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  1. Barry McCockinner

    Gase making moves - Signs Punter Matt Darr

    is average punt the best metric to evaluate a punter with? I'm not asking to say it's not, rather to open the discussion. I imagine there are some other, possibly more useful, metrics available. Pinning the opponent deep in their own territory and fair catches maybe?
  2. Barry McCockinner

    Jets are close to taking over AFC East

    I guess Brady is going to die soon, so there's that.
  3. Barry McCockinner

    Your vote for the new GM!

    99.99% of us on here including myself have no idea who would make for a good GM. That's mostly because we have little to no information on who they are and how they would build a team. The only thing we have to go on is what their experience has been and most of them haven't been GM, and what other people are saying about them. I want a guy who understands that every draft pick is a lottery ticket, understands positional value, has strong connections in the scouting community, has world class negotiation skills and can work with his head coach to build the type of roster he wants. Which of those guys is that? No clue. Can I sit in on the interviews and listen, maybe ask some questions before I vote?
  4. Barry McCockinner

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Why on God's green earth would Manning want anything to do with the Jets GM job?
  5. Gase's resume hasn't earned him this kind of control but I can see the wisdom in what you're saying. Hell, nothing else we try works anyway, might as well give someone a shot at buying their own groceries. If it doesn't work out the next coach/gm combo can start together on a clean slate instead of some half baked crap.
  6. Barry McCockinner

    Nick Mangold, Willie Colon stunned by Mike Maccagnan firing

    appears to have a slight twinkle in his eye tbh
  7. Barry McCockinner

    Manish Speaks

    Some of the best owners in the NFL.
  8. Yup - file this under actions speak louder than words. As we now know, everything Gase says should be taken with a grain of salt aka, don't believe anything he says.
  9. Barry McCockinner

    Mike Lombardi takes a dump on Mike McCagnan

    If there's nothing else to take away from this, it is this. Anything and everything Gase says is to be taken with a grain of salt. In hindsight, it appears to me that he's always wanted full control and always wanted to dump Mac.
  10. Barry McCockinner

    Interesting insight from Chris Simms

    hold the f up. sports car?
  11. Barry McCockinner

    Tannenbaum on Michael Kay about Gase

    If Mike Tannenbaum knows anything, it's coaches & QB's.
  12. Barry McCockinner

    Stop blaming the owner, you idiots

    The opioid epidemic is destroying this country.
  13. Barry McCockinner

    I was right about everything

    so proud of you

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