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  1. ElBarrioJets

    The case against Williams is weak

    ...What? When did you even bring up trading down in your original post? Are you talking about trading down? Wtf are you talking about? Taking a DT at 3 is dumb.
  2. ElBarrioJets

    The case against Williams is weak

    "We have other needs" is football based. Also your last statement "quality not quantity," makes no sense in this context. I believe what you're trying to say is "Picks should be about quality, not need." If so, fair enough. In this case, defensive line is one of the FEW places on this team where Mac has attempted to build a pipeline. Shepherd and Fatukasi last year - regardless of how you think about them as prospects, we drafted two defensive linemen last year, WHY should we add another one at 3 when the depth chart is basically set there? Draft the best available DE/OLB because that position is a complete black hole, or trade down and go for the top Olinemen. Let's not overthink this.
  3. ElBarrioJets

    Jets "Determined" to Trade Down

    This is an excellent point.
  4. ElBarrioJets

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    He was one of the best players of his generation and literally shortened his life with his many concussions giving everything he had, mainly on bad teams. Absolutely I get the stats argument, but sometimes you retire a # because the guy did it the right way.
  5. ElBarrioJets

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    It should be retired.
  6. ElBarrioJets

    ESPN Proposed Trades For All Teams

    They get a 3rd rounder and a 2020 1st rounder in this scenario. Do you read before you type?
  7. ElBarrioJets

    Free Agent OT Donald Penn

    Brick is younger than Donald Penn
  8. ElBarrioJets


    Alex Mattison with one of the many 6ths Mac is sure to have at some point Saturday.
  9. I'm frankly torn about taking a TE this year. It's a DAMN good class. Herndon is very good. Leggett is eh, but you could do a lot worse at TE 2. Tomlinson drops too many balls, we have no idea who this Daniel Brown is. Perhaps draft a true blocking TE and roll with Herndon/Leggett one more year?
  10. ElBarrioJets

    Jets work out Iowa TE Noah Fant

    Too easy lol
  11. ElBarrioJets

    Jets work out Iowa TE Noah Fant

  12. ElBarrioJets


  13. Eh...wasn't one of the chief issues in the Bowles' years that the young guys never got any playing time? We have a solid 1-3 in the wide receiver corps, the coaching staff apparently likes Bellamy for STs, and Burnett flashed a few times last year. That leaves one spot. I feel like a veteran receiver would get lost in the shuffle a bit. By all means I love depth, but I think they need to take a flyer on a WR that has the potential to compete for playing time in a few years. For once in my life, I'd like to see the Jets create a pipeline of young talent, rather than hire a one year placeholder.
  14. That's...interesting? It certainly shows they want to add another possession receiver to this WR corps. If that's the case, grab someone like Hurd in the middle rounds who has some size and long-term potential.

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