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  1. 4th and 6 and Flacco stands there with 0 awareness and takes the sack. Smh
  2. The DJ on local radio the other day made the argument that the original Aerosmith Walk This Way was the first rap song. Not sure what to think about that but I was surprised to hear him even making the case.
  3. Why do our players always feel the need to celebrate every little play they make like they just won the damn Superbowl? We're down 2 TD's in the first half here and Quincy Williams and Mosely feel the need to go nuts after a dropped pass. FOH.
  4. Getting called for holding on a screen play is a special kind of incompetence
  5. This is the type of game the Jets need to start winning to change hearts and minds. Until then people will bang the "get right against the jets" narrative.
  6. Meanwhile Justin Herbert is contemplating a painkilling shot to play with broken rib cartilage from the same doctor that punctured Tyrod Taylors lung. Doctors have advised him not to play today crushing the narrative that it's just up to the doctors.
  7. Zach Wilson a healthy scratch for the second straight week.
  8. The little I watched in the all-22 from bengals/cowboys the o-line was a mess. Both tackles were getting owned, the linemen didn't know their assignments and Burrow wasn't making line adjustments. Just a complete and total breakdown across the board. I can't imagine they aren't working to clean this up but it needed a ton of work. Hope to see more of the same but expect them to have at least improved.
  9. Wasn't he cleared by doctors to play today? Not sure if they gave him a 110% health rating though since he's not playing.
  10. I took the Bengals week 1 in both survival pools. I also did make my picks week 1 in the pick 'em but managed to get every single one wrong. I'm not even mad.
  11. How much sht would you talk if the Jets won the superbowl? I would be completely insufferable.
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