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  1. I remember him being a beast when he first came into the league. Wtf happened to him
  2. never heard of the guy. who gives a flying F what he says???
  3. I know they have an air force. I remember them being involved in the first gulf war.
  4. That back shoulder pass was so on point, between two defenders, one of which was blanketing the intended receiver. And no one but Anderson had a shot. If they can consistently execute like that it's going to drive opposing defensive coordinators bat sh*t crazy. I just jizzed, in my pants.
  5. Teams treat minor dings and strains more cautiously in the preseason. It's best to let guys heal up and be 100% for the season then to press them and let something become a lingering issue. If it were week 1 this week we'd be missing Williamson and maybe Johnson would be questionable. Other than that we'd probably have mostly all our starters.
  6. Yea definitely not the same thing, it just had that feeling to it. Like maybe when he gets his rookie legs under him he's powering straight through and keeping his balance.
  7. Reminded me a little of Kris Jenkins. Would love to see another DT with that sort of power & interior pass rush to end Brady's life.
  8. I noticed a play where he jumped inside way too early and it happened to be correct but he gave up contain badly. Not a good way to get yourself playing time.
  9. From the couple of plays I was paying attention I didn't get that impression at all. I remember one play where the play went opposite side and he chased it down for only like a 3 yard gain where I was thinking he was pretty high motor. I didn't analyze him all game or anything though.
  10. Now that we're 2 preseason games into his career, I think it's safe to say he's a bust.
  11. It was great to see the Jets constantly swarming the QB but to your point I do think it needs to be taken with a grain of salt until we see it in the regular season. The Falcons have a lot of new pieces on their o-line and it takes time for that unit to gel. They also aren't putting in game plans in preseason to counter the opposing defense. Lastly - I think teams with new coaching staffs tend to play with a little more juice in the preseason. There's a different energy when a new CS shows up. It will be a very pleasant surprise if this flows right into the regular season though!
  12. That back shoulder pass to Anderson was cray
  13. never seen so much complaining about the 3rd string QB. I'll take that as a good sign.
  14. Even if he made the kick - no shame in holding the falcons to a fg. That offense is high octane

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