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  1. got a little crazy trading down but F it. 21. Broderick Jones OT Georgia 43. John Michael Schmitz OC Minnesota 47. Nolan Smith EDGE Georgia 60. Jack Campbell LB Iowa 74. Sydney Brown S Illinois 92. Kendre Miller RB TCU 98. Xavier Hutchinson WR Iowa State 112. Nathaniel Dell WR Houston
  2. Give me Duece in the 5th.
  3. F Zeke but it's nice to see players want to play for the Jets for once.
  4. Mims had a solid rookie year? When?
  5. Just for the record I am not asking for $20 million as a free agent.
  6. Certainly could be. Also could have been something he turned to coming off injury.
  7. no one is saying he's a superstar or will become one. wtf. he's a role player with elite speed that defenses will have to account for when he's on the field. and yes, some of us had heard of him because we watch games other than the Jets.
  8. Y'all are really extra ornery today aren't ya?
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