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  1. It really is sad. Season ticket holders pay $250 for the year / $25 a game. I have friends who are going this week and asked if they could jump in my truck but I don't have the room. I think he said he paid $80 or something like that for a yellow parking pass after the fee's.
  2. No chance. You always pay over face value for parking on the 3rd party sites. It is the game tickets you get good value towards the end of the year if the Jets are not doing well. Let's hope that doesn't happen this year.
  3. The gift is the same as last year. You get Jets cash added to each seat. I think the amount depends on where your seats are. Mine got $50 each.
  4. I agree with both of you and I am a PSL holder. I don't post much but I read most of the nonsense this SAR guy say's and it is complete BS. The only thing he says that is true is that it is his money and he should do what he wants with it and nobody should care. But I can tell you just about every week I have friends who attend games and buy off stub hub or some other re-sale site and they pay less then I do, sit in better sections and they obviously don't have any PSL fee. Also late in the season last year I had surgery and couldn't attend the games. Forget selling them at face value. I could barely get .50 on the dollar so I tried giving them away. Couldn't even do that. While I hope Sam and the Jets turn things around this year and in the future years there is no way my PSL fee's were worth it. Easily one of the stupidest things I have ever bought in my life and I have bought some pretty dumb things. Just an honest opinion from a PSL holder.

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