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  1. What happens when another criminal resists arrests and gets shot in another month or 2?
  2. I thought COVID may cancel the NFL season, now there’s even more reasons
  3. Was a gun put to her head forcing her to go? I feel like we live in a world where just asking a girl for her number will lead to sexual harassment charges
  4. OMG a team executive got flirty with hot cheerleader 16 years ago! Nice hit piece by Jeff Bezos
  5. You’re right about global warming being a scam (the world will end in 10 years). Way to ignore the article...
  6. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/investigation-shows-errors-in-florida-virus-positivity-report-hospitals-say-actual-rate-much-lower it happens a lot and is part of the reason why the USA leads the world in cases along with the USA testing more than any other country
  7. Hilarious! people expressing the most concern over the virus are upset that their team can’t have fans attend games.
  8. Everyone has been dying to blow @T0mShane on this site for years. Make him do it. I bet he chickens out.
  9. Thank you for calling out cancel culture for what it is now bring back the Redskins!
  10. Seahawks are sexists. They are hindering women from the work place and denying equal opportunity. cancel the Seahawks!
  11. Poor guy just trying to get his nut. now I know why Mosley opted out 4 months of abstaining from sex. You couldn’t pay me 20m to do that either
  12. Fake news. Is OP Manish Mehta? so if Bill Belichick ever admitted he called a bad play or made a bad adjustment, does that mean he is saying that he is a terrible sh*tty coach?
  13. I wonder how much that 8% Goes up when it’s an accusation against a high profile man (celebrity, athlete, politician, or super rich guy)?
  14. Why wasn’t he in shape last year? He had 18months and 52,500,000 reasons to be in shape for the 2019 season. no football player should ever be out of shape, they get paid way too much to not be.
  15. I’m most excited to hear 2 national anthems. 1 designated to segregate black people and the other for everyone else to sh*t on
  16. These rankings are just as credible as a woman doing a ranking of men’s underwear
  17. the 1st amendment is under attack Enjoy the socialist revolution. I’m done here. There’s much bigger things than football. Stay safe. good luck to those who believe I. This country. And God bless America. bye
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