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  1. What about not signing Brock Osweiler who is way, way, way better than Falk.
  2. Yes whoa is me. Dr. SARbot has diagnosed our illness as self hating psychosis. We could wallow in it or we can live in make believe land with Dr. SARbot where the 0-4 Jets are ‘really’ 3-1! Where we’re going to the playoffs! Where PSL are great investments! Where the Jets are a great organization because they give out great relocation packages! ’I’ll have what he’s having!’
  3. Despite the financial aspect, it would be a PR nightmare of monumental proportions. The team would be a laughingstock, even more so than they are now.
  4. This message brought to you from the imagination of Dr. SARnot!
  5. Touches: Bell 18, Rest of team 3. They haven't come close to trying everything.
  6. The weekly mind of Dr. SARbot... Week 5 vs. Cowboys: The only reason the Jets lost today was because of the mentally deranged Jets fans who sold their tickets to Cowboys fans! 43.7987% of the stadium were Cowboys fans! I know because I counted! The team was ready! The players were ready! The coaches were ready! Mr. Johnson was ready! And the stupid fans killed us! If only every fan were like me! We would have won games this year. Or one even! Final Score: Cowboys 42 Jets 2 Week 6 vs. NE: The announcers and Fireman Ed lost the game for us! Only 7.647% of the fans joined them. I know because I counted! They threw off the entire team! If only everyone were like me! However, we have clearly turned the corner! We cut our sacks allowed by 20%! (We only gave up 8). The streak starts now! If you can't see this it's because you weren't hugged enough as a child! You clearly have mental issues and enjoy being miserable! We're 0-6, only 1/2 game behind where I expected to be! Final Score: NE 55 Jets 2
  7. Next week will be the worst week in many, many years for this team. They will get trounced and more than half the stadium will be Cowboys fans. They will be the laughing stock of the league. What few Jets fans show up will be booing by the end of the first quarter.
  8. I drank a bottle of Glen after the Pats game. Unfortunately, I woke up the next morning and I was still a Jets fan.
  9. It's clear to most that this team needs to hit the reset button. Again. How is that going to work? Here's what the team has to work with; QB - Darnold is the main hope WR - NONE OL - NONE. Ok less than none. TE - Herndon is the other hope RB - Bell is great but he's not part of the future of this team DL - Quinnen? Maybe, but Christian Wilkins has shown a lot more LB - Cashman may be a keeper CB - NONE Safeties - Adams and Maye The Phins will get Tua next year and will have an additional four first round picks in the next two drafts and over $100mm in cap space next year. They may have played their cards right. We have no one to trade for high picks and are middle of the pack in cap space. Oh wait, I forgot that the Jets give the best relocation packages in the NFL! There's hope.
  10. At one point Bell had 18 touches while the rest of the offense had 3. Coaching genius?
  11. Which player will fix the terrible play calling for a terrible OL?
  12. Does anyone think Devlin Hodges can throw the ball downfield? The reality is the OL is not worse than last years but they are being coached by a guy who can't figure it out. And the OL are playing with Bell and Crowder and they are still worse. Worst game planning I've ever seen. And yes, Brock Osweiler is much, much better than Falk. Why isn't he here? Why didn't Falk get any practice with the 1's this week? That's Gase and Douglas's fault.

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