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  1. I do understand, but don't call me Surely.
  2. 80 stop hitting on me already! I know you just want to date me but it ain't gonna happen!
  3. It's mid-June and Jetnation is hysterical. Every post is examined, scrutinized and slammed endlessly. And it's freaking June! On the other hand, what else do we have to do? Zach is throwing behind his receivers in freaking OTA! Where will we find our new QB? We won't have the assets to move up in the 2023 draft so how will we get our FQB of the future who will be throwing behind his receivers in the 2023 OTA? Oh wait, ESPN say we're getting the #1 pick so there's hope! The DL are on a pitch count! Oh no! How will the guys be ready if they're constantly being taken out of the game? This will destroy QW! Jermaine Johnson won't be given the chance to develop! How will Carl Lawson regain his strength? How will Bryce Huff recover? How will Jacob Martin learn the system? What will we do with all these pieces??? Where is Mehki Becton??? He needs to be here and practicing with the team! Who cares that he just had a baby! I know a guy who just had a baby and he still plays Grand Theft Audo XXXIV every day! And he's also 400lbs! So many pundits say we will stink in 2022 and every one of their articles is posted here. Well, if that doesn't tell you how bad we are going to be nothing will! July is almost here and it will only get worse. I can hardly wait!
  4. So his bona fides is that he said someone we drafted 25 years ago was a bust. That's funny.
  5. I thought that was you coming after my posts!
  6. There are seats with obstructed views. The Roman Coliseum was built 1926 years earlier and didn't have any obstructed views.
  7. They need to re-hire Adam Gaze who would really unleash that offense!
  8. We beat Tennessee and Cincy last year at home.
  9. He's baaaaaack! My own personal stalker! How you doing Zippy?
  10. Here are a few of the "must-haves" in 2022. At least seven wins. 0 blowout losses. At least two combined wins against Miami and New England. Top 12 in sacks. Top 18 in defense. A top 15 QB. At least 15 interceptions. HOPE.
  11. Elevate me! Here? Right now?
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