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  1. The headline is maddening. It makes it sound as if Bell is acting up. He’s been a good soldier. But yes point being made is correct. Why bang the guy up so much when there is nothing to gain and all to lose?
  2. You just realized the jets suck? I gave up hope when Idzik became GM with Geno to Clyde Gates were the stars of the team. I gave up hope a long time ago. I have a better chance winning the lotto than seeing the jets win a SB in the next 10 years. Actually looking back at some memories of geno and Sanchez... at least Faulk hasn’t thrown 5 or 6 ints in a game. good for him. Imagine geno or Sanchez behind this Oline. This is the worst Oline I’ve seen. BELL can’t average more than 3.0 ypc. The guy looks amazing. I’ve never seen a rb make so many guys wiff and he does it so casually. What a waste of talent.
  3. Of course a state with no income tax would be impoverished if it relied on its income tax. It would have an annual funds of $0 i enjoy not giving away an extra 10% to lazy people and corrupt politicians
  4. I got property taxes that go to the county. But yeah food stamps probably come from federal funds. Polite may be smarter than I thought. He’s in Seattle now. Perfect place for getting free stuff once he gets cut.
  5. I’m serious about the food stamps. I’m a tax paying Florida resident. He’ll probably move back here and settle for unemployment.
  6. Maybe she tried blackmailing him for money? Tried to settle out of court beforehand? Meaning she was looking for a payday. Got to look at both sides of the story
  7. Sorry you’re so butt hurt. Did I ruin your day? I didn’t know you were so sensitive. Yes, I don’t like the Jets new uniforms. I don’t have a problem with change, but if you are going to make something new, at least make it an improvement, not a downgrade. The new uniforms are lame The soft skin around here reminds me that r/nyjets is a much better place
  8. I guess that ices the pain. But I’d still rather have bridgewater than Semien
  9. I could be wrong, but didn’t the Jets trade TB for a 2019 3rd rd pick? That one we used to draft a player who was cut before opening day? So basically TB was traded for nothing. Actually the jets gave away a 6th rd pick too. So the jets spent a 6th to get rid of TB I just wanted to add this to the things to cry upon around here 🤣 it sucks being a jets fan ... 😭
  10. Posts like this make me fear the attack on masculinity is real and that society has become too sensitive and soft.

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