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  1. Good lawd, he’s not getting cut and will see year 3 too in all likelihood. It’s bad for GMs to whiff on 2nd round picks but it’s even worse to trade one after 1 year to see his actually figure it out elsewhere. Unless it’s so apparent he’s a bum of epic proportions I think he’s guaranteed a roster spot.
  2. Reading Steelers boards and it sounds like the guy is washed and is a shell of himself. I’ll pass
  3. If I told you that you could have Kelce vs Herbert right now for their entire careers and I would let you start Kelce career over so he’d be a rookie, who’d you take? I think you’d be a fool to not say Herbert and you’ve only seen 15 games. All I’m saying is if you hit on the QB then nothing else matters. Take a shot to be great!!
  4. It’s a business and the franchise tag is an owner trump card. I don’t see it leaving without a fight.
  5. After your list of early busts I’ll give you my list of later busts. Bad arguement is all I’m getting at
  6. I don’t need to go over the list of high picked QBs that did well. The point was that I would much rather get a 2nd for Darnold and take Fields. Then cut Darnold in a year and pay multiple picks to move up to grab one. Again, just a thought
  7. If we pass on Fields and Darnold turns out to be a middle of the pack QB, think how much it will cost to move up for a blue chip prospect like Fields or alike. I’m not necessarily advocating to take Fields but we paid 3 2nds to move up 3 spots to get Darnold. With Darnolds contract coming up and given that we may be middle of the pack moving forward it may make sense on all fronts to grab Fields. It’s not ideal but I’ll always be ok flipping the script on players if I’ve pegged as mediocre...especially after 3 years of play. Just a thought...
  8. Let me know your thoughts if you would be happy with Fields? Everyone is so infatuated with Lawrence but the better odds are we have a shot at drafting Fields since anything can happen in the last half of the season....cough....2019. Do you take Fields if you have 1.02 or do you build around Darnold?
  9. I’m whipeing the slate clean. No 2nd rounders and no money. On this team as currently constructed, do you want cousins or Darnold as your starter? I take Darnold!
  10. Agreed but my question intended to provoke a debate after one start from Darnold! What are your thoughts right now between the two?
  11. It’s a completely different situation now that we’ve seen him play. But thanks for your thought provoking response.
  12. Is there a single soul that would still take the “proven” Kirk Cousins, and that contract, over the uber hyped (for better or worse) Sam Darnold? I am all aboard the hype train and will live and die with the potential!!
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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