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  1. He's probably just laying a complex trap.
  2. Strong names 💪 Good to hear things are going well. Congrats.
  3. I guess I missed some wild sh*t last game, eh?
  4. It's June first and I'm all hopped up on hopium, so I'm voting top 15.
  5. I'm giving you an example of the Patriots giving a player in his prime a new contract two years early. You said it didn't happen. You gave a long list of top players NE let walk but the overwhelming majority were 29+ looking for a third, fourth contract. Huge difference from signing prime players. Adams compares to Gronk in that he's an all-pro looking for his second contract. These are the contracts you want to give. You want the 20's years of all-pro level players. I wouldn't give it to him this year though.
  6. Need to get Kerry Rhodes non-qualified pass rush grade before we decide for sure.
  7. It's OK to think he sucks (and vote accordingly) and hope he will be great.
  8. Please list the age of each player - it will tell a much different story.
  9. Gronk was drafted in 2010 and signed a 4 year contract on July 25, 2010. On June 8, 2012, Gronkowski signed a six-year, $54 million contract extension, the largest ever for an NFL tight end.
  10. I just sent him some so he doesn't feel left out.

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