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  1. So his bona fides is that he said someone we drafted 25 years ago was a bust. That's funny.
  2. I thought that was you coming after my posts!
  3. There are seats with obstructed views. The Roman Coliseum was built 1926 years earlier and didn't have any obstructed views.
  4. They need to re-hire Adam Gaze who would really unleash that offense!
  5. We beat Tennessee and Cincy last year at home.
  6. He's baaaaaack! My own personal stalker! How you doing Zippy?
  7. Here are a few of the "must-haves" in 2022. At least seven wins. 0 blowout losses. At least two combined wins against Miami and New England. Top 12 in sacks. Top 18 in defense. A top 15 QB. At least 15 interceptions. HOPE.
  8. Elevate me! Here? Right now?
  9. Does anyone really think it was a coincidence that once Woody returns, Douglas forsakes his plan to build through the draft and is willing to trade extremely valuable draft picks for a WR? It's not. This has Woody's fingerprints all over it. "And with the fourth pick in the 2022 NFL draft, Woody Johnson selects Kayvon Ekwonu".
  10. I bet Gaze could turn anyone around!
  11. If Fredric March married Tuesday Weld and they had a baby, her name would be Tuesday March the Second.
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