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  1. We should all be rooting for that. Even a whiff of preseason QB success may turn into trade value down the road.
  2. Lol this is what y'all decided to do on the Fourth of July?
  3. JFC If anyone, trade Crowder bc we have 3 slot receivers. Not the guy who's size/speed profile is unlike anyone else on the roster. Training camp is coming, let's start using our brains folks.
  4. Count me down for Superflex. The 2 QBs was a struggle towards the end of the year.
  5. He's a guy who's always shown up on tape but can't seem to stay healthy. Low risk/high reward signing and could be a nice piece for the DE rotation.
  6. Given that this is a developmental year for this roster, they don't NEED to sign another starter. But given that all of our CBs are 24 and younger, signing a vet like Sherman to teach them the system is the one place on the roster where the one year rental vet makes sense.
  7. Agreed. It's actually not as bad as I thought. Kyle Phillips is an RFA, the UFAs are: Foley Fatukasi Nathan Shepherd Tanzel Smart John Franklin-Myers Vinny Curry They'll probably be in good shape if they keep Foley and replicate the other guys' production elsewhere.
  8. Oddly enough, a bunch of the teams that went to the playoffs last year (Ravens, Vikings, 49ers, Saints, Packers, Bills)
  9. This. Grab Mason before they throw him on the PS. Wesco is another guy we have absolutely no idea about. In an offense with a shred of creativity, he could probably be a useful piece, but he was stuck in Gase's offense for his entire career. But if he can serve as a FB/lead blocker, extra blocker in certain formations and just give you anything from the TE position (all while still being on a cheap rookie deal), that's insane value for roster construction.
  10. What will be interesting is seeing who the Jets keep here after the season since...70 percent of the D line are FAs next year?
  11. Think you roll with 6 WRs since we'll probably keep 4 RBs and even up to 7 CBs now that we signed a special teams guy at the position with Justin Hardee. Open competition for the 6th spot. So it'll probably be... Corey Davis Denzel Mims Jamison Crowder Elijah Moore Keelan Cole Berrios/J Smith/V Smith
  12. Jones is going to the Titans. It would be an insanely smart move. Book it.
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