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  1. Lamar Jackson completed 66% if his passes, threw 36 TDs and 6 INTs this year. Not too shabby for a RB who can't pass with any accuracy. I swear some people don't even watch the games.
  2. Should be enough time to dig out of the Mac/Idzik hole and build a reasonable roster around him.
  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Jets aren't fixing this roster in one off season. FA o-linemen very rarely work out and good edge players rarely make it to FA. Maybe we get lucky and find a solid stop gap WR in free agency. We should try and trade Q Williams if we want to pickup draft capital. That was the most ridiculously awful draft pick given the makeup of the team.
  4. For the most part, we should be trying to team build through the draft. I'm not one of these don't ever build through free agency guys but my opinion is that FA moves should mostly be used as a stop gap. Spending a large percentage of the cap on free agent players other teams didn't want to pay rarely works out and has potential to put you in a bad cap position. Once in a while a team will make a mistake and allow a player in their prime to go to FA but not often. It's usually because they've hurt themselves with bad contracts elsewhere. I think we are in agreement that building through the draft should be the priority in terms of team building. One of the major benefits of building through the draft is you have first dibs on locking up great players in their prime. When you hit - you should keep those gems and not make the mistake of allowing another team the opportunity to find the rare FA gem.
  5. We're not overestimating anything. You're trying to say there is a cap issue that doesn't exist. The cap goes up about $10 million every year. Show us the cap issue you fantasize exists for the purpose of hating Jamal Adams. You keep claiming it exists - prove it. Lay it all out for us. Show us your boogie man. Cap issues happen for four reasons: 1) Overpaying for veterans past their prime. 2) Drafting too many good players and you cannot afford to pay them all. 3) Poorly structured back loaded contracts. 4) A combination of 1,2 & 3. Paying market value for all-pro level players you've drafted while they're in their prime is not a culprit for cap issues. These are the players you want to pay.
  6. This guy hasn't started a full season since 2013 when Sam Darnold was in 10th grade. I'm not trading for a 32 year old guy who hasn't started a full season since 2013 unless the compensation is a bag of gummy dicks.
  7. There is merit to trading him for picks but that is outside of a pure salary cap discussion. We disagree on his trade value but again a different albeit related discussion. Not the point at all. Ted was making the argument that paying strong safety prevents you from properly building a team and pointed at the w/l record of the Redskins who paid their SS a lot. They had over $20 million in cap space so paying the SS didn't prevent them from paying another player. The Redskins SS salary is entirely irrelevant to them sucking. Again, paying Jamal wouldn't prevent us from improving the team in any way. The idea that paying him somehow destroys our ability to build a winning team is nothing but a boogie man Jamal haters use.
  8. Teams don't let go of good reliable o-linemen. Enough with the damaged and recycled offensive linemen. No trades, no big money FA o-linemen. Draft the hell out of them for the next 3 years and put some young studs in front of Darnold so we can see if he's the damn truth.
  9. Paying the all-pro player we drafted to keep during his prime years does not and will not prevent the team from being built into a winning program. It won't prevent us from paying our QB if he becomes worth it. It won't prevent us from drafting offensive linemen or signing free agents. Essentially, there's nothing signing Adams long term prevents the team from doing. The cap goes up every year and the only major potential upcoming contract we need to worry about is Darnold. Stop being scared of some salary cap boogie man that's going to bite us if we sign Adams long term. If we get to a point where we have too many good players where it looks like they won't all fit under the cap, then we'd have to start to worry about things like this. But then - that would be a great problem to have.
  10. You haven't made the case that it is a fundamentally bad decision. You miss the point of the thread.
  11. The Redskins had over $20 million in cap space left over in 2019. The money they spent on SS didn't prevent them from spending elsewhere.
  12. By this logic we shouldn't pay a single player on the roster. Adams can get paid and we can still improve the o-line, skill positions, coaching staff, etc and become a good team. Paying Adams doesn't prevent us from drafting o-line. It doesn't prevent us from paying Darnold in the future if he is worth it. It doesn't prevent us from doing pretty much anything we need to do to improve the team.
  13. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment and points made in this thread and it was very well articulated. I want to make a side point about the salary cap in general. I don't think it has really done anything to improve parity in the league. It was introduced in '94 and 6 years later the Patriots created the longest dynasty in the history of the league. Personally I thought it was more fun to watch teams be able to keep all the good guys they drafted and be rewarded with a nice 5-10 year run for doing so. It gave them more of an identity than just the face of the QB and coach.

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