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  1. So you haven't read my posts. I am all on board for drafting Wilson. I like his game. It is Fields were I see bad traits that worry me and makes me not want the jets to draft him. This thread is saying "Fields is the answer" to which I disagree so I believe we actually agree here but like you said no one on this site is an expert. I played the game for may years and have my knowledge from that but I am just a fan with an opinion like everyone else.
  2. Time will tell. Either you will be correct or I will be. I just know what I see and form my own opinion. I feel strongly that he will be a bust.
  3. So there are only two starting OL in this draft? Man I wish I had the crystal ball you have to predict such a thing. Where do you come up with this? What do you see that everyone else doesn’t?
  4. How do you know how the draft will fall today almost 3 weeks before hand? Am I ok drafting cb if that’s the way the board falls?? Yes. At the end of the day you help your QB on both sides of the ball. If your defense gives up 30 points you Jane your QB playing from behind trying to force plays and turning the bal over. So while I’d love an OL as well if the teams before us draft the top notch guys and a quality CB is there then draft them.
  5. His first read was open 90% of the time. When he actually has to move off he always took to long and most of the time took a sack for a loss. What tape are you guys watching?
  6. His tape is also horrible. It will be funny when he is drafted some where in the teens and all these “fields is the guy” posters lose their mind. If you actually have any knowledge of the game it’s easy to see.
  7. One read fields will not only be the last QB drafted but he will be out of the league in 7 years. With all due respect if you have any knowledge of the game and if you watched any tape and “studied” then this is the dumbest conclusion you can come up with. Fields can’t get off his first option quick enough. It’s on the tape.
  8. I don’t get this. To a point I understand he is a good guy and for that reason you wish him the best. But from just a jets fan point of view I hope he and the panthers are god awful next year. I’d rather the second round pick be around 38-40 then closer to 55-60 range. The way I see it next year I root for three teams. The jets, whomever is playing the Seahawks and whomever is playing the panthers. I can hope Sam does well in 2022 but certainly not this upcoming year.
  9. All I am saying is you hope we aren’t picking that high again. We literally were just saying the same exact same quotes a few years ago with Sam yet here we are again. So yes I hope we draft Wilson and I hope we aren’t this high in the draft for many years. But that’s all it is. A lot of hopes. Hoping we finally get it right. If we get it wrong like we did with Sam in 4 years we will be right back to where we started so “once in a lifetime “ isn’t accurate. We have to hope they get it right. Atleast we have the assets to build around the new QB this time.
  10. Once in a life shot? I’m all for drafting Wilson but just a few years ago we had the shot for a franchise QB when we drafted darnold. You can’t call it a once in a life shot and then bring up two QBs drafted very high by the jets and not that long ago. Next year there will be QB’s the experts fall in love with. Again I’m all for drafting Wilson but your choice of words don’t make sense.
  11. It really isn’t an “extra game”. Either way we were paying for 10 games. This year we are home for only one pre season game so that is nice that we only have to pay full price for only one preseason game but next year will be the opposite. Still paying for 10 games but next year two of those games will be home pre season games. Anyone who has tickets knows you can’t even give away pre season tickets. It will flip from year to year. Every year we pay for 10 games. Some years only one of those games will be pre season and other years two games will be preseason. Honestly if the jets tried to cha
  12. Their offensive coordinator was there.
  13. What makes you think any of those QB's will be available for trade?
  14. I am all about taking Zach Wilson but if did trade down and got Pitts and an OG on top of Davis and JuJu I wouldn't be mad. Sam certainly wouldn't have any more excuses.
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