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  1. Charlie Casserly is not the NFL. There is no plausible way Douglas is fired for another few years, if ever. Even less likely is the Johnson's selling of the team. The NFL got involved with the New York Giants and pushed them to hire George Young when the G-Men were the laughing stock of the league. I'm not suggesting the league mandate anything, just provide input to help the two knuckleheads who own the team. Hey, what else could we hope for? They're not coming to that conclusion on their own!
  2. There were several key objectives for the 2020 season. We needed to determine if Gase is the right guy to lead this team. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt he is not. We needed to determine if Darnold is the QB of the future. Based on the first two weeks we just don't know. Personally, I think he, is although I would like to see more passion from him. Tom Brady is a California guy and he is bursting with passion. Dial it up Sam! I understand that he has been somewhat neutered by Gase but he needs to show something. We also needed to determine if we have a talent evaluator to bring us out of the malaise. It appears Douglas has hit a grand slam with Becton and maybe even Mann. The others need to get on the field so they can be evaluated. As long as Gase is in charge that will never happen. I've toiled for days to come up with a reasonably optimistic scenario and here it is: The bye has finally arrived and even Chris Johnson cannot deal with the 1-9 record and finally Gase is fired and Johnson gives the interim reigns to Greg Williams. Before we all go too crazy and say that GW doesn't even deserve the interim title, ask yourself what difference does it make. Johnson's edict is just make these guys earn their pay, conduct NFL caliber practices and not look like a bunch of horses asses out there. With several of the rookies back from the trainers table and with nothing to lose, GW plays his rookies to see what they're made of. Mims, Perrine, Bryce Hall, Zuniga, Cager and Cameron Clark all start or play significant minutes. And most do well! And Darnold thrives. In fact, he looks like a different guy out there., as he does his best Brett Favre impression. This scenario would benefit the team in three ways. It would prove that Darnold is THE guy (or not); it would prove that Douglas can draft (or not) and it would provide a better basis for what is needed in 2021. Roger Goodell speaks to the Johnsons to try to influence them to conduct an NFL caliber search for a new head coach led by Douglas. Whether or not they listen is the biggest question mark of all. Gotta think the NFL is not happy with the state of both New York(-ish) teams and intervenes accordingly. This is the best and plausible scenario.
  3. Yes, another reset. It's the product of all of the arranged marriages made by the Johnson knuckleheads. Coaches forced on GMs. Assistant coaches forced on HC. Searches for GM and HC led by headhunters, accountants and lawyers and a totally clueless owner. This is all on the Johnson's. We will know shortly if the next reset even has a chance of working. If it's led by the Johnson's it will have no chance of working. If it's led by Douglas, there will be hope.
  4. I saw a TE catch a pass. I thought that wasn't allowed.
  5. I just saw a pass thrown on 2nd and 6. Is that allowed???
  6. He's an intern with the Jets marketing department. Actually he may be a BOT that spits out stupidity on a regular basis.
  7. Johnson: I expect more than this crap. I have belief in this team and they must play better Gase: I didn't do my job.
  8. Gase never met a solution that he doesn't have a problem for.
  9. You mean they took Adam Gases's recommendation to fire the guy an hour after he spent $125mm on worthless free agents and conducted the entire draft and now have to fire Gase. Que the Pop Goes The Weasel tune!
  10. I'm here to answer my own question. Here's what's next: The Jets will lose to the Colts, making the team 0-3. Worse still, it won't even be close and Gase will once again look lost in the post-game interview. The 10/1 'home' game against the Broncos will be very revealing. The Broncos are as injury ravaged as the Jets and this game should be a win. If the Jets do win, Gase will be safe for a few weeks. If not, he's a goner. By the bye, Gase will have made the entire organization even more toxic and will be fired. Regardless of who his replacement is, Darnold's play will improve dramatically for the remainder of the season providing enough proof that he will continue to be the QB in 2021 and likely for several years. If Johnson has a brain in his head (please hold the remarks) he will let Douglas find the next coach sans headhunters, accountants, lawyers and Charlie Casserly. Johnson will only get involved at the very end of the process. He can interview the final two candidates to feel as if he has contributed. Douglas will likely go with a young up-and-coming coach perhaps from the college ranks. I think one of the main qualifications of the job will be his presentation skills. He's not going to bring in someone with Asperger syndrome.. Douglas's MO will change in 2021 as he will sign tier 2 (i.e., solid starters) and not retreads at key positions. I don't think he will be signing one year deals as he did this year. Look for Douglas to spend enormous resources on finding weapons for Darnold in 2021. Free agents, draft picks and trades will all be in play. SORE I will proclaim 'the tide has finally turned!" and the only reason it won't work is because of the fans and the media. This entire scenario is contingent upon the 4th bullet. If Johnson doesn't change his ways, this team will be doomed for the next five years (i.e., Douglas's contract) and well beyond.
  11. Schittyheimer??? I think we have all gone completely nuts. Schittyheimer has as much to do with the Seahawks success as I do.

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