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  1. By all accounts Hoover was a nice man considered a great humanitarian , but came off terribly in the press. He also was dealt a bad hand being elected on the eve of the great depression and made things worse. Hoover is a perfect example of the type of guy who can excel in one area, but does not have the requisite leadership skills to be in charge. After Hoover came FDR so maybe good things are on the horizon for the Jets.
  2. Leonard Williams was considered a top 5 prospect once. So was DeWayne Robertson.
  3. If Haskins and Herbert come out those guys will go top 3. QBs always get pushed up.
  4. McCagnan and Bowles had two years to strip this roster and draft/develop a “young core”.
  5. It may be time to go after someone like McCarthy who at the very least has prior experience doing the job of HC, and comes from an organization that knows what its doing. He also has a ton of experience developing QBs which is what is needed the most here. The caveat with McCarthy is that I would want him to adapt and hire bright young assitants to help modernize his offense. Andy Reid is a good example of how to do it.
  6. I would hire Sashi Brown and go the analytics route.
  7. Adams needs to go. Only guy with any real value on the team and hes not an impact player.
  8. I feel bad for the guy at this point. Christopher Johnson reminds me of Candy in Of Mice and Men https://youtu.be/XRGOhLyLS9Q Your browser does not support the audio element.
  9. These guys are trying to win games not develop a QB for the next coach. The fact that they played McCown today really shows what they think of Darnold.
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