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  1. Smashing pumpkins is one of the worst rock bands of all-time. I have no idea how they ever got so popular. Corgan is straight trash.
  2. It's a meme at this point ... "gotta watch the film" is what Gase says all the time. I think it's actually very telling though. He hasn't learned to adjust on the fly to what the other team is doing. I don't think he can process what's happening in real time. He can go look at the film and eventually break it down and do something with it but once the opponent makes some real time adjustments he's shooting in the dark and clueless.
  3. We accumulated 4 yards of offense in the second half. That's got to be a record.
  4. It would likely be hard for anyone to get excited about that but if max wanted to erect a solid new feature I'm sure we could pull it off.
  5. Can't say I was paying attention to him in pass protection but it was good to see him catching passes out of the backfield. It seems like no one is ever picking up a blitz in this offense so I'd be surprised to see him doing that on a rewatch.
  6. Another week, another L. We're still in the driver's seat for #1 overall with the Chiefs up next. * The Jets caught the Bills off guard early switching up play calling duties from Gase to Loggains. Credit Gase for some solid gamesmanship after telling the media we're on step 2 last week. The offense looked effective early and the players were executing well. * It took all of about 2 drives for the Bills to adjust to what the Jets were doing offensively and then completely snuffed it out. * The Jets offense is fundamentally flawed in pass protection and has been since Gase arrived. They seem to be incapable of picking up additional rushers. This has been consistent throughout the Gase tenure regardless of QB. * Darnold continues to regress. His INT before half was awful, he's holding the ball too long and he nearly got Perriman killed throwing him into the safety on the last drive. * The Jets offense almost never takes shots down field. * Mims looked good in his debut. There was nothing about his play that stood out as special but he was able to get open, catch the ball and looked the part. * The defense played well in the redzone not giving up any TDS and had a generally good game plan. They forced Allen to dink and dunk his way down the field giving him a lot of opportunities to screw up which he did a couple of times. * Quinnen Williams had a very strong game and spent a lot of time in the back field. Hopefully a coming out party of sorts for him. * Bless Austin continues to impress. * It looks like the Jets have some nice young players to build around going forward.

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