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  1. This is a jets message board and NO ONE should be concerned with others personal choices on here. If we all could just keep the topic to Covid and how it affects the NFL only then these threads wouldn't get locked all of the time.
  2. Well there it is. Calling people stupid for personal choices. And at least state the facts. Right on the front page of NJ.com it will tell you 49 people who were fully vaccinated in NJ alone have passed due to Corona Virus. We should be able to discuss Covid and how it affects the NFL and the NY Jets but to start your post with "people are stupid" is why these threads get locked. Keep your personal feelings to yourself and just discuss Covid and how it relates to the NFL.
  3. It wasn’t an investment. Was never something you looked at as making money off of. It was an entertainment fee for me. However I’ve bought many dumb things in my life. My PSL’s are arguably the dumbest. It is what it is. When we suck and you can’t make the game you literally sell for much less then what you actually pay. But if we get good again I have great seats locked in. Is what it is. If I could go back would I buy the psl’s again. 100% no.
  4. 3,900 yards, 66 % completion, 31 TD's, 11 INT's, 620 rushing yards, 5 rushing TD's. Offensive rookie of the year. Jets barely miss the playoffs and then JD puts the finishing touches on the roster next off season and the Jets are a legit contender in 2022.
  5. Absolutely not. Feels like we are headed in the right direction why would we want that mess back.
  6. Also remember this is the home opener and fans (season ticket holders) were kept out of their seats all of last season. I'd stay far away with any child younger then 13 in my opinion.
  7. I agree. Especially with it being the home opener. The crowd will be large and rowdy. If you are going and money isn’t an issue at the very least club mezzanine seats and I’m not even sure I’d do that with a one year old.
  8. I am in 143 and I agree with most but one thing for sure is we def get a lot of opposing teams fans. As far as how calm it is that is hit or miss with who you end up next to. Especially since our area seems to be big on the resale of opposing teams fans. Concession wise this area is very good since we have our own little area next to the club that doesn't get too crowded.
  9. outdoors....You shouldn't need any proof nor should you.
  10. My beers were freezing up if I didn't drink them fast enough. It was bitter cold
  11. So come out and say it and own what you say. Don’t act like your a good guy and say I’m not throwing people under the bus
  12. I’m a pro you know I could throw all of that out there man but that ain’t me. Lol. Didn’t he just throw it out there in this interview. People are funny.
  13. I know they had same time slot for a few weeks but no 4 p.m. games seem very odd to me. Anyway better for me especially for the home games. You know so I can get there super early to party and tailgate and take up all of the good parking spots just to piss people like you off and still be home at a decent time......
  14. Is this legit? Just about every game @ 1:00 besides the broncos, overseas and a Thursday night game. That seems odd. I know at times both the Jets and Giants will play in the same time slot but wouldn't this mean most Giants games are @ 4:00???
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