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  1. Barry McCockinner

    Allbright: “Zac and Press Taylor HC/OC for NYJ”

    This is an intriguing option. Very young - do they have the balls to deal with the NY media?
  2. Who gives a flying fart what Mehta thinks the Jets need to do? This guy is a clown!
  3. Barry McCockinner

    If the JETS win against the PATS.

    The Jets have a void of talent all over the roster. Having the #1 pick can be very valuable in trade equity and there are almost always teams wanting to move up.
  4. Does anyone else find it completely absurd that he gave a 5 year target to compete for playoffs? How incompetent could ownership be to think this is even remotely acceptable? Holy mother of God. I hear that he's targeting 2035 to be competing for a championship. Rebuilding takes time fellas, have patience. 😢
  5. Barry McCockinner

    Rex is a great coach when he’s a commentator

    Wouldn't mind it for the remainder of the season TBH. At least he isn't retarded.
  6. no one other than yourself is interested in reading your narcissistic, illogical rants that only make sense to you. literally, no one. get over yourself.
  7. Barry McCockinner

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    Just another symptom of the ownership ineptitude. I can't wait until Gary Vaynerchuk can afford to buy the team. 🤮
  8. Good, no one wants to see the thread get junked.
  9. It's not very misleading, it's facts. Every team runs more when they're winning in "garbage time" - that's how football works. To pretend like the Jets were the only team doing this is what is misleading. The Jets were a run first offense who imposed their will on the opposition. The o-line and run game was very strong.
  10. What? This conversation started with someone saying "All Darnold has proven so far is that he is a worse rookie QB than Sanchez was." I don't believe that has been proven.
  11. The Jets had the #1 rushing offense in 2009. http://www.nfl.com/stats/team?seasonId=2009&seasonType=&Submit=Go My opinion is that if Darnold had the team Sanchez did he would be having a significantly better season. It's obviously nothing that can be proven.
  12. Barry McCockinner

    Back up the brinks truck for McDaniels

    People learn from their mistakes and grow. He's going to get another chance in the NFL one day. I highly doubt he's interested in the Jets job though.
  13. Barry McCockinner

    Back up the brinks truck for McDaniels

    I don't think he'd even take Johnson's phone call tbh

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