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  1. One silver lining from this injury riddled season is we found a bunch of guys that can play that may have never seen a snap or not many if we were relatively healthy. Guys like Austin, Harrison, Griffin, Lewis, Hewitt, & Burgess are guys who we now know can take significant snaps and not have to worry about too much. Then there's guys like Cashman, Edoga & Maulet who gained valuable experience .
  2. Tough question because a lot of times we somehow seemed to find upgrades when starters got injured.
  3. I think the answer to the question "where is Darnold" in terms of his development speaks to a lot more than his stat line against the Ravens. It just seems like a thing thrown out there to prop him up in defense of some criticism.
  4. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-place-ryan-griffin-on-ir-activate-ol-brent-qvale The Jets have placed TE Ryan Griffin on injured reserve and activated OL Brent Qvale. Griffin joined the Jet in July after he was let go by the Texans in May. Griffin started in 13 games for the Jets and had 34 receptions, 320 yards and a career-high five touchdowns. He signed a multi-year extension in November. In seven seasons, Griffin has totaled 1,811 yards and 12 touchdowns on 170 catches. Qvale hasn’t played this year after he suffered a knee injury in training camp. He was placed on injured reserve to start the season and returned to practice Nov. 28. Qvale played in 16 games for the Jets last year and started two of them. From 2015-18, he started 14 of the 60 games he’s played in.
  5. Ah yes - it's more perspective that I need. This was just another almost unwatchable Jets game. They haven't been a competitive team in years and I need to watch with more perspective in order to really understand the greatness of what Gase is about to unleash upon the league. Can't wait man, can't wait. Wake me up when the players stop holding Gase back. The roster blows, Gase blows, Justus Gulac blows, Chris Johnson blows and it's fully possible that Douglas and Darnold blow too.
  6. I know right? It's only the 7th time this year they've been on the wrong end of a noncompetitive blow out and the third time having their sh*t packed in on prime time. Feels good man. How anyone can feel bad about it is beyond me. What's this about the 5th season in a row we're not allowed to evaluate the QB or coach because the roster blows? Feels good man.
  7. 1) Hiring a top notch military person with expertise in war planning/games to analyze organization from the ground up treating opponents as military foes and give advice on shaping organizational strategy accordingly. Keep this person full time if deemed necessary. 2) Hiring top notch artificial intelligence/business intelligence person to enhance operations from the ground up. 3) Give GM Douglas direct fire/hire power of coaching staff with suggestion (not demand) of moving on from Gase & strength/condition coach Gulac. Recommend Alosi as potential replacement for Gulac.
  8. Ravens D is pretty good but I'd think maybe getting the ball to 26 on 4th and 1 would be something to try. Rex Ryan farts in Gases general direction.

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