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  1. I would be so ticked off if the first season in 30 years that I'm not in the stadium is the year that they win it all. .0000001% chance of happening but still that would be a tough pill to swallow.
  2. As far as I recall, Manish is a Philly fan. His favorite NBA team is the Sixers. Makes too much sense now!
  3. 2 tickets for Sunday's game vs. Dolphins. Section 231a corner endzone. Row 12 Asking $100 for the pair or best offer!
  4. Hi all, I have up to 3 tickets for sale for every game in the 2019 season. All prices are negotiable. I'm happy to sell to Jets fans than some random on Stubhub. Reply to this thread or direct message me for details and availability. Thanks!!!
  5. I travel to Munich fairly regularly. There are some sports bars that you can catch games since Germans are pretty big on NFL action believe it or not. The bar I've liked the most is attached to the Marriott hotel in Nordfriedhof. Super easy to get to using their U-Bahn subway system and solid food. The bar is called Champions and regularly carries NFL games on large projector screens. I'm sure there are plenty of other spots but this is the one I've been to. Biggest issue with watching games in Germany is the 6 hour time difference. Very hard to catch anything other than the 1pm games unless you're a night owl. Anyways, enjoy Munich and let me know if you have other questions!
  6. Looking for $95 each since thats face value. Have 3 available still. Reach out and I'm happy to make a deal.
  7. I currently have tickets available for the Colts, Vikings, and Texans games. Up to 3. May have 1-2 for Bills and Pats but still sorting this out with family. Tried to direct message you but not sure how. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I have up 3 seats per game nearly all season. Looking for face value. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll keep you posted regarding whats still available since I'm actively selling them to friends, coworkers, etc. Thanks!
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