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  1. You clearly have no idea how roster construction works.
  2. Ya. CB is the biggest need on this roster by a country mile. We at least have placeholders at OL, there is nothing of note at CB.
  3. The Stormin' Mormons Also Matt Bushman, TE from BYU. Could be a sleeper.
  4. Bleh. Either draft a game breaker or roll with a committee
  5. Lol what the hell is wrong with your life that you're reflecting on the James Morgan pick at 8 am on a Wednesday?
  6. Lol the butthurt Darnold fans sustain me.
  7. Ya'll really need to accept that JD is not going to go all offense in the first 4 rounds in the draft when OLB and CB are a black hole on this roster. At 23, if Jaelan Phillips or Owusu-Koramoah are there, you take them without thinking. You either create a nasty D-line or get a weapon in coverage in a barren LB corps. The rest of the draft? Get a CB with starting potential, find a successor to Fant at RT, another guard, Jaelon Darden and a friggin kicker. And if we take Wilson, take a flyer on his TE Matt Bushman.
  8. Trade Sam for a 2nd rounder. Trade down once in the 4th round, pick up an extra 5th. 1st Round: Zack Wilson, QB, BYU Wyatt Davis, OG, Ohio State 2nd Round Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, OLB, Notre Dame Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami 3rd Round Aaron Robinson, CB, UCF Walker Little, OT, Stanford 4th Round Jaelon Darden, WR, North Texas 5th Round Tommy Tremble, TE, Notre Dame Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma Divine Diablo, LB/S, Virginia Tech 6th Round Riley Patterson, K, Memphis
  9. Oh totally. That's why it's the right move. Word is out on O-K and he's not lasting until our 2nd rounder.
  10. We basically have to play Mosely and cut him after this year because no one is taking that contract. But agreed, given we have next to no one at the other OLB spot and Saleh's penchant for LBs who cover, Owusu-Koramoah makes at lot of sense at 23.
  11. People who don't know anything about sports know the Jets suck. So it's really kind of a baseline negative reaction overall unless you encounter one of your own kind. Notable exception: Browns fans. My sis married into a family of them and we just understand each other.
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