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  1. LOL Burning draft capital for Joe Flacco. How is this the thing that breaks me?
  2. Oh totally, I'm not hoping for JD to start throwing around 2nd rounders like a drunken sailor. As other posters have mentioned, Goedert makes a lot of sense but that's also contingent on resigning him quickly. But if there's a way to swing deals with teams who need cap space at extreme need positions like TE, G, LB, S while the Jets have lots of draft capital and cap space next year, I wouldn't mind them being aggressive.
  3. I get the sentiment that anyone who's available now is probably trash, but the NFL has changed massively in terms of the trade deadline in recent years. The NFL wants a trade deadline rush and have been changing the rules to facilitate that, so teams have more of an incentive to move more established players. The Jets are the perfect example by flipping Avery Williamson/Steve McClendon last year when they were out of the playoff race by October. Not world beaters by any means, but useful starters. We need useful starters. The Jets have a sh*t ton of draft picks and a ton of cap space nex
  4. I could see the value in a 3 year deal for Maye that makes him a leader of a young secondary moving forward. I could also see the front office getting anything of value for him given his legal issues and complete the makeover of the secondary. The Jets seem content to roll with young guys and system fit vets in the secondary, which is pretty damn similar to how SF has operated over the past few years. Sadly, as much as I love Maye, he's probably on the outs.
  5. CJ Mosley Jamien Sherwood Quincy Williams Del'Shawn Phillips Blake Cashman Cashman may only be here for a week if Jarrad Davis comes back after the bye, which would make this LB group look a lot better.
  6. Resign Fatukasi and JFM. The former is a team leader and the latter will be a bookend with Lawson/Huff for years to come.
  7. Truly stoked for omelettes, bloodies and sh*tty football.
  8. This is always what every Jet fan (who is also a realist) wanted from the start of the year. A competitive game throughout that shows growth from a VERY young roster. Build that foundation.
  9. Lol we'll see how the year shakes out Tight End Queen
  10. Lol I don't understand the animosity. Why shouldn't we cheer for the Panthers? They're my fave NFC team this year based on their sheer number of guys I hoped would amount to merely a sh*t while with the NYJ. Call it a celebration of Jets who got out: Darnold Robby Luvu Juston Burris: (A rarity...a Macc mid-round pick who is actually still a starter in 2021) And let's not forget James Morgan, clipboard in the wings.
  11. Guys like the Carters (mid-round picks) who become successful either on their own right or because of the scheme is how this team gets back to respectability. After years of bad drafting, there is no "middle class" on this team. Not superstars, but role players that make a scheme work better or support the talent around them. And they're super easy to root for. Let's hope they keep moving in the right direction.
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