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  1. Lol he's been objectively terrible since joining the Jets. What games are you watching?
  2. This reads like a supporter of a political candidate whining about bad press. It's sad.
  3. Anywho football... WR is certainly odd on this roster. I think you're going to see some movement after Week 1 after the dust settles and veteran salaries aren't guaranteed. A guy like Deonte Thompson could actually make some sense then. But I think for the first time...ever since I've been a Jet fan, ALL of our RBs can catch. Like really well. So maybe we're overthinking this one a bit.
  4. It's probably the last remotely cheap rent in Manhattan, hence why I'm here. Gotta say I love it. Amazing mix of cultures and if you haven't been, Taco Mix has the best tacos in the city. And it's definitely changed in just the decade I've been here. I've had multiple old timers tell me, unprompted mind you, I would have been dead in 10 minutes in the 80s lol.
  5. LOL. No I'm unfortunately the white English major gentrifying East Harlem. And right you are. And I'm sure autocorrect is a major culprit. But I will correct this great injustice. 😁
  6. Pet peeve that's perfect for this thread. It's receiving "corps" not core. That is all.
  7. Dude, what is your point? In the other thread, you said that WELL THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A DEDICATED SPECIAL TEAMER DERP. Many people called you on that fact with direct examples, and it seems like your only recourse is to just say WELL THEY'RE THE EXCEPTION. No my friend, they're the answer to your question of whether or not dedicated special teamers exist. Teams all over the NFL dedicate a spot or two to guys who only plays specials. Of course, when you're building a roster, you hope that you can get a guy who's still developing his offensive/defensive game and can contribute in specials to take a spot. But some coaches don't do that and dedicate a spot JUST to specials. It's a question of coaching philosophy and one that has countless examples, and it's ok if you don't agree with it! But don't sit here like an a$$hole and say it doesn't exist. Yeesh.
  8. Not by the Jets yet, but PFT at least covered it: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/01/jets-add-josh-adams-to-their-practice-squad/
  9. Oh damn, forgot Nate Ebner. Pat's actually hold 2 roster spots just for specials.
  10. Matthew Slater. He does nothing but special teams. You're arguing in circles. Actually, you can even make the case that Charone Peake was solely a special teamer the past few years and his offense was never a consideration. Fact is, rosters are built a million different ways. But there ARE dedicated special teamers. That's the only point I wanted to make.
  11. Nah you tried to say Matthew Slater "had offensive potential" when he caught one pass in 8 years. There ARE dedicated special teamers. You seem unwilling to concede that point.

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