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  1. Only 4 game diff .. you pay where you play Except most of his money will come in the form of his signing bonus...Regardless I do not feel bad for him.
  2. Yea I’d wait until all of the details come out. He could of had no idea what was happening.
  3. Good question and it is hard not to say the TE group. The best part though is when you think about this you also think well our secondary is much improved as is our OL, RB, WR, DL rooms.
  4. What Joe D did was not make an offer the 49ers couldn't refuse. He made his offer which the 49ers didn't accept and Joe did the right thing by not offering more.
  5. I am with you. What Joe did yesterday was exactly what this team needed. Can still add one more quality starter tonight as well. Trading for an overrated WR with one year of production was never the answer.
  6. Give it up already. We took 3 first round picks at premium positions of need. Be happy. Forget about Deebo
  7. I’ve said from day one Becton wasn’t going to be good. Early last year I said he’s better at RT and got laughed at. Becton doesn’t have the heart or desire to be great. Nothing has proven otherwise
  8. Saved us last year because Becton is a bust. Trade him now while he still has a little bit of value.
  9. Definitely possible which is still good. Joe has his offer and isn’t budging. Take it or leave it. SF is in the bad situation here. Not us.
  10. The fact that a first round pick and 25 million a year is a huge risk. If is happens then I pray in the end it will be worth it but there is no denying he has injury issues and anyone not saying he has only had one great year is trying to push incorrect facts. Last year was a great great year. He was hurt his second year and he had a pretty good rookie season. Tyreek Hill had multiple all pro seasons so I would have felt more comfortable trading for him.
  11. We agree on a lot of points except the proven stud. To me he isn’t that yet. Maybe he will be but then you are gambling a lot on a maybe. In the end I hope it does the right thing for the QB and franchise.
  12. Never called him a fluke. What I have said is giving up a high first round pick and what is likely to be a multi year contract at over 25/mill a year is a bit concerning. I’d love the player but if joe gives up anything more then the 10th pick I will feel like we are setting ourselves back.
  13. Look at his injuries in college as well and not just in the nfl.
  14. Ok and he still only had one good year of production. Nothing you said counters that argument.
  15. Because if we trade for him we are going to have to give him a massive contract based off one good year or production.
  16. No but he gave lebron hell a horrible contract. You can say the same about Mosley also to an extent.
  17. Exactly my point. Deebo was injured so it didn’t matter that Jimmy got hurt. Look not debating he is a good player but facts are he has injury concerns dating back to his freshman year of college and he has had only one year of elite production. These are all facts. Now you can say you feel comfortable in trading for his future but I am definitely concerned.
  18. Doesn’t matter who the QB is if you are hurt and not on the field…,
  19. Was also hurt his second season and his college career was also filled with numerous injuries. Stay away Joe D. Even pick 10 alone is way too much. One solid year of production along with injury concerns. No thanks. Second round pick and 20 mill per year I’m all in but not anything more.
  20. A 5-6 win team with less drat capital and an overpaid one year wonder WR
  21. Deebo did a good amount of his damage at RB. In fact most of his TD's were rushing TD's so if he now doesn't want to be utilized that way he isn't worth any trade.
  22. Ok but the QB can still throw the ball forward and usually does on a screen pass since he is dropping back after the snap and/or in shotgun and the WR or RB is in front of the QB thus for being a reception. All screen passes are passed forward hence the term screen pass.
  23. Pretty sure you are wrong. An end around or a pitch would count as a rush. A screen pass and a shovel pass would count as a reception. A screen can still be behind the line of scrimmage and count as a reception. Do WR screens count as a rush?? Pretty sure those are receptions as well.
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