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  1. This. Groom a guy to take over LT next year. Hell even if you use a top pick, let him learn for a year under Beachum, if he beats him out, that's even better. I think people need to accept that this line is not getting fixed in an offseason. That said, if we come out of FA with a new guard and center and draft future replacements for Beachum/Winters, that would be huge for Sam's development.
  2. ElBarrioJets

    Macc's biggest flub

    Ardarius Stewart is pretty damn glaring to me. Teams didn't even take a flyer on him after he was cut, and it's made all the more worse with Hansen bombing as well. Most picks you can see a future plan. Stewart seems like they handed in the wrong card. Correction: Apparently he spent...14 days on Oakland's practice squad in 2018. On 12/31/18, the Redskins signed him to a future/reserve contract, then waived him 7 days later. Currently a free agent.
  3. Plan for the draft HAS to be trading down this year. There are holes on this roster everywhere. Whether they're at 3 or drop down to 7, OT has to be the first pick. LTs just aren't available in FA, kid can learn under Beachum/replace him by the end of the year.
  4. ElBarrioJets

    Goodbye 3-4

    As a longtime lurker since the JetsInsider days, I gotta say, I am a bit wistful for the end of the 3-4 (presumably) with the addition of Gregg Williams. Mangini got it kicked off in 2006 by trying to make D-Fat a nose tackle, signing guys like Kimo Von Oelhoffen to space eat, trading Vilma because he didn't fit the new scheme, helping Bryan Thomas actually have a decent year. Frankly it took years for the fanbase to wrap their heads around what the scheme actually needed: big ass NT, stout ILBs, DE/OLB hybrids. Rex took it to new heights in 2009/2010, but by and large the Jets' experience with the 3-4 was littered with moments of brilliance but never quite what it was supposed to be: Placeholders at NT, rotating door at linebacker, no real edge rusher, square pegs in round holes, etc. But I think the most important point from that experience, it took more than one offseason to get the scheme right without some clear glaring holes that opponents could exploit. My question to the board is, can the Jets make this switch in one offseason? Is there a middle ground to be had schematically as we transition from 3-4 to 4-3? Who the eff do we target to bring it all together? Anyone on the current roster who could surprise? The 3-4 was fun, but ultimately never quite successful. It was an odd period in Jets history. I am strangely sad to see it go.
  5. ElBarrioJets

    NYJ Offseason Projection Mock 2019

    Also as much as we like to cast aside Beachum, dude is a solid LT. You don't just cut those guys.
  6. ElBarrioJets

    Robby Anderson

    Yeah I think Robby may be the rare guy who's worth the 1st round tender. Keeps him happy and gives us time to work on an extension. If someone signs him to an offer sheet, by all means give us that 1st rounder...
  7. ElBarrioJets

    Robby Anderson

    Well 1. He's a restricted free agent, so they're going to tender him at least with a 2nd rounder in the hopes that another team will bite on him, or we keep him at a reasonable salary for the year. 2. Robby is probably our best offensive playmaker. You think he'd sign for the veteran minimum? Are you high? 3. Are you high?
  8. ElBarrioJets

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    Ok ya'll are getting WEIRD now.
  9. ElBarrioJets

    Enunwa Extended

    Hot damn. I was thinking this week I was hoping Mac would at least TRY to extend the dozens of guys who are becoming UFAs this year. Good news. WR needs playmakers, but it's not as dire as it seems. If I had it my way, Robby is tendered with a 2nd in the hopes of resigning him next year. Dump a ton of money into Jamison Crowder to play the slot, bring back Burnett/Roberts and draft a guy with #1 potential. Enunwa Anderson Crowder Draft Pick Burnett Roberts
  10. His FIRST carry was a fumble in the Thursday night Tebow game that buried that team in 2011. But each year he did something just nuts. Went on to have a frustratingly exciting career. Will always be a huge Powell fan. Truly hope he can bounce back, he's the textbook example of a do everything RB.
  11. I've been a pretty ardent Bowles/Mac defender, but the Stewart pic was nonsense. Darnold has essentially bought him another year at the helm. That said, 2018 is the first Mac draft where I can see his picks fitting into the overall look of the roster going forward, be it starting or being part of a rotation with Cannon being the shot in the dark. It's a shame it's taken him this long to figure it out. This team was always a year away from true contention at the start of this season, especially with a boatload of cap space next year and a massive roster turnover coming. If he effs up again, I'll be down in the hatred muck with all ya'll.
  12. ElBarrioJets

    Will Pryor be revitalized?

    Once we start throwing some end zone fades his way, we'll see his true value.
  13. ElBarrioJets

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    She's like a female Marv Albert. Only less creepy and more terrible.
  14. I agree, your point is truly dumb. Sanchez was a swing and a miss in 2009. Put together a few good years and fizzled out. They gave up nothing to get him and were universally praised for doing so. In the grand scheme of Jets' moves, that's a rarity. Babe Ruth to Boston that trade was not. With such a long history of sh*t, you're going to crap all over the time we came pretty damn close to getting it right? Dumb.
  15. ElBarrioJets

    2018 NY Jets Practice Squad

    Shocked. That's pretty damn solid top to bottom. With suspensions lifting and Mac's continued tweaking of the roster, lots of changes to come.

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