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  1. Made my decision easier when a bunch of the people I tailgate with already had said they won't attend. Won't be much fun without most of my group. I usually have a hard time finding people to go to games once the weather gets colder anyway so I figured why bother this year. If the Jets don't do well I can't even give my tickets away some years and I imagine this year will be worse. Sunday mornings will be different for sure. Now if my bowling leagues get canceled as well I will be completely lost without the jets, tailgating and bowling.
  2. 100 % agree and did the same thing. If everyone chose option A the Jets would be holding onto millions of dollar of fans money.
  3. I spoke to them by phone today. You do not need to make a final decision by the 17th. They are just trying to get a feel as to how we as season ticket holders feel. For me it is way too early to decide. We still have no clue what the season will look like assuming there is one. Also from another point of view (and I am not making this political) we also do not know how the NFL is going to handle the national anthem. Everyone has their views and the right to protest but from my background I cannot support disrespecting our flag. This has nothing to do with anything else except for the flag for me. There are other ways to go about the issues some have. I thought they had got past the national anthem issue but for me that will be just as important as to where we are as a country with Covid-19 when I decide to attend or not.

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