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  1. Totally forgot how excited I am to yell "COOTER!!!" at the TV this season.
  2. TE is a place where I think you'll see the Jets be active during cutdowns. Herndon is the assumed #1, Wesco/Tomlinson will battle for the blocking TE/FB job, and either Brown nails down that #2 spot or they take a flyer on someone who gets released.
  3. Powell has always been an ideal #2. He does everything well and can pop one every once in awhile. I think you're definitely going to see 4 RBs on this team before it's out. Bell Powell? Montgomery McGuire I think Cannon loses out and that's a solid depth chart.
  4. This is awesome. That said, truly hope none of these guys get hurt in the process.
  5. Oh hey, it was never about Mac. Ya'll are just miserable bastards.
  6. Hope it's true. But I can't imagine a situation where KO would come out with. Center? Oh yeah, we're totally boned there. He has to say nice things.
  7. The anti-Mac crowd is bordering on insanity now. Good lord.
  8. Deadspin apparently has a few writers on retainer who are EXTRA salty at the Jets. Sadly, a story that never should have seen the light of day was given life by our country's favorite pastime: Jets schadenfreude.
  9. We're either going to keep 4 RBs or 7 WRs. So yeah I would think it's down to Cannon vs. Dortsch for that last spot.
  10. I think he's a good guy. But good god, stop trying to make Booger McFarland happen.
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