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  1. His FIRST carry was a fumble in the Thursday night Tebow game that buried that team in 2011. But each year he did something just nuts. Went on to have a frustratingly exciting career. Will always be a huge Powell fan. Truly hope he can bounce back, he's the textbook example of a do everything RB.
  2. I've been a pretty ardent Bowles/Mac defender, but the Stewart pic was nonsense. Darnold has essentially bought him another year at the helm. That said, 2018 is the first Mac draft where I can see his picks fitting into the overall look of the roster going forward, be it starting or being part of a rotation with Cannon being the shot in the dark. It's a shame it's taken him this long to figure it out. This team was always a year away from true contention at the start of this season, especially with a boatload of cap space next year and a massive roster turnover coming. If he effs up again, I'll be down in the hatred muck with all ya'll.
  3. ElBarrioJets

    Will Pryor be revitalized?

    Once we start throwing some end zone fades his way, we'll see his true value.
  4. ElBarrioJets

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    She's like a female Marv Albert. Only less creepy and more terrible.
  5. I agree, your point is truly dumb. Sanchez was a swing and a miss in 2009. Put together a few good years and fizzled out. They gave up nothing to get him and were universally praised for doing so. In the grand scheme of Jets' moves, that's a rarity. Babe Ruth to Boston that trade was not. With such a long history of sh*t, you're going to crap all over the time we came pretty damn close to getting it right? Dumb.
  6. ElBarrioJets

    2018 NY Jets Practice Squad

    Shocked. That's pretty damn solid top to bottom. With suspensions lifting and Mac's continued tweaking of the roster, lots of changes to come.
  7. ElBarrioJets

    NFL Transactions

    This is more of a philosophical question, but what makes you think the exact same of events would transpire if a guy signed with another team?
  8. ElBarrioJets

    Kearse to miss the opener

    It is the deepest position on the team by a country mile lol
  9. ElBarrioJets

    Kearse to miss the opener

    Yes because a freak injury should factor into your evaluation. Christ.
  10. I've had to explain to multiple co-workers why exactly I'm excited for the Bollinger Bowl. Because Chas Gessner may make the goddamn team, that's why.
  11. ElBarrioJets


    By this line of reasoning, none of the people mentioned are below average. So just by sheer logic, if they are average-serviceable across the board, I'd say that's "middle of the pack." Not trying to nitpick, but if this is how you're going to sh*t all over them, you're undoing your argument. Secondly, especially in terms of O-Line units, unless they have been together for multiple years, past years have no bearing on success whatsoever. Couple that with the fact that we are rolling out a whole new blocking scheme and have a new guy making the calls at the line, it makes zero sense to use past years to forecast future play.
  12. ElBarrioJets


    You just made the clearest argument that this line is "middle of the pack."
  13. ElBarrioJets


    He is actually on the PUP list currently, so I think that's why he's been dropped own so severely. But the dude started 14 games for the Vikes last year.
  14. ElBarrioJets


    The line has the makings of being solid, but unspectacular this year. Not everyone is going to have the Cowboys' O-Line. Beacham: I think no one had any sort of high expectations for Beach, but he's been solid and has a quick out on his contract if he doesn't perform this year. Carpenter: Obviously took a step back last year, but has been one of Mac's FA successes. Long: Jury is out. Again, a one-year deal effectively so he has one season to prove himself. Should have taken Elflein, THAT is Mac's biggest mistake of his tenure. Winters: Thoroughly average, but should be better than he was in previous years now that his arms are in one piece. Shell: Given he was a 5th round pick, he showed some strides last year. Sorry but I'm not seeing the dumpster fire. There are some shrewd decisions here from top to bottom for sure, and it is in NO way set up for sustainable success, but we are in a lot better shape than other teams. Face it, this whole unit is being rebuilt next offseason, this year is a trial run to see who will stick. Good thing Darnold can scramble.
  15. https://media2.giphy.com/media/9GJ1lRip6TODBucmHk/giphy.gif

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