

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    Bradbury at #3!
  2. His four catches went for four first downs and he caught the game winning catch. Yes, given it was the Darnold's first game back and he played opposite an UDFA WR it was pretty great No, the Pats game wasn't horrible. The team stunk and Darnold had no time to pass.
  3. Of Robby's last four games, three were great and one (against the Pats) was so-so. No horrible games in there. As far as this nonsense that all he does is run fast in a straight line, isn't that a good thing? Now that we have a RB like Bell and a WR like Crowder, wouldn't you want someone the other team has to focus on as a deep threat?
  4. BettyBoop

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Absolutely right. Anyone can (and nearly everyone does) make up their own facts to fit their story. Mac sucks! Bowles sucks! The owners suck! Blah, blah, blah. Why don't you (everyone) just say what they think should be be done now. Go on record with what you think the remainder of free agency should look like and what draft picks we should make. How many more years are we going to hear gripes about the Hackenburg pick??? MOVE ON!
  5. Has anyone read any rumors that any team is interested in Anderson? I haven't. This thread is a nothing burger. If a team goes after him, we'll likely match the offer.
  6. Rebuild #3? #1? #9? Who cares what it's called! We are where we are. We stunk last year and I'm happy Bowles is gone and Gase is here. Mac has addressed several of the key weaknesses; KO, Bell, CJ, Crowder. Given the amount of cap space and draft picks we now have how many more holes can plausibly be filled? Pass Rusher for sure. Hopefully a CB. I don't think we're going to bring in an impact WR this year. I think the plan is to draft Q at #3 and sign a guy like Shane Ray at OLB. Q and Leo, CJ and Williamson, and Adams and Maye make the middle of that defense pretty damn strong. More dawgs for sure. Rounds 3 and 4 will likely focus on OL, WR and CB. I think it's wishful thinking to think that any of these picks will have a meaningful impact on this team this year but it's clear at least two of them need to be starters in 2020. The real question is how many wins are needed this year to feel we are on track. 6? 8? 10? (10 ain't happening).
  7. BettyBoop

    Donald Penn Released

    All he has to do is wait for the preseason to start and wait for an injury to get a real paycheck and a starting gig.
  8. He said DON'T hold your breath waiting for a center!
  9. I have been on the "we need a center" bandwagon for two years. I still wouldn't have signed Paradis (injuries) or Morse ($$). At this point Mac has a few options; Sign a vet stop-gap guy Trade back in round 1 and get a top center in the draft He has a trade up his sleeve to trade for one. I would be calling the Browns to see if Austin Corbett a G/C would was the first pick in the second round last year, is available. If none of those are true then Mac will deserve criticism for ignoring the OL, in particular, at center. I think he realizes that he cannot go into the season with Harrison and Toth as the two centers.
  10. BettyBoop

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    I haven't had my coffee yet. Sorry.
  11. BettyBoop

    Who is Plan B at center?

    That's simply not true. The OL was horrible. In the last four games Darnold was sacked 10 times (it would have been more but Darnold can scramble) and they rushed for 78, 90, 47 and 104. The 104 included one Darnold scramble of 28 yards. There were very few clean pockets for Sam. The OL was and still should be priority #1.
  12. BettyBoop

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    So he's doomed if he spends it and doomed if he doesn't spend it. What would you have done differently with the cap money he had?
  13. BettyBoop

    Discussion on centers

    The point here is that while it may be possible, you can't afford to go into the season relying on that hope. Mac must get a center asap. And the belief that Harrison is "head and shoulders" better than Wesley Johnson is just a "hope and a prayer". Johnson 'graded out well' the last few games of the season before he started and he made the entire offense worse than it already was. Harrison should not be relied upon for anything other than depth.
  14. BettyBoop

    Justin Houston

    Can any of these guys play center???
  15. We would have drafted Bosa. Now, sitting at #3 we will draft Bosa.

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