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  1. Guessing/hoping who Douglas will draft in 2020 without first guessing/hoping who he will sign in free agency AND how that will impact 2021 is a foolish task. Here is a plausible two year plan assumptions (re: guesses): Between carryover from 2019, increase in the cap and after cuts (Roberts, Johnson (I wish that was Chris Johnson), Winters and Williamson, among others) the Jets should have $92mm in cap space. After re-signing some of his own free agents (Poole, Beachum, Adams, Hewitt, Jenkins, Lewis, D. Thomas) that number should be reduced to $60mm. If I were Douglas I would aggressively try to restructure Mosely and Bell trying to push some $$ into 2021. Let's assume he's not successful at doing that so no change to the $60mm. With the $60mm I would target: Byron Jones, CB Joe Thuney, G Yannick Ngakoue, OLB Devin Funchess, WR (1 year deal) Randall Cobb, WR The draft would look like this: 1st Round: OT, Between Andrew Thomas, Wirfs, and Mechti Becton 2nd Round: WR, Garbriel Davis 3rd Round: C, Lloyd Cushenberry 3rd Round: G/C, Calvin Throckmorten 4th Round; CB With the exception of Ngakoue there aren't any sexy names on this list. Good. If the free agency signings and draft do indeed shore up the OL, 2021 will focus on finding a young running back, #1 corner and of course more depth. A lot of money will come off the books in 2021 so the resources will be there to succeed.
  2. If Douglas decides he's dispensable I think a more realistic trade would be to move up from pick #110 to #103 (Carolina) in round 3.
  3. This is the best post I've ever seen on Jetnation.
  4. I have met many but two guys who stand out are Jack Buck and Al McGuire. Al was hysterical and Jack was one of the most sincere and nicest people I ever met.
  5. I don't think anyone is arguing about whether to pay him $10-12mm per year but are questioning going to $14-15mm per year and for good reason. Personally, I would like see Robby come back. If he's paired with a rookie like Tee Higgins or Jefferson, I think they, along with Crowder, Herndon and Griffen, would make a formidable receiving group.
  6. So your point is the team did well both both the offense and defense played well.
  7. Adams is the most overrated player in the league. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE Now on to the rest of your post. What do you propose? We only have so many resources. AS i STATED, TWO NEW CORNERS AND AN OLB We have 4 picks in the 1st three rounds. Our offense was dead last in the league. YES, IT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT BUT NOT AT THE TOTAL EXPENSE OF THE DEFENSE the oline was about the worst in the league. YES IT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT BUT NOT AT THE TOTAL EXPENSE OF THE DEFENSE QB is the most important position on the team. AND YOUR POINT IS? DEFENSE PLAYS A CRITICAL PART OF THE TEAM'S SUCCESS TOO.  We have favoured the defense for over a decade. AND YOUR POINT IS? SO THE DRAFTING OF PLAYERS HAS BEEN HORRIBLE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. THAT DOESN'T MEAN TO IGNORE HALF YOUR TEAM.
  8. Absolutely true. I shudder to think what the Rams, Niners and Seahawks would do to this defense next year without upgrades.
  9. That's true but let's not lose site of the fact that in 2019 Fotukasi and Sheppard contributed even less than Q did in 2020. The point being that there is still much hope for Williams.
  10. Many posters believe that the 2020 Jets don't need any help on defense. They firmly believe that Greg Williams can make do with whatever resources he has. That's simply not true. He indeed did a remarkable job in 2019 with a bunch of nobodies at corner and LB but weak competition had something to do with that. How much? Who knows! But those who want to trade Adams because whatever Williams has he will adjust accordingly. Nonsense! Adams (and Maye) held that secondary together and without the Prez, the results would have been terrible. Douglas is smart enough to realize that his team needs two new corners and an outside LB threat AND needs to keep both safeties intact in order to improve the team overall. All this 'only offense is needed in 2020' is just plain stupid.
  11. With only one more year to prove himself, I don't think Matt Patricia & Co take a QB. I think they go with the CB from Ohio State.
