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  1. What do you get for being a loyal fan? A pat on the back? Need to be told you are a better fan or something. Ok. Good for you. You did well. Keep up the great work. Lol.
  2. Walk. I tried giving my seats to a cousin. Psl paid in full. Didn’t want the seats. You can’t sell something that has no value.
  3. I did pay the psl. 15k total and I still walked away. Hard to walk away from that much money spent but I still save around 5k each year by not buying the tickets,parking etc.. every year. Sometimes you just have to admit your mistake and cut your losses. It just isn’t fun anymore either. When I was younger it was fun and exciting. Looked forward to it then it slowly became a hassle. Sunday mornings I can relax and spend my Sundays either home or at a bar and it is much more enjoyable.
  4. I didn’t do it to hurt woody. I’m done for good. In the end I lose the 15k I spent on the psl but I am still better off
  5. I’m done. Surprised I was able to get a refund for games not attended yet this year but I was. Hurts to walk away from 15k spent on psl fees but it’s best to cut my loses now. Plus if I ever wanted to attend a game it will be cheaper to buy on the secondary market. I’ve bought many dumb things in my life but jets season tickets and psl’s are high on my list. I literally sold my seats for $40 a piece for Sunday and the seats cost me $150 each. Done throwing my money away on this team.
  6. The whole world has literally gone insane. Wtf
  7. If I win the lottery yes I move out of NJ. Weird question.
  8. Hahaha. I am not even sure if you are being serious or if you haven't watched the games
  9. Exactly why he should be playing RT. His pass blocking is terrible. However I can see him succeed as a bull dozing run blocking RT.
  10. He literally admitted he needs to learn the playbook. There are things you don’t see on a stat sheet. He needs to get his head straight.
  11. Mmm. How do you make this about mims. The man crush for mims on this site is just weird. It’s simple. The guy needs to put his heart into the game and learn where to be when he is on the field. This isn’t street football where it’s run to the car and cut left. He isn’t on the field for a reason and that is solely on him.
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