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  1. Who was the dipsh*t reporter who said the Vikings "solved" there TE problem when this trade was made?
  2. True - and he was a solid LT, but I don't think anyone ever really considered him great. 3 pro-bowls, no all-pro's. Love the guy but I don't think he rises to the HOF level.
  3. LT is much different than RT. It's harder to play and it's more important to find a good one making the positional value much higher than RT. It's also easier to play OL when you have Brady at QB as opposed to a rookie in his first game. This is all obvious but needs to be repeated over and over. Aside from that - the improvements week 2 had more to do with communication & knowing protections and schemes better than a different player at LT. Fant should hit the bench when Becton comes back.
  4. If he's the QB we think he is, he watches the film learns from it and improves. Rookies have to take their lumps. Welcome to the NFL kid.
  5. I agree Van Roten is trash but Ross Perot is dead, dude.
  6. Which reminds me. I wish the ignore user feature would also block threads created by said user.
  7. Excellent reps by AVT - love to see it. More evidence of Van Roten stinking up the joint. Is Clarke out for the season?
  8. wow - I thought he just had mental issues. I guess he's a POS too. Bad combo.
  9. Who is anointing him? So far the guy has played better with a better team around him and better coaching and his team is 2-0. A lot of guys on here blamed everything on offense on Darnold the last two years and when you brought up the fact that it's a team game you were mocked. A lot of those same guys are now making the argument that Darnold has nothing to do with the Panthers winning. Glad we can all finally agree it's a team game.
  10. Amazing how everyone on JN who sh*t on Darnold the last two years have suddenly come to the conclusion that football is a team sport.
  11. OK I'll bite, what's the punchline here?
  12. Another idea, just spit balling here, we could give the #2 overall pick more than 2 games before we give up on him.
  13. Not sure what your point is. The Patriots were clearly trying to slow down the run in the first half and we were able to run against them will success. It was a clear improvement in the running game from the week prior, Nathan Peterman impression or not.
  14. The Jets were running the ball well in the first half. It was a 10 point game at halftime. More than half the rush yards were first half.
  15. fair but I don't really attribute it to fant being a better player. It was just better communication and understanding of who to pickup when IMO. W1 there were a lot of guys just not picked up causing pressure.
  16. I can't help you if you think it's on the CS when the QB is just lobbing the balls up to the DB's. Good luck to you. Enjoy whatever it is you think you're watching.
  17. haven't gone back to look myself but a few of the plays in this breakdown have 8 in the box and we're hitting good runs. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/baldy-s-breakdown-jets-rush-for-152-yards-vs-patriots
  18. brutal dude. I can give him a partial pass for the second one since it was a good read just a little high but the rest were just really, really bad. The game is probably too fast for him right now.
  19. The running game was much improved from week 1 with all of our backs averaging 4+ yards per carry. Michael Carter looked particularly good averaging over 5 ypc on 11 touches, as well as being competent in pass protection which will be a key for him getting snaps. Hopefully a sign that the players are starting to be comfortable with the Shanahan system. The pass protection improved significantly over week one. This speaks to the coaching staff IMO as a lot of the pressures W1 were missed assignments and lack of communication. Huge improvement that was over shadowed by an abysmal QB perfor
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