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  1. Doubt Smith ever falls to 23 but I'd run up to the podium with the selection if he did. 2. Zach Wilson QB BYU 23. DeVonta Smith WR Alabama 34. Zaven Collins LB Tulsa 71. Josh Myers OC Ohio State
  2. 2. Zach Wilson QB BYU 32. Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma State 35. Jayson Oweh EDGE Penn State 64. Wyatt Davis OG Ohio State 66. Landon Dickerson OC Alabam
  3. I like the Lawson signing but I think it's being over rated. Would love to be proven wrong on that one.
  4. ETH has an entire decentralized finance ecosystem being built on it and has a massive amount of active development going on. DOGE is a meme coin that is a copy of bitcoin made worse (unlimited supply, 10000 coins per minute) with no active development. Pretty big difference. I think you'd do well to take your profits and move them into ETH. I never thought DOGE would be anywhere near it is in price now though, so maybe I'm just way off.
  5. I would strongly recommend taking some profit if you're going to ride it out. The floor will drop out on this one.
  6. 10,000 doge created every minute. This thing has a worse monetary policy than the USD. It's not sustainable. I might just start mining DOGE while the price is so high though.
  7. DOGE now has a higher market cap than Cardano. lmao I think it has to be a pump and dump but what do I know.
  8. 2. Zach Wilson QB BYU 27. Creed Humphrey OC Oklahoma 34. Jayson Oweh EDGE Penn State 58. Asante Samuel Jr. CB Florida State 66. Michael Carter RB Nor
  9. If you think bitcoin is overvalued and want to put your money on it
  10. Not a sexy pick but I think they'll be excited about Drew Dalman - zone blocking C/G from Stanford. He's a developmental guy that needs an NFL conditioning and diet to bulk up, but a strong zone blocking interior o-lineman. A day 3 pick.
  11. I was talking about the coinbase IPO tomorrow - symbol will be COIN. I see doge almost up to .10 cents. Get that money. The biggest problem I have with doge is there's too many and unlimited supply of coins. 129+ billion today and over 14 million created daily. I'm shocked it's priced as high as it is tbh.
  12. Follow DataDash, he knows his stuff. I've done very well following some of his plays. Here's one of his most recent video where he makes some picks.
  13. I would buy COIN but then I could just buy BTC instead so why would I? lol
  14. oh - I thought when you said you were concerned about the porn you thought there was something wrong with it.
  15. Seems a little weird the mom is providing the playboy and the lube but please explain what the big deal is with a teenage boy doing this? Because I'm preeeeeeeeeeeeeetttty f'n sure we all did this.
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