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  1. Forgive my ignorance on this and I know the Packers do not have an owner but how does that all work? Where does the money come from? Is it just a bunch of share holders or something? I never understood how they operate without an owner. Who decides who to hire as GM, President etc...
  2. No they do not. The Jets have been the only team in on a trade for AR. If they do not trade him he either retires on stays on GB. Both of those situations screw them cap wise.
  3. Yes. If I am Joe D I call them today and lower my offer. GB literally has no leverage.
  4. I don’t post often and don’t know who you are but awesome news for you and your family. Godbless. 🙏
  5. We don’t play the saints.
  6. For sure. Saquan Barkley, Aaron Donald, TJ Watt, Lamar Jackson as a backup. Lets just trade for everyone right??
  7. The data tells me he isn’t playing this weekend when his team has a playoff game. 🤷‍♂️
  8. I don't get the hype around Lamar. He certainly isn't helping his team this week... Running QB's are an injury waiting to happen
  9. What about the pants off detail?
  10. Agree. it took me years because in my head it was tough to walk away because my PSL's were all paid up. But then after taking into account taking people for free, selling at a loss when I had to sell I just gave in. Now I have extra disposable income that I can spend on much more enjoyable experiences then attending a Jets game. That's just me though as attending the games became less and less fun as I got older. In my early 30's I loved it.
  11. Yea and you went to law school. Thanks for telling us. Don't doubt it because I have no reason to. But I do think you have issues bragging about things. Guess what. I have a job, family and a house just like most people. Its called growing up and going through life. You may want to look at yourself in the mirror and think what kind of example am I setting for my kids by waiting over an hour drunk in the rain to heckle another grown man. And then brag about it the next day on the internet.
  12. Why does it trigger you soo much about him spending his time calling you out about being a douche? You are the one on the board bragging about this incident. If you don't see how some of us are going to think this is childish and down right ridiculous on your part then you have some growing up to do. You waited an hour in the rain to heckle some one. OK I wouldn't waste my time doing that but hey do you. The part that gets me is the bragging on a message board like we should be proud of you. C'mon man. Be proud of yourself
  13. Sad. Hope you didn't drive since you admitted to being intoxicated.
  14. You waited alone after the game for an hour just to heckle the GM. Wow.
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