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  1. What’s replacement and how is everything adjusted? Sounds like a bunch of gibberish
  2. I still don’t know what DVOA or DYAR stand for. how about at least telling us that?
  3. What’s the consequence? That some former jets might become stars because they have been given some extra playing time ? ok scout
  4. If every team has a TE then there should be 32 #1 TEs. He’s getting paid higher than 5 starters
  5. 3 weeks of good play = 3 year new contract? well, hopefully his play wasn’t a fluke
  6. I think the new uniforms greatly reflect today’s fashion. I mean look at all the dudes wearing skinny jeans... what is happening!?!?!?!?
  7. Having played both sports I’ll say this; Rugby is more physical and takes more toughness to play. It’s constant running and constant mauling. No pads. It takes tremendous endurance. It’s like combining the physicality of football and endurance of soccer together. but as far as athletes, NFL football players or more gifted.
  8. Um I think he was talking about Wayne Hunter. How could anybody forget someone that bad, let alone that big ass grin on his face every time he gave up a sack. I remember he was responsible for 22 sacks in a season. @T0mShane loses all credibility for thinking Edoga is the worst Olineman ever.
  9. It’s called the nickel formation on defense. 5 dbs with Adams blitzing. He can still be a safety and blitz while having another dB drop back in coverage.
  10. while @TomShane is shying away from any praise of Jamal Adams because he draws too much attention and has a big ego, he is out showing his support for Kaepernick
  11. It’s astonishing how hypocritical “the left” (Kaepernick supporters) is. you are the snowflakes! you are the ones crying about Kaepernick being suppressed. Forget the disrespectful and disgusting acts he did to this country. He is full of sh*t. He is trying to stir up a storm. The league gave him a workout, just as it would to any player and he Found a way to make a fuss. This is just him trying to protest again. He’s trying to market himself. Anyone buying into him is a fool. The argument isn’t whether he is good enough to play in the NFL. He is a jag, and there’s no reason to have a jag on your team with a Nike crew following them around promoting communism, when there are 50 other jag QBs to pick from who don’t the guy is the most selfish person out there and he preaches communism, as if he thinks he’s equal to everyone, and not bigger than everyone else. Proof in the pudding right here ( https://www.thebiglead.com/2014/01/13/colin-kaepernick-vs-russell-wilson-hilarious-comparison-of-their-instagram-accounts/ ) he has made millions from Nike and millions from the nfl (both his lawsuit and contracts). He has made near $200m combined. Yet, he is using the victim card, just like an average snowflake. My bet is he wouldn’t even sign with a team if offered, because he’d find something to bitch about in his contract. Please ship him off to Venezuela or Cuba and let him see what kind of social justice he gets there.
  12. Go to http://nflbite.com/ you whining idiots
  13. It’s amazing how many people here will never learn. I wonder how many people complaining about all the DLinemen this team has taken were praising them when first picked. Now they want yet another one. it’s utterly ridiculous how dumb not just this team is, but the fans as well...

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