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  1. Tyrod has had the most cursed career. He seems to always get that perfect injury that results in him losing his starting job.
  2. For the love of god, sign Powell. Bro destroyed the 49ers the last time they played.
  3. That's an awesome 5-11 team you're describing. You're essentially describing the Redskins' method for building teams in the early 2000s, and assuming that Mosley would have cared less about his and his family's health if the Jets signed a few more FAs. Dumb argument. The team is this crappy and in this position because of years of poor drafting. And a track record that speaks to all the players that you just mentioned that says "Don't come here." None of that was being fixed in one offseason. You win with talented draft picks on low money contracts that decide to stay when you've built up years of good will. Culture and chemistry win every time over short-sighted swings at modest improvement. I get you love being the Debbie Downer of the board, but you're clearly tying yourself in knots to try and take the "I told you so" angle that everyone can see straight through. The Jets just suck and it will take years to fix this dumpster fire. No one wants to hear about how middling we'd be if we signed a few more castoffs.
  4. Lol this team blows and no amount of FA could have saved it. That's due to a decade of poor drafting. It wasn't going to be fixed this year. Oh and Jamal Adams didn't want to be here.
  5. Jamal Adams is the chief example of home grown talent you SHOULD trade away. He is an a$$hole who plays a non-premium position and JD managed to get more value out of him than the Khalil Mack deal. That's a win. What we're seeing now, and what we're sadly going to continue to see for the next few years, is the mistakes of YEARS of poor drafting affecting the roster. We have no "sure things" on this roster, outside of maybe Braden Mann right now. No amount of FA spending is going to gloss over a lost decade of drafting. So yeah, you have to keep drafting and hope you hit the lottery. At positions that matter. That's how good teams are built and stay relevant. And then supplement in FA.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29854788/ex-new-york-jets-wr-josh-bellamy-charged-24-million-covid-19-relief-loan-scheme
  7. Lol nah, this move has logic behind it. As has been explained to you multiple times. Most people take that new knowledge and adjust their perspective. Yet here you are. Still whining. In barely literate sentences.
  8. Lol it's ok dude. You clearly don't understand how rosters work with the new rules this year. No reason to get pissy.
  9. Lol this has been explained about 10x to you on this thread. Your responses are borderline incoherent.
  10. Legitimately haven't heard Edoga's name in any TC tweets, press conferences, etc. Not once.

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