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  1. Becton played both RT and LT in college.
  2. When someone is at L1 we usually give them a chance to reveal what their role is to try and avoid mislynching a town power role. Of course people lie when they're scum, but it's not usually successful.
  3. You should have given him the opportunity to reveal.
  4. this reminds me of the way Pac would interact with me when I was scum w/him in my first game. Almost exactly the same, actually. @Pac are you going to defend your disgustingly horrible play so far?
  5. Adding more games to the schedule is bad for the players and the game IMO. Seems it's already written in stone at this point, unfortunately.
  6. How is explaining why we vote a DM thing? Every game I've played has been on this site and an explanation is generally expected.
  7. I find magic 8-balls to be unreliable and useless. What do you say?
  8. Looking forward to your Darnold vs. Bart Starr thread.
  9. @Maxman does this mean you're signing up for the next game?
  10. Trade down from 2 if you can and pickup additional high picks over the next couple of years. The roster is a disastah.
  11. A lot of opportunity to add talent this offseason plus the new coach bump. I imagine a ceiling where we're still in contention for a wildcard spot in December if we play our cards right. Just playing meaningful games beyond September would be an improvement though.
  12. Trade down to 3 w/Fins picking up 18, then to 7 w/Lions. We get a top QB, two top pass rushers and arguably the best G & C in the draft. 7. Zach Wilson QB Oregon 18. Gregory Rousseau EDGE Miami (FL) 23. Kwity Paye EDGE Michigan 34.
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