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  1. I guess this thread is now about penises?
  2. I don't pay much attention to college football or the draft forum so forgive me if this guy is already a common topic. This is the first I've seen or heard of him and I'm wondering what people are thinking. He seems like an elite route runner. Where do people expect him to go? edit: found this tidbit WR Van Jefferson, Florida Does that last name sound familiar? Van Jefferson is the son of Jets wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Douglas take a gamble on the family connection and hope the duo clicks at the highest level.
  3. Also, league MVP. I'd love for Darnold to be the best in his class but why do we need to make these massive illogical leaps to pretend he already us? Maybe he will be one day but he sure a hell isn't right now. Sheesh
  4. It hasn't already? People act like he's a serial rapist because they don't like his tweets.
  5. This place is gonna be lit when the Adams extension is announced.
  6. In the video he mentions rollover cap space that bumps the number up. I can't speak to the accuracy of that.
  7. Lamar Jackson completed 66% if his passes, threw 36 TDs and 6 INTs this year. Not too shabby for a RB who can't pass with any accuracy. I swear some people don't even watch the games.
  8. Should be enough time to dig out of the Mac/Idzik hole and build a reasonable roster around him.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Jets aren't fixing this roster in one off season. FA o-linemen very rarely work out and good edge players rarely make it to FA. Maybe we get lucky and find a solid stop gap WR in free agency. We should try and trade Q Williams if we want to pickup draft capital. That was the most ridiculously awful draft pick given the makeup of the team.
  10. For the most part, we should be trying to team build through the draft. I'm not one of these don't ever build through free agency guys but my opinion is that FA moves should mostly be used as a stop gap. Spending a large percentage of the cap on free agent players other teams didn't want to pay rarely works out and has potential to put you in a bad cap position. Once in a while a team will make a mistake and allow a player in their prime to go to FA but not often. It's usually because they've hurt themselves with bad contracts elsewhere. I think we are in agreement that building through the draft should be the priority in terms of team building. One of the major benefits of building through the draft is you have first dibs on locking up great players in their prime. When you hit - you should keep those gems and not make the mistake of allowing another team the opportunity to find the rare FA gem.

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