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  1. Tom Shane you got a huge internet keyboard ego here. If anyone needs to stfu, it’s you
  2. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Legalized Cheating

    It's not cheating if everyone does it. Hence why I don't get why they just don't legalize steroids.
  3. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Poll: Kevin Mawae vs Nick Mangold

    Mawae and mangold were consistently top centers in the league. I give a slight advantage to mawae because he was great on sweeps. The guy would run 50 yards downfield to make a block. Both guys we're great teammates. Mawae was a bit more of a leader though, and a bit more hard nosed/no bullsh*t, while mangold was fun and cheerful. Mawae also played at a high level until he was almost 40. He's also probably going to Hall of Fame eventually. Better player: mawae Better Jet: mangold
  4. themeangreenkillingmachine

    What we learned tonight about Dee Ford and Trent Brown

    If I were a chief's fan I wouldn't w2ant to see Dee Ford in a uniform again. If it weren't for that offsides penalty, that pick would have sealed it. 😡
  5. themeangreenkillingmachine

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Brady's so smart. He audibled into that. The QB position is all cerebal. He's the general O the field. It doesnt matter if he's not the greatest athlete if he can read defenses and call his own shot. Darnold has this ability too. With experience he will be disecting defenses
  6. themeangreenkillingmachine

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Holy sh*t! This is rigged
  7. themeangreenkillingmachine

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    It touched Edelman that time for sure lol
  8. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Robby Anderson

    So the OP says R Anderson isn't a #1. Ok, I agree. OP says Anderson a should get no more than the vets minimum because he isn't a #1. So I guess all #2 and #3 WRs are valued the same as the #5 and #6 receiver.
  9. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Attitude, swagger attracted Adam Gase to Gregg Williams

    Rex had front page headlines that read "Swagger" Mangini was a mini clone of Belichick when it came to discipline. So i guess Gase is what would come about if Rex and Mangini made a baby. And Bowles... He's in another universe. He's what you get when you get sucked into a black hole.
  10. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Gase on LeBetard thus morning..

    Sounds like you're describing Sam Darnold. Gase and Darnold are going to be tight.
  11. themeangreenkillingmachine


    shut up Jamal. It's January and you're at home sitting on the couch.
  12. themeangreenkillingmachine

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    what happened to the poll on this? last I saw of it, 80 percent of the fans here voted against the hire. was it deleted so that all the people who disapprove of Gase can hide that they were wrong, years from now when the Jets are actually a success? I smell COLLUSION
  13. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    Yet everyone here finds that as a problem. Youd think after having told Bowles, who had a reputation as a push over, fans would want a change. People here are bitches
  14. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Let's see where everyone stands

    What happened to the first poll? It was simply yes or no for gase. It's very important that I find it so that 75% of the board doesn't get left off the hook when they change their mind. I see people have already changed their opinion. Gase has gone from 25% approval to 80%.
  15. themeangreenkillingmachine

    Darnold already taking questions about the miserable Jets fanbase

    Don't lie to me. I know you've at least seen Jack Frost 2.

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