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  1. Baby Sam was shy and humble. He’s matured past his shyness yet has maintained being humble despite all the attention and praise cast on him at USC and the New York media. Today’s players have more opportunities than any generation to showcase their egos through the general media and social media. A lot of the showboating players do off the field can really turn me off. (Getting notifications 😳from BR of Odell Beckham’s new haircut). Sam could care less about the limelight and is on the biggest stage in the world. We’re lucky to have him.
  2. Imagine if all these guys stuck together. And if Pennington’s bones were a little denser. The 2000’s teams could have really been something.
  3. #2 and #1 really contradict each other. Keyshawn led to drafting Abraham (or Ellis) which then led to to drafting Mangold. One way to look at it was the 1996 pick produced 20 years of dominant play at WR, DE and C at different periods. If you use the Writers thinking, then Laverne is coles should be on the list as well As other posters have pointed out Vilma and farrior were big losses as well. Terrible list
  4. Madden sucks and so does every video game in the past 7-8 years. Call of duty and madden haven’t changed one bit since most changes are subtractions. The a year or 2 later they add what they subtracted back. And the process repeats itself
  5. It’s great that the players are making all that money, but it is killing the competition in the league NBA players control the league. The term “owner” no longer exists. Literally. People were saying it was racist. Adam Silver now refers to the people who are the biggest shareholders as “governors”. im sure people will think you’re racist for comparing nba players to “inmates” pretty soon players will be wealthy enough to own the team. If MJ could do it 20 years ago, surely many more will be able to, only they’ll have the ability while still in their prime. The NBA should rename itself the the CBA (Communist Basketball Association).
  6. Wow calm down. You sound like a hard core leftie from Deadspin
  7. He also orchestrated Tom’s marriage to a sugar momma so he’d never pull an Aaron Rodgers on the salary cap
  8. Exactly. Look how many teams were thrown away to the thunder. Thunder will probably trade at least half of those picks again. Thunder are going to tank as well
  9. how many times have you seen draft picks being traded for cash? or teams like the Knicks/Nets trading away a decades worth of picks for washed up players?
  10. 🤨Somehow the OP Jetster turned his question into a rhetorical one. There's a new coach here and Training Camp hasn't even started . It's not like the Jets are returning from a 13-3 season. calm down
  11. It seems for the past 10 years every championship has been won in the offseason. Teams in the NBA get turned inside out and then turn a 180. Draft picks are barely valued, unless for the past 1st overall, and are constantly traded for Big names. there's a max contract that players can get, which makes players like Mike Conley get paid the same as Lebron James. This makes it seems like there is no salary cap as teams are able to fit 3 max contracts. Players like Lebron James isn't bothered that he makes the same as a guy half as good as he is, because most of his money comes from endorsements. a lot of these guys have 100 million dollar shoe deals, so why would he. Lebron is almost a Billionaire from endorsements and career earnings. Also, players seem to have all the control, when it comes to who they want to be traded too. this often leads to the top 15 players in the league being on only 5-6 teams What would you think of the NFL if they went this route in the next CBA agreement? I think it ruins basketball. It takes everything away from team development and makes 20 of the other teams uncompetitive and unwatchable. One moment your hometown team is rising, then all of a sudden your best player decides to move his talents elsewhere. then you're teams goal is to tank, hoping to luck out for the top pick while creating cap space to hope that a few top 15 players want to form a superteam in your city. The Raptors defied the odds this year, and I couldn't have been happier to see a well balanced team like them win.
  12. Nobody wondering what Anderson’s 40 time was? As well as the winner, Goodson? as far as Anderson quitting; I think his hammys felt tight after the first run and feared another race would injure it.
  13. I think you got it absolutely backwards adam gase - never drinks. He prefers meth to stay awake while watching tapes Rex- would absolutely be the most fun, especially fat Rex Todd Bowles- would get drunk and you wouldn’t notice until he fell over passed out Tanny- would pay just to show off his money Woody- he wouldn’t even show up

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