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  1. It's like a Russian Twitter bot who puts together random American team names and players with vague context to create dumbass hot takes.
  2. Powell is the ultimate soldier. Been through everything this insane organization has thrown at him for nearly a decade. At this point, Powell seems like the better #1, with Bell being the better 3rd down back which is unreal.
  3. I think generally speaking, we're going to have to swallow 1-2 of these guys as starters next year. There's just too many positions to replace in one offseason. So Beachum as a placeholder for a younger guy, Lewis at guard and Edoga at RT seems to make sense to me. Then you can go nuts in FA on C + G, then draft future replacements.
  4. We're heading toward a full teardown of the OLine in 2020. With Douglas' history as an OL and the massive turnover expected, I think it's the most fascinating story line heading into next year. So who from the current team actually stays? Free Agents: Ryan Kalil Kelvin Beachum Tom Compton Brent Qvale Alex Lewis Brandon Shell Holdovers: Jonotthan Harrison Brian Winters Conor McDermott Chuma Edoga Winters is probably a cap casualty, but that is...the entire starting OL that would be gone. We can talk about who we can target in FA/draft all we like, but figuring out who stays is going to be big for next year. My guess? I think Beachum comes back for one more year, Alex Lewis is re-signed, and a new center and right guard are brought in, leaving Edoga at RT. What say you?
  5. Clicked through to find out what the litany was.
  6. He looked great on Sunday. Quinnen, McLendon, Fatukasi and Shepherd is actually a pretty damn solid, dare I say good, rotation at DT. All of the above are under contract for next year as well. I think it may be the only position that is actually set for 2020.
  7. Guys like Jenkins, Anderson, etc. SHOULD get contracts. They weathered the crap years and they should be here to build a contender. Given the fact that we need to replace a staggering amount of starters in the offseason, stopping any solid starters from leaving is a good step in the right direction.
  8. Hiring him from the get go was JUST SO WEIRD. Like...why? Some jabroni assistant would have been a better choice. The guy from your own division? Who JUST got fired? Who just got fired for being an ass and having his players revolt? The Jets have built their reputation on wildly overcompensating and having it blow up in their face. At least that's been mildly entertaining. The Gase hire was just uncomfortable and ill fitting from every conceivable angle. It's rare the Jets give you such a palpably clear picture of how sh*tty they would turn out to be. One of the weirdest periods in this truly odd team's odyssey.
  9. Way to miss the entire goddamn point of my post. The past has no bearing on who they're picking in 2020. Hitting on those lottery tickets is how good teams stay good.
  10. "They have no idea how to draft or sign free agents." I will never understand this fan take. If that's what you think, just shut off the TV. 1. New GM. We have no idea how Douglas will approach the draft and FA. So it stands to reason, "they don't know what they're doing" doesn't apply because you have no evidence to back that up. If Mac was still here, that would fly. 2. Trading assets on expiring deals to re up with cheaper, younger players is what good teams do to keep their window to contend open. Trade Leo since we have a glut at DL, keep Robby because the cupboard is bare at WR. This isn't rocket science.
  11. Shepherd comes off suspension soon. There's your Leo replacement when he's traded.
  12. As someone who grew up in CT and watched UCONN football for the better part of the past few decades, the fact that Dan Orlovsky is now a respected football analyst is bonkers to me. But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it. Danny O nails this breakdown. The fact that Darnold sees the game this clearly at 22 is a marvel.
  13. We're on track for a full O-Line makeover. LT: Beachum is an FA, to me this should be filled by a high draft pick. LG: Lewis seems to have wrapped this one up Center: Kalil will probably be gone, Harrison is back again next year RG: Winters is probably gone, does Osemele move here next year? RT: Big decision on Shell. Let him walk or sign someone new? Much of the rest of this year is a tryout for who is going to stay. Only Winters and Osemele are under contract for next year. So...may behoove us to sign one of these guys (Lewis) while the season is still underway.
  14. Lol he's been objectively terrible since joining the Jets. What games are you watching?

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