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  1. Hahaha. I am not even sure if you are being serious or if you haven't watched the games
  2. Exactly why he should be playing RT. His pass blocking is terrible. However I can see him succeed as a bull dozing run blocking RT.
  3. He literally admitted he needs to learn the playbook. There are things you don’t see on a stat sheet. He needs to get his head straight.
  4. Mmm. How do you make this about mims. The man crush for mims on this site is just weird. It’s simple. The guy needs to put his heart into the game and learn where to be when he is on the field. This isn’t street football where it’s run to the car and cut left. He isn’t on the field for a reason and that is solely on him.
  5. This isn't backyard football. If Mimms isn't going to learn the playbook and where and when to be in the right spots he isn't going to get on the field no matter how much talent he has. He needs to start taking things seriously and treat it like a job and actually put the time and effort into his profession. You guys make it seem like the aren't playing the kid just in spite of the fans. C'mon
  6. And the most $$ of the group. Don’t forget that. If you do he will remind you 50 plus times.
  7. I firmly disagree that you will ever be able to sell your psl’s for a profit. I’d bet you couldn’t ever get .25 on the dollar.
  8. Never said I couldn’t have spent it. I did and it’s over with. If I could go back I certainly wouldn’t though. It’s like millions of men who buy that engagement ring. They bought it and years later if they could go back they wouldn’t. I got what I was expecting but it just isn’t fun anymore and it is definitely cheaper on the secondary market. 100%
  9. I think you are being to sensitive. It’s your money and if you enjoy who cares what other people post on the internet. I still buy but if I’m honest I know financially it doesn’t make sense as I can buy on the secondary market cheaper.
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