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  1. Bravo. Way more thought out and realistic than most mock offseasons. That said, yeesh to Richard Sherman and McKinnon would be a strange add as his play style is similar to Ty Johnson. With Saleh aboard, we instantly have to look at 49ers free agents to see who he could bring over here. Personally, I'd rather shoot for Ahkello Witherspoon, who is 26, a UFA this year and has been in the system for awhile. Our stable at RB is actually not half bad. Ty Johnson, Perine, and Josh Adams is an RFA. Draft Najee Harris and let's roll.
  2. I would be genuinely excited for this organization to appreciate its roots for once and hire Glenn who built his career on his intelligence on the football field. Especially a guy who went right from the playing field to scouting to the coaching ranks. Players respect that voice. If he's the best candidate, hire him.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/nyjets/status/1347661104197947392 A little light in this weird ass week. Protect those hammies Denzel. And enjoy your luxury puppy.
  4. Lol if you can't recognize the editorial spin of some beat reporter in Charlotte, I can't help you here bud.
  5. Lol not remotely the same thing. Robby signed for a pittance on the open market compared to the going rate for FA receivers. Kirk set the market for QBs that is still informing QB contracts today. We needed a modest improvement in our offer and RA would have stayed. JD didn't do that. I've liked his draft and the majority of his moves thus far. But this was JD's big miss.
  6. Well except for all the anecdotes and interviews before/during/after FA when he expressed his desire to come back. But whatever, revisionist history I guess.
  7. Lol he did when we completely low balled him on his contract offer. Why are you fighting this so hard? Anyone can see it was a dumb move.
  8. That's lovely. There's no guarantee Robinson will come here and RA wanted to stay with the Jets. It was a dumb move not to resign Robby.
  9. Yeah that's the point. We wouldn't have to go nuts in FA on receivers that may not pan out this year if JD made the smart decision to resign RA who clearly has.
  10. Yeah it's not getting old at all. One of our biggest needs going into 2021 is having a receiver to pair with Mims who can take the top over the defense. We could have just kept Robby and had a better team this year/moving forward. It was a stupid decision and should be called as such.
  11. JD's biggest blunder was not resigning Robby Anderson. A rookie QB on a redshirt year is not exactly uncommon.
  12. First, you have to imagine Mims playing all year.

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