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  1. Self-indulgent diatribes? What exactly is it about my opinions on young players stepping up that makes it self-indulgent? My posts are well thought out, coherent opinions. Most of the time responses are well thought out coherent opinions. Some that agree with me, others that don't. I enjoy reading both. Then there are those, like you, who go from topic to topic making snarky remarks. Clogging up the front page? If you think that's the case, move on to the second (or third, fourth, fifth, et al) page(s). Or instead of posted this ridiculous nonsense perhaps you should start your own thread to fill up the front page.
  2. Thanks for the post. All good comments. My concern with Chuma is if he's only used in a backup T role we won't really know if he can play LT next year. I really think Winters is not very good and should be replaced if possible. Agreed that Roberts contract is well constructed for the team. If both he and Jones crap out money and/or picks will need to be spent on a CB2. I'm hoping a vet C is cut somewhere and we pick him up. If not, that's a potential disaster area. Cashman will be a very valuable ST guy but I'm hoping he shows more. There's only so many resources to go around next offseason and I'm really hoping some of these youngsters step up. I didn't say they would be 11-5. I believe that was someone else. I'm hoping for 9 wins.
  3. Dude... I don't get it why my posts bother you so much. If you feel they're repetitive, don't read them. Move on to the next post. It's that simple. Is there a space limit on this site? Are you worried they're going to run out of room for posts you find acceptable? They're not. If you find posts about the second half of the Oilers game in 1997 enjoyable, then read that post. As for me, I'll keep posting what I want to post.
  4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). In a large bowl, combine the beef, egg, onion, milk and bread OR cracker crumbs. Season with salt and pepper to taste and place in a lightly greased 5x9 inch loaf pan, OR form into a loaf and place in a lightly greased 9x13 inch baking dish. In a separate small bowl, combine the brown sugar, mustard and ketchup. Mix well and pour over the meatloaf. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 1 hour. You might also like
  5. In another thread I posited the likely/hopeful outcome of the 2019 season and the impact it will have on the 2020 season. A significant step in that equation is which young guys can step up to take out some expensive veterans. Here's a look at some of them. Chuma Edoga - I think Edoga will play a huge role in what will be needed in 2020. If he can step in adequately for Winters and solidify the RG spot, that a potential $7.5mm savings and a draft pick that could be used on another position. Or, if he can show potential at LT that would be an eight figure saving on a veteran or a first round pick at that spot. There's a lot riding on Chuma. Parry Nickerson - If Nickerson can be coached up to eliminate the need to re-sign Poole or another veteran free agent, that wold result in a reasonable savings. Sheppard/Fotukasi - If either guy can show he can be a decent rotational player, McClendon and his $3mm won't be needed. Derrick Jones - If I had to point to one thing that epitomized Bowles's stubbornness it is how he used (or didn't use) Jones. What did he have to lose by playing him in the second half of the season rather than just the last game? Nothing! If Jones can become a decent CB2, Roberts' $6mm can be spent elsewhere. Jachai Polite - Will he be the guy who donned a Gators uni or be the guy who crapped the bed leading up to the draft? If he's even 50% of his Florida tape, there's something here. There's a lot riding here. If he's not the guy, a first or second round pick will be needed to find THE guy. Cashman - Not a lot is expected of Cashman and it's unlikely he will make enough of an impact to take out Avery Williamson in 2020. But if he shows enough progression and can stay healthy, he can have a longer term impact on Douglas's needs. Harrison - This one is the most obvious. However, his play will not only dictate 2020 needs, it will have a direct impact on this entire season. I expect Douglas to bring in a vet to provide backup insurance but this could be a MUST for 2020. I know there's a lot of negative sentiment about all these guys based on who picked them, but the more youngsters that step up, the better off Douglas and the Jets will be.
  6. And the meatloaf crew is back! Why don't you start a thread about meatloaf recipes?
  7. No one is exactly sure what to expect from the Jets in 2019. While some, including Madden, think they will be one of the worst teams in the league, other pundits predict a playoff run with some even expecting a win in the post season. I am optimistic about this season ,but that optimism is somewhat tempered by history. But, at the very least. I expect this team to come out of 2019 with just a few holes that will need to be addressed in 2020. The questions around the OL boils down to how many starters will need to be replaced. I'm expecting at least two new starters will be needed likely at center and LT. The secondary will likely need one new starter, hopefully at CB2. Even if Trumaine lives up to 60-70% of his contract, he should be a capable starter on the other side. A #1 receiver will be needed. Period. A young RB will be needed to eventually replace Bell. The plan Ideally a LT will be available in the first round. There are several potential quality starters who should be available in the draft. Andrew Thomas (Georgia), Walter Little (Stanford), and Trey Adams (Washington) all come to mind. If Douglas is as good as we all hope he is, he should be able to snag a top WR in the second round. Michael Thomas, Juju Smith-Schuster, Davante Adams, and Keenan Allen are all second and third round picks. Or he could just find out who the Steelers are targeting at WR as it seems they always manage to find great receivers after the first round. A solid CB could be found in the third or a serviceable veteran could be signed in free agency without breaking the bank. Solid if not spectacular RB are often found in round 3 or later. A veteran center is usually available in free agency. We will know pretty quickly if Douglas is the guy we all think he is.
  8. The defense has four core young players in Q, Adams, Mosely and Leo. Add Jenkins, Anderson and Maye and that's pretty solid. The offense has a potential franchise QB (the KEY piece to all of this), TE and Robby (if he's signed, which I think he will be). Douglas has to find CB, OL (although I think Osemele and Chuma will be key pieces for the next three years), a WR and complimentary pieces around them. Harrison is an X factor in all of this which downgrades their ranking. It's impossible to judge the FO because they're new and have no track record. It's quite possible Douglas can find some pieces in free agency. He will likely have around $50mm to play with after re-signing Leo and Robby and cutting Winters and Daryl Roberts. If Roberts plays well he won't be cut but it will be one less piece to fix. Between the cap and the draft Douglas needs to find a CB, 2-3 OL and a WR. If he also needs to find a pass rusher all bets are off. Still it's doable. Using the same logic the Pats will need to replace Edelman, Watson, Andrews, Cannon, Guy, Pennel, Bennett, Van Noy, Hightower, Simon, Chung, McCourty, McCourty and Gilmore. The entire starting secondary! Oh yeah, and their 44 year old QB.
  9. Good list. I think you're right about Qvale but I would like to see him cut.
  10. I think the pass and rush defense feed off on each other. If either is bad, that will be exploited. The run defense will surely be better this year, but if the CB suck, the defense will suck.
  11. On what basis could anyone possibly predict where a team will be in three years??? The Rams went from 4-12 (sound familiar?) in '16 to the Super Bowl in two years. Just silly.
  12. Here's another intriguing and plausible scenario...the Giants play Eli for 10 games and Jones for six, they both stink and they end up with the first or second pick. Do THEY take another QB with a top pick?

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