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  1. I haven't focused on Q but our defense as a whole has definitely been playing better than expected.
  2. So we're going to spike the ball on this garbage after week one and ignore week 2? Convenient.
  3. Firing the GM & coach every 2-3 years is very counter productive and part of the reason we're always turning over the roster. Sometimes you have to let people work through things and learn.
  4. McGovern is actually a good guard though. We should have drafted a damn center and bumped him into van roten's spot.
  5. the o-line was definitely much better. van roten was still ass. he stands out like a sore thumb. doesn't belong.
  6. Ehhh I wouldn't characterize then as jump balls. More like I'll advised prayers. Either way, in.
  7. The CS only calls the plays. They don't make the decisions the QB makes. Wilson was awful today making terrible decisions to lob the ball up into coverage. That's not the fault of the coaches. It's on the QB. He's a rookie. He will have more bad games. Hopefully he learns from them and grows. No need to deflect the fault to the coaches for what was plainly the fault of the QB.
  8. Changing GM's and coaches every three years works really good. Exhibit A: the Jets
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