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  1. At this point his floor is a lot closer to Sanchez than Rivers. TF?
  2. Nice work. Any chance you could plot number of wins over each team on this graph - would be interesting.
  3. fair - it's obviously a good thing to score on the opening drive but most games have gone south rather quickly after that.
  4. Yup. Defense see's how you're attacking and makes adjustments. The counter adjustment doesn't seem to happen soon enough, if at all. It took Gase 11 weeks to adjust the damn cadence - most coaches would have that done the same quarter if defenses were onto it.
  5. Swallow pride lol. Now the whole "you know what to do" on the sideline before half during the Pats game makes more sense. Gase is like "I don't know wtf to do, you know what to do ... right? I mean I hope?"
  6. Aaron Glenn & Mo Lewis off the top of my head, John Abraham maybe? Adams hasn't done it long enough yet but if he continues to ascend he'll be right up there.
  7. This is how Gase got a head coach opportunity in the first place - sit back and let the QB tell you how to run the offense.
  8. Less confident than I was pre-season. Too many dumbass plays so far this year. He seems to be good from a clean pocket but has a lot of brain farts under duress.
  9. Ravens are really good. I called them beating the Pats because of how well that offense matched up. I'm just saying it could be a good match-up for us if our offense can produce. Lamar is special though. Their defense is getting better too. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they toasted us.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they did - but I think it may be a much closer game if our offense is competent that week.
  11. Good point but considering how this season has gone our run D must be off the charts.
  12. The Jets haven't had a top 5 run D in the last decade. Twice we've cracked top 10 (2017 & 2012). We've mostly had a bottom half of the league run D, even in the Rex era. 2018: 26th 2017: 9th 2016: 22nd 2015: 31st 2014: 28th 2013: 30th 2012: 7th 2011: 20th 2010: 30th 2009: 25th
  13. I'm interested in seeing how they stack up against the Ravens in a few weeks. As much as the Ravens were a bad match-up for the Pats - they may be a good match-up for the Jets. Could be a surprisingly winnable game for us. I am not entirely confident about that because of how different that Ravens run game is compared to the league.
  14. For the first time all season we didn't see free rushers on the QB all game. When guys were on the QB it was because linemen were getting beat - not because they didn't know who to block. For the first time all season the cadence was changed so the defense wasn't tee'ing off on the QB - hell we actually caught them trying to do this jumping offsides. Glad to see we're taking some positive steps here - it only took until week 11.
  15. The best ability is availability. So fast Herndon has severely lacked in the availability department ~~~ He could change that or maybe this is just who he is.
  16. When Sam has time to throw and steps into it I have a lot of confidence he's completing the pass. A lot. I am concerned about the fact that he seems to have a lot of dumbass in him. Just terrible decisions at the worst times. I know, he's 22. Jury is still out. We need to protect him.

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