  12. I don't see the logic in projecting draft picks without first projecting free agency. It just doesn't make any sense to me. For example, if Adams is traded do you really want to supplement the current batch of corners with fourth round picks and think the secondary can hold up? I know most posters feel that the defense can be ignored this offseason due to Greg Williams' magic wand but it just ain't so. Take Adams out of the equation and the defense will be like a one-footed kicker. On the other hand, if you project that Douglas (or Chris Johnson who really makes the calls) will sign a starting corner (or two), a decent OLB and two (or three) mid-tier potential starters on the OL (e.g., Alex Lewis) in free agency, then projecting the draft makes sense. The other factor here is expectations. Douglas has a six year contract that pays him a lot of money. That said, he is likely to take a long-term approach to rebuilding this team. If the Johnson's and Jets fans are expecting a Super Bowl contender in 2020 then any plan will fail, if not next year, then the subsequent years. That might mean re-signing Beachum to play LT next year and taking a CB or edge guy in the first round and a LT project on day three. A lot of money falls off the books in 2021 when Bell, Anderson, Roberts (already gone in 2020) and Enunwa are gone. If Douglas is really THE guy his plan will be looking past 2020.
  13. Lots will be written about the 2020 offseason and with good reason. There are a numbers of wildcards that will impact the plan. Chuma Edoga - Can and will Edoga be relied upon as a starter to improve the OL? Despite the 'he can't be worse than Shell/Winters', more is needed. A lot more. IF Edoga can be penciled in on the right side of the line, 'only' three more starters may be needed. If Douglas and Gase think he can, expect them to sign an Alex Lewis type signing as insurance. Alex Lewis - Another wildcard on the OL. Ideally Douglas would replace the entire starting line but that can't happen in one offseason. Do Douglas and Gase trust Lewis to stabilize the line which will be full of youngsters? Bless Austin - Can Bless stay healthy and build on his strong ending of 2019? He won't be relied upon as the #1 CB but can he hold down the other side? Bilal Powell - Can a 32 year old continue to be a reliable backup? CJ Moseley - Will he do the right thing (for the team) and renegotiate his deal to add $5mm to the 2020 cap space? Trevon Wesco - He can block but can he catch the ball?
  14. It seems I declare every offseason a critical one but this year I think it really is. For the first time in a very long time we seem to have a coach/GM combo on the same page. It's remarkable to see the different takes on how close (or not) we are to being a competitive team. To me, I see some solid pieces with holes. However, I think those holes are concentrated in a few pockets. OL, pass rush and WR is "all we need". So how are those holes filled? I think it all depends on the modus operandi of Chris Johnson. Will he force Douglas to sign high profile free agents (e.g., Amari Cooper) at the expense of filling in more holes (i.e., offensive line) as he did in 2019? Will he allow Douglas to trade some of his own 'high profile' free agents (i.e., Jamal Adams)? Will he force Douglas's hand in free agents negotiations with his own players (e.g., Robby Anderson)? This will be the most important factor in determining if this year is truly a new beginning.
  15. I really like Wanogho as well. Could be the perfect guy (second round?) to play RT in 2020 and move over the LT after Beachum retires.
  16. Any commercial with Aaron Rodgers and his idiot agent triggers my change the channel finger. And don't get me started on any adverts with Baker Mayfield.
  17. Let's say for schits and giggles a team calls Douglas and says 'what's it going to take to get Jamal?'. Douglas goes high and says, 'look he's an all-pro and our defensive identity. We're going to need your 2020 first and third round picks and your 2021 second and fourth round picks.', thinking the guy is going to hang up on him. But instead, the guys says 'deal!' Douglas calls Chris Johnson with the great news and Johnson says 'no deal!. Then what? The point here is it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of Adams other than Johnson and he doesn't know the first thing about football or building a team. We're stuck in this reality. This team is where it is because of ownership. It will never change until that does.
  18. Near as I could tell 117.5 > 93.5 and 92.7. Way greater.
  19. The cornerbacks and defense overall played way, way, way over their heads this year. Don't people realize that Adams and Maye had a large hand in that?
  20. It doesn't really matter what Gase, Douglas or anyone else wants to do with Adams. Chris Johnson will make the decision that everyone has to live with. Sad.
  21. Yeah, let's trade Adams, not re-sign Jordan Jenkins and Poole. Yeah, good plan.

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