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  1. You must love sniffing assholes seeing as how you spend as much time as you do on a site that is dedicated to discussing opinions.
  2. I am sure you know this already, but just in case you don't, I am NOT the GM of the Jets, and I don't have the ability to sign or not sign anyone, that would be the GM's job.
  3. So you'd be cool with signing a guy who murdered someone?
  4. I think they're both trash tbh. I just don't see anything they do exceptionally well and they both seem to have feet for hands.
  5. Ray Lewis killed a man. Would have loved to have had him on the team.
  6. real life involves real facts, which if you've been paying attention there are none available proving Hill did anything he's been convicted of in the court of public opinion.
  7. Tough spot, if there is a way to trade conditional pick(s) maybe? Some important details about his legal situation. https://arrowheadaddict.com/2019/07/19/tyreek-hill-legal-standing-lessons-learned-investigation/ The guy is a game changer on the field. I would offer them a 2020 2nd round pick that is only valid if no prior legal trouble or suspension comes to light before the draft. If it does, the pick becomes something much lesser or maybe even undoes the trade if that's possible.
  8. Bro do you realize you sound like fricken Al Bundy when you talk about this 73 yard TD? One big run means nothing. Why don't you tell us what attributes he has that make him special?
  9. No evidence he violated the personal conduct policy, still guilty in the court of public opinion. Not saying something won't come out, but I don't think this case is as clear cut as many believe.
  10. Over 3500 carries compared to McGuires 92. It's a lot easier to have a big YPC with a small sample set yet McGuire still pales in comparison to Martin in the category. To whomever did this, please don't ever mention McGuire in the same breath as Martin. McGuire is straight trash. He will be cut in the preseason now that we have an offensive head coach that knows what the hell he's looking at. Complete and utter trash.

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