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  1. themeangreenkillingmachine

    If she doesn’t take the browns job 🙃

    with that said. if a woman ever has a big role in an NFL franchise, let them be a GM, but no way do I ever see a woman as a HC.
  2. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Bell’s expecting price revealed

    for 12 mil I could careless about what my soon to be former teammates think of me
  3. themeangreenkillingmachine

    If she doesn’t take the browns job 🙃

    The Browns are screwed. If they Hire Rice, they will repeat their infamous defeatful 0-16 season. if they don't, all the feminists and ANTIFA will be protesting SEXISM!!!!!
  4. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Jets massively overspent for Trumain Johnson

    reminds me of Calvin Pace. one of the highest paid players at their position, yet never made a pro bowl but is really just a jag.
  5. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Bell’s expecting price revealed

    is there anything in an NFL player contract that says the player has to go in the game when the coach says so? If I were bell I would have said, "I aint touching the ball more than 15 times a game". once he reaches 15 carries, then he goes and sits on the bench for the rest of the game. then he could have gotten paid this year. "now if you pay me 15 mil, then ill touch the ball however many times you want." if so, then Bell is pretty dumb to have given up 12 mil.
  6. themeangreenkillingmachine

    John Harbaugh

    Wrong harbaugh. I'd take Jim over john. Though. If Michigan goes to the 4 team playoffs he's not leaving.
  7. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    Maybe the Johnson's are smarter than we thought. Keeping bowles gives the jets the best shot at being #1... In draft order. finally this barely afloat ship is gunna tank.
  8. this just brightened my day
  9. themeangreenkillingmachine

    I hate to say, I told you so

    bragging that you knew all along that the jets suck is like bragging that the sky is blue. I'm pretty sure 95 percent of the people here have known this for the past 6-7 years.
  10. themeangreenkillingmachine

    After 50 years I’m losing interest in this franchise.

    I stopped caring and watching sometime during that idzick era when geno smith was starting and his best wr was Stephen hill. seeing guys like charone peake and eric Tomlinson on this team just shows that not much has changed in 5 years. watching the jets game and watching a saints team play, makes you wonder if those teams play in a different league. I feel like I'm watching a baseball game when I see the jets. I'm lucky if I can make it to halftime without falling asleep.
  11. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    They called out the coaches too. "If they don't take him out then Why don't They just snap the ball from under center (i formation) Every play has been shotgun." This team is so bland and boring
  12. themeangreenkillingmachine

    The REAL Idiot

    When was the last time the jets had a head coach with an offensive background. This team has been building its defense for 20 years. Aside from 2 qbs. The last offensive player drafted in rd1 was dbrick and mangold. For godsake get an offensive minded coach and draft some offense. Or at least one of the 2. When you completely ignore 1 side of the ball this is what you get
  13. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    Even the commentators were asking, "when are the coaches going to take him out of the game" 2 drives before he got yanked
  14. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    I heard bowles wants to promote long to long snapper
  15. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Brandon Marshall released

    I thought the nyj were going to be his last stop before hanging up the cleats. The guy has played for 2 more teams since. The guy has a hell of a mouth. Time for him to go on Showtime fulltime

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